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  1. Imamazed

    I-70 KILLER

    Book claims FBI believes I-70 killer from Indianapolis It’s been one of the most enduring murder mysteries of the last 30 years: the identity and the motive behind the I-70 killings, a string of slayings in strip malls near interstates stretching from Indiana to Kansas in the early 1990s. It...
  2. Red Clover

    David Grubbs attacked & killed walking home from work on the bike path in Ashland, OR - 19 November 2011

    David Michael Grubbs BIRTH 23 Nov 1987 DEATH 19 Nov 2011 (aged 23) David was 23 when he was attacked & killed by an unknown assailant while walking home from work along the central bike bath in Ashland Oregon near Hunter Park. A sharp edged blade was used in the attack and David was nearly...
  3. Red Clover

    Troy Dean Carney, 44, found murdered in his sleeping bag near the Bear Creek Greenway in Central Point, OR - 4 Sept 2008

    Troy Dean Carney was a 44 year old truck stop laborer looking for work assisting truckers at the Pilot Truck Stop on Biddle Road near Central Point in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Troy was last seen leaving the truck stop around 6:00 pm on Labor Day 9/1/2008. When he was discovered in...
  4. Red Clover

    David "Dave" Edwin Lewis murder & arson 13 miles east of Ashland, OR - 4 September 2008

    David "Dave" Lewis was a 46 year old father of three. A jack of all trades and good man in any camp, Dave was well known and well respected in his mountain community where he lived on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road, 13 miles east of Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon for more than 20...
  5. noZme

    Jimmy Hoffa July 30, 1975

    interesting read: It is time for the FBI to tell us who killed Jimmy Hoffa The FBI and Department of Justice can close the Jimmy Hoffa case and announce who they think did it. It is time for the FBI to release the still redacted and hidden documents that remain classified and announce who...
  6. ColdCaseWatcher

    JENNIFER JESSE March 11, 2020 Union City, Oklahoma

    Jennifer was a member of the Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma. OSBI RENEWING REWARD FOR INFORMATION IN THE JENNIFER JESSE HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2021 CONTACT: Brook Arbeitman (405) 879-2591 OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The Oklahoma State...
  7. Cousin Dupree

    CATHY KRAUSENECK: New York vs. James Krauseneck Jr. for the 1982 murder of his wife *GUILTY*

    I'm having a hard time remembering the dates, but I got a job at a little drug store here in Rochester around March or April 1982. In February 1982 there had been a murder in Brighton, which is the town where the drugstore was located. The wife was killed with an axe and the husband ended up...
  8. Romulus


    Texarkana Moonlight Murders The Texarkana Moonlight Murders, a term coined by the contemporary press, was a series of four unsolved serial murders and related violent crimes committed in and around the Texarkana region of Arkansas and...
  9. noZme

    MELISSA TREMBLAY: Man arrested in 1988 killing of 11-year-old girl from Salem, New Hampshire

    You may remember this case: Melissa Ann Tremblay disappeared in Lawrence, Massachusetts, at the age of 11 on a Sunday evening in 1988 and was found the next day after being stabbed to...
  10. Jason Futch

    JOHN ROBERT THOMAS: Shot in the face, Person of Interest still roams - Lake City, FL - 9 December 2001

    John Robert Thomas was found murdered at the intersection of Washington Street and Broadway Avenue in Lake City on December 9th, 2001. The report had come in right before 5am. He had been shot in the face. There was also signs that he may have also been robbed after he was killed. He died at the...
  11. Jason Futch

    PAMELA GAMBLES: Sexually assaulted and murdered near Bass Rd. - Columbia County, Florida; August 11th, 1988

    (STORY BY ERIKA MARIE, OUR BLACK GIRLS BLOG. EDITED TO CORRECT MS. GAMBLES' NAME) This is another case that, because of time and resources, doesn’t have much to any information available to report. The Project Cold Case Database includes a mysterious incident involving 31-year-old Pamela...
  12. Jason Futch

    LAVERNE MACK: Skeletal remains located near Interstate 10 - Columbia County, FL - 17 April 1988

    On April 17th, 1988, the skeletal remains of Laverne Mack were located in wooded area at US 441 and Interstate 10. After the remains were identified as Mack's, people had been interviewed, but it did not lead to identifying any suspects. She was reported missing to the Lake City Police...
  13. Jason Futch

    JOSEPH RONALD "RON" SAPP: Shot and killed near Columbia County Fairgrounds - Lake City, FL - 15 April 1983

    (From Jessie Box, Suwannee Democrat, October 2017) Joseph Ronald Sapp of Live Oak was found shot in the head multiple times at the rear of the Columbia County Fair Grounds on April 15, 1983. According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, no significant leads have been made since that...
  14. Jason Futch

    BERNARD RANDOLPH BROWN: Died inside home as it burned, suspected arson/homicide - Lake City, FL - 25 July 1981

    BERNARD RANDOLPH BROWN- SUSPICIOUS DEATH On the evening of July 25th, 1981, Bernard Randolph Brown was sleeping when he was awoken by an individual that was staying with him who had smelled smoke. The house was on fire. Bernard supposedly told her to exit via the window. The individual stated...
  15. Jason Futch

    WILLIE MEASE PRESLEY: Shot to death in her home/saloon - Watertown, FL - 15 January 1980

    On January 15th, 1980, an employee of McLeroy Salvage called the Columbia County Sheriffs Office in regards to a homicide that took place on Frye Rd. at Charlie's Place, a neighborhood bar/residence. When Deputy Louie Goble arrived at the scene, the body of 36 year old Willie Mease "PeeWee"...
  16. Jason Futch

    MARK BROTHERTON: Shot and killed in service station he owned - Lake City, FL - 30 July 1971

    On the evening of July 30th, 1971, Mark Brotherton had been preparing to close up for the evening at Standard Oil Service Station when a customer, 23 year old Allen Munkittrick of Vermont (who at the time had been stationed with the military in Virginia), came in to see about getting service for...
  17. Kimster

    Who killed 1960s starlet JENNY MAXWELL?

    Tip Roeder was screaming. The successful attorney was on his hands and knees on the sidewalk in front of a condo on South Holt Avenue in Beverly Grove, yelling for help. A nearby store clerk had heard three shots and Roeder’s cries, and rushed over to the scene. It was soon evident to the clerk...
  18. kdg411

    AMY GELLERT: Murdered by masked assailant in Cocoa Beach, FL - 20 March 1994

    Amy Gellert had just returned from church and pulled into the driveway of her family’s home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, on March 20, 1994, when a nightmare unfolded with savage fury. As Gellert stepped out of her car, her stepfather, Bob Lehton, sprinted from the front door of their house —...
  19. Kimster

    COLD CASES: General discussion

    This is a general discussion thread for cold cases, cold case innovations, or possibly to break out into a thread, if the interest goes that way.
  20. Kimster

    GEORGIA LEAH MOSES: Murdered in Petaluma, CA - August 1997

    The night was the night of August 13, 1997. Angel (Georgia's sister) told Dateline that she later discovered that Georgia and a friend had been hanging out when Georgia received a page on her pager and called the number back. Sometime later, the friend walked Georgia to a gas station near the...

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