OR FINLEY CREEK JANE DOE: F, 14-18, found in a wooded hillside near La Grande, OR - 27 Aug 1978 - pregnant

Jason Futch

Roxanne is a little bit taller than the listing for this Doe but not enough to rule her out IMO.

Is anyone going to / has anyone submitted her as a possible match?

NamUs case manager is Jessica Hager
Oregon Medical Examiner - (971) 673-8200
I have already sent an email to Dr. Vance last week concerning this. I am hoping to hear back soon. Kinda hoping Roxanne has dentals. Otherwise we will have to wait until we get the cremains and hope for a viable DNA sample from them.

Jason Futch

Nothing Jason, maybe the link we leave it available for those who want to try with Doe, is always useful.
Oh of course! Haha I won't deny anyone the opportunity to use it if they must. DN is a great website; but I may still be a bit jaded after they handled my tip work during my Lake City John Doe years lol.

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