1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    WI CHIMNEY DOE: WM, 18-35, found in store chimney between Madison & Middleton, Dane County, WI - 3 Sept 1989

    https://dnadoeproject.org/case/dane-co-chimney-doe-1989/ On September 3, 1989 the owners of the Good ‘n Loud Music store on University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, while removing a leaky boiler in the basement, saw a skull through a pipe connecting the boiler to the chimney. Further...
  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    TX KILGORE JANE DOE: F, 30-50, found near railroad tracks near Kilgore, TX - 23 Dec 2000

    https://dnadoeproject.org/case/kilgore-jane-doe-2000/ On December 23, 2000 human remains were found between a railroad track and a creek in a wooded area along Spinks Chapman Road about 5 miles northeast of Kilgore, Texas. Clothes found at the scene were a white Adidas® shirt with black stripes...
  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    MI LUCE COUNTY JOHN DOE: WM, 20-35, found near McMillan Township, MI - 24 Oct 1987

    https://dnadoeproject.org/case/luce-county-john-doe-1987/ On October 24, 1987 bird hunters found human remains in a remote wooded area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a bit south of Lake Superior, north of Newberry in McMillan Township, Luce County. While the remains were mostly skeletal...
  4. Romulus

    CA KERN COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 45-55, found in grape vineyard in Arvin, CA - 29 March 2011

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Namus #UP61263 Date Body Found March 29, 2011 ME/C Case Number SR117490 Sex Female Race/Ethnicity White/Caucasian Estimated Age Group Adult - Pre 60 Estimated Age Range 45-55 Height 5' 0"-5' 6"(60-66 inches) , Estimated Weight 100-110...
  5. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    WA TUKWILA BONES: M, 18+, found in Tukwila, WA - 8 Jan 1997

    On January 8, 1997 partial human skeletal remains were unearthed while excavating for a new home in Tukwila, Washington. The remains, which consisted of miscellaneous bones, have been identified only as those of an adult of undetermined age and race. Found near the remains was a brown backpack...
  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NC MECKLENBURG JOHN DOE: WM, 18-30, found on Dixie River Road in Charlotte, NC - 24 Dec 2008

    On December 24, 2008 partial skeletal human remains were found in a heavily wooded area on Dixie River Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Forensic investigators determined the deceased to be a White/Caucasian male, 18-30 years old, and 5’5” to 5’11” tall. According to NamUs, the still...
  7. Romulus

    CA SACRAMENTO JOHN DOE: WM, 18-30, found in Sacramento, CA - 17 Jan 1980 - Navy blue sweater "Sigallo"

    Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP2410 Male, White / Caucasian Date Body Found: January 17, 1980 Location Found: Sacramento, California Estimated Age Range: 18-30 Years https://www.namus.gov/UnidentifiedPersons/Case#/2410?nav Circumstances of Recovery: Wearing a blue, down filled "LeCheveron...
  8. Romulus

    CO ARAPAHOE COUNTY JOHN DOE: WM, 50, found near I-70 in eastern Arapahoe County, CO - 15 Apr 1982 - Glasses

    Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP11387 Male, White / Caucasian Date Body Found: April 15, 1982 Location Found: Unincorporated Arapahoe County, Colorado Estimated Age Range: 50 Years https://www.namus.gov/UnidentifiedPersons/Case#/11387?nav Circumstances of Recovery: The skeletal remains of an...
  9. Romulus

    Germany NORTH SEA JOHN DOE: WM, 45-50, found in sea in Heligoland, Germany, - 11 Jul 1994 - The Gentleman case

    April 28 2022 M&S tie and metal shoe lasts: new clues in cold case of ‘the Gentleman’ | Germany | The Guardian ''The man sported a stripy Marks & Spencer tie, expensively made but possibly secondhand shoes – and 6 kg of cast-iron weights tied around his body, designed to drag him to the bottom...
  10. Romulus

    Norway TEDDY BEAR MAN JOHN DOE: found in the Dagali area in Hardangervidda, Norway, - 13 Sep 1992 - Teddy bear, bread, map & 1000NOK

    - It was this teddy bear that gave the Doe their post-mortem moniker, "Teddybjørn-mannen", or "The Teddy Bear Man" in English. Back at the sheriff's office in Geilo, Torstein Seim has pulled out a small yellow-brown teddy bear. It has a black snout and bears the mark of being well used. Blue...
  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    MN LIVING BABY DOE: F, ~10-months, found at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport - 21 August 2022 *IDENTIFIED*

    https://www.fox9.com/news/police-searching-for-parents-of-baby-found-at-msp-airport Police searching for parents of baby found at MSP Airport Police are searching for the parents of a 10-month-old baby who was found at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sunday under strange...
  12. Romulus

    CT DARIEN JANE DOE: WF, 40-50, found near stream off highway in Darien, CT - 13 Sep 1994

    Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP14546 Female, White / Caucasian Date Body Found: September 13, 1994 Location Found: Darien, Connecticut Estimated Age Range: 40-50 Years https://www.namus.gov/UnidentifiedPersons/Case#/14546 Circumstances of Recovery: Human skull found near stream off highway...
  13. Romulus

    NC KINSTON DOE: found in the lowlands area of the Neuse River in Kinston, NC - 19 May 1957

    Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP94337 Unsure, Uncertain Date Body Found: May 19, 1957 Location Found: Kinston, North Carolina Estimated Age Range-- https://www.namus.gov/UnidentifiedPersons/Case#/94337 Location Found Map Location:Kinston, North Carolina County: Lenoir County GPS Coordinates...
  14. Romulus

    NV NORTH LAS VEGAS JOHN DOE: WM, 35-50, found in dumpster in North Las Vegas, NV - 13 Oct 1991 - Multiple tattoos

    434UMNV - Unidentified Male Decedent's tattoos Date of Discovery: October 13, 1991 Location of Discovery: North Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada Estimated Date of Death: 1991 State of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues. Only the torso and forearms (elbow to...
  15. Romulus

    DE CAMDEN JANE DOE: WF, 40-60, found in wooded area in Camden, DE - 20 Jul 1997 - Upper denture

    708UFDE - Unidentified Female Reconstruction of the victim; close-up of teeth; personal items. Date of Discovery: July 20, 1997 Location of Discovery: Camden, Kent County, Delaware Estimated Date of Death: Months prior (1996-1997) State of Remains: Skeletal Cause of Death: Homicide by...
  16. Romulus

    KY SCOTTSVILLE JOHN DOE: WM, 20-30, found in a field near Scottsville, KY - 15 Aug 1983 - Knee injury, possible drug abuser

    1372UMKY - Unidentified Male Reconstructions of the victim. Date of Discovery: August 15, 1983 Location of Discovery: Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky Estimated Date of Death: Weeks prior State of Remains: Skeletal Cause of Death: Homicide by beating Physical Description Estimated Age...
  17. Romulus

    TN ROANE COUNTY JOHN DOE: WM, 21-30, found after auto accident off I-40 in Roane Co, TN - 5 Jan 1986 - Truck stolen from Palm Springs, CA

    1833UMTN - Unidentified Male Date of Discovery: January 5, 1986 Location of Discovery: Roane County, Tennessee Estimated Date of Death: 2 to 4 days prior State of Remains: Recognizable Face Cause of Death: Automobile accident Physical Description Estimated Age: 21-30 years old Race: White...
  18. Romulus

    PA FRENCH CREEK STATE PARK JANE DOE: BF, 21-32, found in shallow grave in French Creek State Park, PA - 15 Jul 1988 - Bag w/ "FA", "O" & "ATER"

    349UFPA - Unidentified Female Reconstructions by Frank Bender. Date of Discovery: July 15, 1988 Location of Discovery: French Creek State Park, Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania Estimated Date of Death: 2 or more years prior State of Remains: Skeletal Cause of Death: Undetermined...
  19. Kimster

    NV Unidentified remains found in Lake Mead, Nevada

    As Lake Mead continues to shrink, human remains have been discovered for the fourth time since May. National Park Service rangers received a call reporting human skeletal remains on Saturday morning at Swim Beach in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, according to a National Park Service...
  20. Romulus

    CA LOS ANGELES JOHN DOE: BM, 15-20, shot by police in Los Angeles, CA - 9 Feb 1968

    1391UMCA - Unidentified Male Reconstructions of the decedent by Carl Koppelman and NCMEC. To view a postmortem photograph, please click here. Date of Discovery: February 9, 1968 Location of Discovery: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California Estimated Date of Death: Minutes prior State of...

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