Hello Crimewatchers! I am so glad to be back after that little hiatus during the new year! I have some news to share with everyone concerning TCCF, and because of the awesomeness that CW has offered toward my project, I am happy to release some things in advance of tomorrow's important announcement.

1. We Ran Into A Little Problem: TCCF has always been the place for Daisy and I to discuss cold cases that rarely ever get the attention that they deserved. We tried our best to help bring these cases to light in an attempt to reinvigorate said cases. In fact, we have an interesting number of people who tune into the Anchor podcast vs. our YouTube channel. However we had some issues ranging from a creative "snag" on my end, in which I kinda lost my motivation, to equipment failure. Some of these problems, along with others, resulted in me taking a break from TCCF. In the spare time I had, I converted the shows on Anchor to YouTube format; giving the YouTube Channel new life since I was posting videos on there for Season 1.

2. A New Outlook: Then we fast forward to last week. I decided I needed to make some changes to the programming, and because of this, the result is that the rest Season 2 WILL BE HAPPENING! With that said, we have decided to cut the number of episodes down to 10. The list of cases to be covered will be covered in a minute. We will pick up on Season 2 in March, and should be finished by April. We are exploring the possibility of not timing the episode releases; instead focusing on a more spontaneous release. We may have two episodes released in one week, one episode in a week, or more than two in a week! Who knows? I'll keep everyone posted.

3. A New Co-Host: With a new outlook comes some changes. Daisy Chains was my co-host and has always been a dear friend of mine for a while. But then in January, when I hit a creative snag, I decided to take a break. When I brought the break up to Daisy, she agreed that she needed to no longer be involved because of how depressing and stressful the content could be. I can respect that because I experienced the same stress as well. So with the reinvigorated Season 2, I decided to bring in a new co-host. Most of you probably know him: It's Nick Wagler of the Unidentified Wiki website! Nick accepted my invitation to co-host the show just recently and I am looking forward to working with him and hearing his input on the cases we cover.

4. The Cases: Nick and I plan to bring the listeners 10 MORE CASES! That will cap our show off at 20 episodes. The episodes will be as follows in order (DATES AND TIMES TO BE ANNOUNCED):
  1. Tiffany Sessions and Kamrie Mitchell (Missing in Florida Spotlight) feat. Stefani Warden, Kamrie's mother
  2. George Hawkins and the Carroll County, KY Doe feat. Todd Matthews of NamUs
  3. Troy Galloway Disappearance feat. Nancy Galloway, Troy's mother
  4. Walker County Jane Doe
  5. Opileka Jane Doe
  6. Belle Chasse John Doe
  7. Spokane Valley Jane Doe
  8. Kenneth Saunders Disappearance
  9. Marjorie Luna Disappearance
  10. Joanie Hall Disappearance​
That's all I have for now! I am excited to have the chance once again to promote the podcast with CW's help! ALSO: If you have a case you would like for me to cover, feel free to post it on the board, or message me! I also can be reached via email at

Thanks Everyone!

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I have added Marjorie Luna and Joanie Hall to Crimewatchers, as well as Robert and Freida Wheatley's murder case:

ROBERT AND FRIEDA WHEATLEY: ROBERT AND FRIEDA WHEATLEY: Burglarized and Murdered in Portland, OR - 27 Aug 1988
MARJORIE LUNA: FL - MARJORIE "CHRISTY" LUNA: Missing from Greenacres City, Florida - 27 May 1984 - Age 8
JOANIE HALL: OR - JOAN LEIGH "JOANIE" HALL: Missing from Warrenton, OR - 30 Sept. 1983 - Age 17

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Taylor McAllister: TAYLOR NICHOLE MCALLISTER: Murdered in St. Petersburg, FL - 22 Dec 2016

Kayla Berg: WI - KAYLA BERG: Missing from Antigo, WI - 11 Aug 2009 - Age 15
Reet Jurvetson: REET JURVETSON: Murdered 14 Nov 1969 in Los Angeles, CA (Formerly Jane Doe #59)
Septic Tank Sam: Canada - SEPTIC TANK SAM - Found on Farmland in Septic Tank - Tofino, AB, Canada,
Beth Doe: PA - BETH DOE & UNBORN CHILD: WF, 15-25, found in White Haven, PA - 20 December 1976
Olga Ponomareva: OR - OLGA PONOMAREVA: Missing from Milwaukie, OR - 29 April 2004 - Age 21
Puna John Doe: HI - PUNA JOHN DOE - Found in the Opihikao Area of Puna, HI - 31 August 1999
Sylvia Dowdell: SYLVIA DOWDELL - Murdered in Macon County, AL - 19 May 1998
Andy Puglisi: MA - ANGELO "ANDY" PUGLISI - Possibly Abducted, Foul Play Suspected - 21 August 1976
Logan Tucker: OK - LOGAN TUCKER - Missing from Woodward, OK - 23 June 2002 (body-less convicton)
SPECIAL- GHOSTS OF INDIANA: The Newton, Jasper and Hendricks County John Does: IN - LARRY EYLER VICTIMS: Jasper County John Doe - Discovered in Rensselaer, IN - 15 October 1983 ; IN - LARRY EYLER VICTIMS: Newton County John Doe - Discovered 18 October 1983 ; IN - JASPER COUNTY JOHN DOE: WM, 18-35, found near Rensselaer, IN - 15 October 1983 - victim of Larry Eyler
Colfax Jane Doe 1980: CA - COLFAX JANE DOE - Found near Iowa Hill Bridge in Colfax, CA - 30 October 1980
Knox County Jane Doe: TN - SHOTGUN JANE DOE: WF, 21-30, found on Jim Sterchi Road in North Knox County, TN - 1 Jun 1987
Rae Elaine Tourtillot: RAE ELAINE TOURTILLOT - Murdered on the Menominee Indian Reservation - 15 October 1986
Chesterfield County Jane Doe: CHESTERFIELD COUNTY JANE DOE IDENTIFIED 8/2020...Episode to be replaced.
(Season Finale): Hendrixville John Doe: Coming Soon
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EDIT 8/16/20: Chesterfield Jane Doe was identified as Christy Floyd. Her case has been removed from the lineup and will be filled soon.


Hello everyone,

Today is the day that Crimewatchers members get a look at the upcoming season lineup--A DAY AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE!!! It is an exclusive benefit of being a CW member, a thanks to CW for helping TCCF promote the podcast throughout the forum. Before the list, I'd like to add some updates and fixes to the current season that you should expect. They are:

A. NEXT EPISODE SUBJECT: The next episode was planned to cover the case involving the 1988 murders of Robert and Frieda Wheatley of Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, we are close to production on the episode and we were unable to get the information we needed to cover the case. Portland Police Bureau never responded to our emails regarding the case; and we reached out to Frieda's son, but he never returned our messages. With that, we made the unfortunate decision to move on and replace the episode with a discussion on LGBTQ+ murders; with focus on the murders of trans women and men, as well as cold case hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community. More information to follow soon.

B. SOUND QUALITY: The last few episodes, we have noticed that since switching to exclusively using the Anchor App to record our shows, we've noticed how much poorer the sound quality has been getting. On that note, it appears that if we have proper podcasting equipment (microphone, proper podcast editor, etc.), it would enrich the sound quality immensely; especially if we could record straight from the computer and not through our phones. We are working on a small project to raise money so we can get better equipment; which we hope to have by the time Season 2B comes around. In the meantime, we are going back to the original sound program that we used before using the Anchor app, which should improve the sound hopefully. The only consequence is that Nick (aka @Gourami Watcher) will have to go back to calling into the studio for now.

SEASON 2B LINEUP: With all that said, time to reveal the other half of our upcoming season! Nick and I spent reasonable time going over cases to cover, and also the requests that we have been getting from followers. With that, here is what we plan to release....

S2 EP26: Taylor McAllister, Murdered December 22nd, 2016, St. Petersburg, Florida
S2 EP27: Kayla Berg, Missing August 11th, 2009, Antigo, Wisconsin
S2 EP28: Reet Jurvetson, Died November 14th, 1969, Los Angeles, California (Formerly Jane Doe #59)
S2 EP29: Septic Tank Sam, Found April 13th, 1977, Tofield, Alberta, Canada *GRAPHIC EPISODE*
S2 EP30: Beth Doe, Found December 20th, 1976, White Haven, Pennsylvania *GRAPHIC EPISODE*
S2 EP32: Olga Ponomareva, Missing April 29th, 2004, Clackamas, Oregon
S2 EP33: Puna John Doe, Found August 31st, 1999, Puna Hawaii
S2 EP34: Sylvia Dowdell, Murdered May 19th, 1998, Macon County, Alabama
S2 EP35: Andy Puglisi, Missing August 21st, 1976, Lawrence, Massachusetts
S2 EP36: Logan Tucker, Missing June 23rd, 2002, Woodward, Oklahoma (Body-less Conviction)
S2 EP37: SPECIAL- GHOSTS OF INDIANA: The Newton, Jasper and Hendricks County John Does
S2 EP38: Colfax Jane Doe 1980, Found October 30th, 1980, Colfax, California
S2 EP39: Knox County Jane Doe, Found June 1st, 1987, Knox County, Tennessee (She was a suspect in a home invasion gone awry)
S2 EP40: SOLVED CASE: Bobby Joe Kellum, Murdered May 15th, 1977, Albertville, Alabama (He was murdered by a woman's father and brothers, all suspects died before conviction)
S2 EP41: SOLVED CASE: Fred Laster, Murdered June 4th, 1994, Lake City, Florida (Ron Hyde of Jacksonville Beach charged in death, still awaiting trial)
S2 EP42: Rae Elaine Tourtillot, Murdered October 14th, 1986, Keshena, Wisconsin
S2 EP43: SOLVED CASE: Krista Harrison, Murdered July 17th, 1982, Marshallville, Ohio (Robert Buell convicted of her murder)
S2 EP44:
S2 EP45 (Season Finale): Hendrixville John Doe, Found December 21st, 1991, Hendrixville, Alabama

This upcoming lineup, we plan to experiment with covering solved cases, as a way to honor the victim and show that they also are never forgotten. We hope that we can tell each story in a respectable manner. We are looking forward to Season 2B, and hope that you all join us! :)

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How do I watch the episodes? My mother is Sylvia Dowdell homicide victim Macon County, Al

Jason Futch

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Jason Futch

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For the last couple of months, we have been making sure that the content of our program, From The Vault (formerly True Cold Case Files) is of the best quality that we can present to our listeners.

With that, we are proud to announce that we have concluded the recording of Millie Doe’s episode; which has now been moved into post-production editing, which takes only a short time to complete. We have two episodes ready to almost be released to the public!

So...we are going to be coming to all of our podcast providers on Monday!!!! We are excited to finally share with the world the work Nick and I have produced! We are intent on standing out as one of the premiere serious-style true crime podcasts that people can listen to and depend on for accurate information!

Also, we’d like to share that along with our new show, Zach Bibeault will be showcasing his musical style in the opening and closing themes for the first couple of episodes until the entire From The Vault score is complete. When it’s completed, just for our Patreon subscribers, you will be given a copy of the soundtrack to our show if you become a VIP Patron.

On that note, Patreon members will have early access to the show! You will receive your copies of From The Vault on Saturday, hopefully before the end of the day!!! To sign up for Patreon, go to our membership page at

Again, we are looking forward to sharing with everyone our episodes on Robert and Frieda Wheatley, as well as Millie Doe. Thank you all for your patience as we re-worked the show! We are now on!


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TOMORROW!!! New episode of From The Vault will be released! The topic is the case of missing 8 year old Marjorie Luna! We react to the Palm Beach Co. Sheriffs Office’s documentary “The Lead” and discuss the case while watching it! I’ll be joined by guest co-host Gwen Barringer!

A big part of our discussion does focus on both the Rambo Bros. and especially Victor Wonyetye; who has been considered the strongest person of interest in this case. We talk about this and more tomorrow! Link will be posted when released!

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