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Not all serial killers keep on killing, according to this article in Psychology Today:

I disagree for a large part. I think they just have undiscovered victims most of the time. When it does happen it is extremely rare. The man in the article was stated as killing 5 yrs apart and 2 killings. That's not a serial killer.


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Not all serial killers keep on killing, according to this article in Psychology Today:

Maybe many take intervals or manage to get by with their weird fantasies, porn and over the line sick needs. Is it not the very fact they cross that line though even in thoughts and materials they watch or engage in that drives them back to the need and want for the real thing and a real victim? It is good enough for awhile but then they see the strangling, the erotic asphyxiation, a victim whether in their own imagination, a snuff film or who knows what else (I don't want to know what's out there that way, be up there with Redwine's weird "fetish"), or their own imagination, and it eventually drives them to acting on it again or even for the first time? No expert, just saying, I don't think they quit in general, most do not kill daily or three times a day to begin with and many have to cover or look normal in their every day lives if they have jobs, wives, families so they can't just go do it every time the urge hits. They do seem to value their own skin/freedom too and if they feel the heat is on them or they feel they made a mistake and will be caught they may lay low, which to me shows they can control it or some can.

Just talking as a person as I can't fathom how they think as I don't even really think a shrink can, but I do doubt all are all alike. And perhaps some quit when old from lack of urge, mobility, health, need or for whatever reasons.

It also bothers me that the writer says BTK had an alter ego. I can't help but take that as an offered "excuse" like it is up there with multiple personalities or something. He KNEW exactly what he was doing and enjoyed every minute of giving detail in court.

This is not at you at all, just a great article and topic for discussion so just discussing with my take on it. A great topic imo for discussion on it.


I just watched 2 true crime series. The first was "Fall River". Takes place in Fall River, MA starting in 1979. It's very complicated. The murder of 3 young women that were involved in prostitution. It is a question of who among the players did it and involves the start of the "Satanic panic" era. It's 4 parts on Epix. I thought it was good.
The second is about "Gacy". Things I didn't know before. Very detailed. Even included an interview with him and FBI profiler "Robert Ressler". 6 parts on "Peacock". Called "John Wayne Gacy: Devil in disguise". Also has a voice recording of his 2nd ex wife about him. His sister was also interviewed. You can really see how he fooled people. He was very personable, Polite, Friendly.

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