1. Romulus

    IL LISA MICHELLE STEBIC: Missing from Plainfield, IL - 1 May 2007 - Age 37 Details of Disappearance Lisa was reported missing by a neighbor on May 1, 2007. She was last seen on April 30 at her home in the 13200 block of Red Star Drive in Plainfield...
  2. Cousin Dupree

    CATHY KRAUSENECK: New York vs. James Krauseneck Jr. for the 1982 murder of his wife *GUILTY*

    I'm having a hard time remembering the dates, but I got a job at a little drug store here in Rochester around March or April 1982. In February 1982 there had been a murder in Brighton, which is the town where the drugstore was located. The wife was killed with an axe and the husband ended up...
  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    GA CIERA BRELAND: Missing from Johns Creek, GA - 24 Feb 2022 - Age 31 Carmel police seek help to find 31-year-old woman Carmel Police Department sought help Saturday night to find a 31-year-old woman. Ciera Breland (Locklair) was last seen sometime between 10 p.m. and 11...
  4. Romulus

    ID PATRICIA LEE OTTO: Missing from Lewiston, ID - 2 Sep 1976 - Age 24

    394DFID - Patricia Lee Otto Left: Otto circa 1976; Right: Age-Progression by Wesley Neville Name: Patricia Lee Otto Case Classification: Endangered Missing Missing Since: September 2, 1976 Location Last Seen: Lewiston, Nez Perce County, Idaho Physical Description Date of Birth: August 4...
  5. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NE AMBER TJADEN: Missing from Weeping Water, NE - 27 Jan 2021 - Age 48 *Found Deceased* Documents: Husband of missing Cass County woman fled from deputies when they tried to stop him The husband of a missing Cass County woman has been arrested after...
  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    CA MAYA "MAY" MILLETE: Missing from Chula Vista, CA - 7 Jan 2021 - Age 39 *ARREST* Maya “May” Millete, 39, was last seen Thursday evening in her Chula Vista home near the San Miguel Ranch area, according to her loved ones. Family and friends said her car is...
  7. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    CAROLYN BLANKENFELD: Did she really drown in a swimming accident on Mother's Day 2018?

    What Happened to Carolyn Blankenfeld? Perdido Bay, Florida Join the Ashes to Ash team as they look into a death of Carolyn Blankenfeld. Carolyn, was a mother/step-mother of four, including Bree Blankenfeld and wife of Christopher Blankenfeld. Carolyn went out on a boat, for an early Mother’s Day...
  8. Romulus

    NC SHERRI LYNN ROSS: Missing from West End, NC - 8 Jul 1995 - Age 28

    Sherri Lynn Ross – The Charley Project Sherri, circa 1995; Brooks Ross, circa 2018 Missing Since 07/08/1995 Missing From West End, North Carolina Classification Endangered Missing Sex Female Race White Date of Birth 08/17/1966 (53) Age 28 years old Height and Weight 5'2, 145 pounds...
  9. Romulus

    OH SHARON ROSE APGAR: Missing from Newtonsville, OH - 18 Nov 1999 - Age 33

    2750DFOH - Sharon Rose Apgar Name: Sharon Rose Apgar Case Classification: Endangered Missing Missing Since: November 18, 1999 Location Last Seen: Newtonsville, Clermont County, Ohio Physical Description Date of Birth: April 26, 1966 Age: 33 years old Race: White Gender: Female Height: 5'3"...
  10. Romulus

    WA LINDA SUE ENDORF: Missing from Tukwila, WA - 8 Dec 1976 - Age 31

    Linda Sue Endorf Linda, circa 1976 Missing Since 12/08/1976 Missing From Tukwila, Washington Classification Endangered Missing Date of Birth 02/12/1945 (74) Age 31 years old Height and Weight 5'7, 120 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics Caucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Linda has a...
  11. Romulus

    NJ DARLENE POLIZZI: Missing from Lodi, NJ - 24 Apr 1967 - Age 19

    The Doe Network: Case File 1544DFNJ Darlene Polizzi Missing since April 24, 1967 from Lodi, Bergen County, New Jersey Classification: Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: November 4, 1947 Age at Time of Disappearance: 19 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'3"; 100 lbs...
  12. Romulus

    CA WILMA RAE VERMAAS: Missing from West Los Angeles, CA - 3 Apr 1976 - Age 23

    The Doe Network: Case File 1162DFCA Wilma Rae Vermaas Missing since April 3, 1976 from West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. Classification: Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: May 24, 1952 Age at Time of Disappearance: 23 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance...
  13. Romulus

    MT LESLEE GAIL LARSON: Missing from Wolf Creek, MT - 10 Jun 1975 - Age 20

    Leslee Gail Larson NamUs #MP39993 The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Age last seen: 20 Age now: 60 Race: White female Hair color: Brown Eyes Color: Hazel Height: 64.0 Weight: 140.0 to 160.0 Clothing/Scars and Marks: scar on right; Freckles Circumstances: In 1975...
  14. Romulus

    FL PENELOPE RATLIFF MOLLETT: Missing from Orlando, FL - 1 Apr 1984 - Age 31

    Penelope Ratliff Mollett – The Charley Project Penelope Ratliff Mollett Mollett, circa 1984 Missing Since 04/01/1984 Missing From Orlando, Florida Classification Missing Date of Birth 05/09/1952 (67) Age 31 years old Height and Weight 5'8, 100 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics Caucasian...
  15. Romulus

    CO SANDRA LEE KILLIAN: Missing from Lakewood, CO - 18 Sep 1984 - Age 31

    Sandra Lee Killian Age last seen: 31 Age now: 65 Race: White female Hair color: Brown Eyes Color: Brown Height: 63.0 to 68.0 Weight: 100.0 Scars and Marks: Tattoo on left shoulder of a butterfly Clothing: Brown coat, blue t-shirt, jeans No...
  16. Romulus

    OH SUSAN DIANE WOLFF CAPPEL: Missing from Newcomerstown, OH - 16 March 1982 - Age 19

    Susan Diane Wolff Cappel Endangered Missing Missing From: Newcomerstown, Ohio Missing Since: March 16, 1982 Age: 19 -- Height: 5'4" -- Weight: 107 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown Susan's nickname is Sue. She has a scar on the upper right side of her lip. Her upper right front...
  17. Romulus

    WI CINDY JONES: Missing from Wausau, WI - 29 Jun 1984 - Age 27

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Cindy Jones was last seen on 6/29/1984 by a neighbor as she was involved in a violent domestic abuse incident with her husband Norman Jones. Cindy was bruised and bloody and screaming for help from inside her home. The neighbor...
  18. Kimster

    The Mysterious Disappearance of Hollywood Starlet JEAN SPANGLER - 1949

    Spangler was an actress and a dancer mainly noted for small film roles in the 1940s. She left her home in the Wiltshire district of Los Angeles, California on October 7, 1949 at approximately 5:00 p.m., en route to a farmer's market. She lived with her young daughter, Christine, her mother, her...
  19. Imamazed

    CO SUZANNE MORPHEW: Missing from Chaffee County, CO - 10 May 2020 - Age 49 *Found Deceased*

    A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned, sparking a search involving more than 100 emergency personnel. The Chaffee County Communications Center received a report on Sunday at 5:46 p.m. regarding a missing woman in the area...
  20. Akoya

    AL FELICIA COCHRAN: Missing from Pell City, AL - 11 July 1992 - Age 26 Felicia Cochran disappeared from Pell City, Alabama on July 11, 1992. *CLICK THE REPORT BUTTON IF YOU'D LIKE THIS CASE MOVED TO THE GENERAL DISCUSSION AREA TO BE OPENED FOR COMMENTING.

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