Colorado Police break woman's arm- she has dementia

DA calls for criminal review after arresting officer allegedly breaks arm of 73-year-old woman with dementia​


Schielke said Garner's arm was broken, her shoulder was separated and bruises covered her body following the arrest. She wasn't taken to the hospital for her injuries and was left in a cell for six hours, Schielke said. Charges against her were dropped.
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Convicted cop who broke woman with dementia's arm denied early release from prison​

The former Loveland police officer who was convicted in 2022 of breaking Karen Garner's arm, separating her shoulder and spraining her wrist during a 2020 investigation will not be released from prison early.

Former officer Austin Hopp was hoping to be released early from his five-year prison sentence. Hopp appeared in a northern Colorado court Wednesday to ask to be transitioned out of prison and into a halfway house program. Hopp is only nine months into his five-year sentence.

In court on Wednesday, Garner's family argued his request was not appropriate. The board agreed, denying Hopp's request.

Garner's family used a statement that Hopp wrote months ago in which he stated that he would never seek employment in Colorado again as a reason why he shouldn't be granted community corrections.

"The fact that he was looking at a work release program where he would work 20 miles from where this all happened contradicted why we were here today. We were here to release him to work when he told us, 'I am never going to be able to work in Colorado again.' So, we were almost able to use his words against him today," said Garner's daughter-in-law Shannon Steward.

Hopp will remain behind bars for at least six more months before another window will open for him to request a transfer to community corrections.
Denied again.

Board denies parole for former officer who assaulted woman with dementia​

.Hopp has served a little less than two years of his five-year sentence after he was charged with three counts of assault against an elderly woman with dementia.

Hopp and another Loveland police officer violently arrested then-73-year-old Karen Garner on June 26, 2020. She was thrown to the ground after she took $14 worth of merchandise from Walmart. She sustained a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.

Steward said the hearing also gave her an opportunity to hear what work Hopp has been doing to better himself while in prison. She said he hasn't done enough to earn his release.

"We have no reason to believe he won't snap again," Steward said.

With this in mind and considering her mother-in-law, Steward said she hoped the parole chairman will not release Hopp on parole.

"One of the things that makes it difficult is we thought five years meant five years," Steward said. "We didn’t realize this would be our third hearing in a year and a half to keep him in."

Ultimately, the board deferred Hopp's parole until 2025, meaning he will remain behind until at least some time next year.

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