A case to watch. A man died- was this criminal or a very unfortunate circumstances? Ga. lawmaker, police chief’s response to wreck under review Sept. 11, 2019 Eric Keais spent most of the last moments of his life gravely injured in a ditch. The 38-year-old house painter had been riding a bicycle when he was hit by an SUV in Cedartown, Instead of calling 911, the driver Ralph Dover III left the scene and called his friend, state Rep. Trey Kelley. Instead of calling 911, Kelley, who works as a lawyer, called the Cedartown police chief, who also didn’t call 911. All three men have said they initially thought the SUV had struck an animal, not a person. The driver and Kelley said they looked around the scene and didn’t see Keais in... Manhunt underway after Pasadena girl found dead inside her home, police say An 11-year-old Pasadena girl was sexually assaulted and strangled at her home Saturday while her dad was at work, police said. She has been identified as Maria Gonzalez from Guatemala. As of Tuesday, no arrests have been made. Police said they were called to an apartment complex on Main Street near Harris Avenue at about 3 p.m. when Maria's father, Carmelo Gonzalez, called 911. He came home from work and found his daughter's body wrapped in a trash bag and stuffed in a laundry basket that was put beneath her bed. Carmelo Gonzalez told police he had left for...
June 27, 2023 Christopher Ferguson, 41, appeared via Zoom in Newton District Court for the first time since his arrest Tuesday morning in connection with the deaths of Gilda "Jill" and Bruno D'Amore, ages 73 and 74, and Jill's 97-year-old mother, Lucia Arpino, who were stabbed and beaten. Sometime overnight Saturday into Sunday, Christopher Ferguson, 41, allegedly broke into Jill and Bruno's Newton, Massachusetts, home through a window in the basement and brutally killed all three of them in what authorities say appears to be a botched, random home invasion. He lived in the neighborhood and was known to law enforcement. Jill and Bruno were killed a day – maybe even hours – before they were scheduled to renew their wedding vows for... Missing Dallas teen is found locked in shed 1,000 miles from home after ‘meeting abductor online’ A missing 13-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas was found locked in a shed more than 1,000 miles away in North Carolina after she allegedly met her abductor online. The girl was found at a Lexington property on Friday, the same day Texas authorities were alerted to her disappearance, WGHP reported. North Carolina officials on Monday announced the arrest 34-year-old Jorge Camacho, who is accused of grooming the girl after they met online and later in person. Mr Camacho is alleged to have kidnapped and held her captive for “sexual...
Stephanie Harrison Cheyenne Brown The Shopping Cart Killer Police work and the discovery of two more bodies near a small motel in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County on Wednesday revealed what officials believe is the rare case of a serial killer. Robinson's attorney has not issued a statement, law enforcement officials said Friday. According to an investigation by police in Fairfax County, D.C. and Harrisonburg, Robinson met women online, went to motels with them, killed them and then transported their remains in shopping carts. “Our Shopping Cart Killer does unspeakable things with his victims,” said Davis, the Fairfax County police chief... A sheriff's office in Alabama issued an alert Friday night after an inmate and the assistant director of corrections went missing earlier in the day. Authorities said the inmate, who was being held on capital murder charges, should be considered "armed and extremely dangerous." Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters Friday night that Vicki White, a 25-year veteran at the department, left the local detention center with Casey Cole White at 9:41 a.m. He said she told other officials she was going to drop him off at the courthouse for a mental health evaluation and then was going to seek medical attention... FBI tries to help identify who killed Debbie Collier of Athens The FBI has joined the investigation into the mysterious slaying of an Athens woman whose burned and nearly nude body was found a month ago in a mountain ravine of northeast Georgia. Habersham County Sheriff’s investigators said the investigation is “very complex in nature” as they do not have suspects or a motive in the death of 59-year-old Debbie Collier, whose body was found Sept. 11. Collier was reported missing on Sept. 10 by her husband Steve Collier and her daughter, Amanda Bearden. An Athens-Clarke police officer met with them at... Smith is among a dozen or more people who have disappeared in recent years from the wooded, unincorporated terrain outside the Oklahoma City metro area, a rural haven for drug traffickers. Some families said they’re scared to call police or even to put up “missing person” signs because they suspect the involvement of violent white-supremacist prison gangs. In April, authorities acting on a tip said they found charred piles of wood and bone on a five-acre patch of Logan County, opening one of the grisliest and most sensitive criminal investigations in Oklahoma’s recent history. Behind the 10-foot metal walls of a compound with links to the... Body of missing woman found in shopping cart in Chicago Police say the body of a young woman who has been missing for months has been discovered wrapped and tied up in a shopping cart on Chicago’s southwest side. “I miss my baby,” said Jose Lucio, who said he doesn’t want to believe his missing daughter has been found dead. The family says the body of the 21-year-old Rosa Chacon was found Wednesday in a shopping cart, wrapped in a white sheet, in an alley near 24th Place and Western Avenue on the city’s southwest side. The Cook County Medical Examiner will determine her cause of death. Relatives say they identified her by the tattoos on her body. “She...
This has been posted on quite a few forums and has not attracted any useful attention yet, but if anybody has questions about any of the evidence used to convict, please ask. Here is a shortened version of the confession which was hidden from the public and jury Here is a playlist with several videos on the case Utah appears to have an unusually high number of coerced false confessions, I don't live in that area but it seems like something that should be publicized and dealt with. She allegedly walked to a Mini-Mart at 1 a.m. Thanksgiving Day. She was not reported missing until 8 p.m. that day it sounds like. The family I believe searched the following day and found her phone charger and purse with blood on it. They then called LE and a short time later her body was found. She was 5 months pregnant and had two other children. There is more in this video which is only 8 minutes long but has more detail and a map. No arrests nor cause of death yet but clearly looks like foul play.
Virginia Opens Investigation Over Army Officer Who Was Pepper-Sprayed The attorney general of Virginia said on Monday that he was investigating whether there was an “unlawful pattern or practice of conduct” at the Windsor Police Department after a uniformed Black U.S. Army medic was held at gunpoint and doused with pepper spray by its officers. Two members of the Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, in December, during which one of the officers, Joe Gutierrez, threatened Lieutenant Nazario before dousing him with pepper spray and pushing him to the ground, according to body camera footage of the episode. Mr. Gutierrez’s actions were “appalling” and...
ARE VIOLENT OFFENDERS GETTING YOUNGER? Two teenagers in Texas have been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of a father and son. Preston Wessling, 38, and 14-year-old Evan Wessling were found dead Saturday morning after the Llano County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) received a 911 call about multiple gunshot victims at a home on Airport Road in Tow, Texas, 90 miles northwest of Austin. Responding deputies found the victims with gunshot wounds on the driveway. Kyler Nathaniel Allen and Jordan Eric Ostrander, both 19, were arrested Monday in connection with the murders. Both are charged with capital murder. Authorities have not disclosed a motive for the killings or the relationship between the suspects and the victims...

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