CATHY KRAUSENECK: New York vs. James Krauseneck Jr. for the 1982 murder of his wife *GUILTY*


I'm having a hard time remembering the dates, but I got a job at a little drug store here in Rochester around March or April 1982. In February 1982 there had been a murder in Brighton, which is the town where the drugstore was located. The wife was killed with an axe and the husband ended up moving away. My boss's attorney was a guy who was connected pretty well with Brighton police. He told my boss that they were positive the husband killed her, they just didn't have the evidence.

My boss, one of the best human beings I've ever met, knew both of them. His wife and that couple were friends. My boss said any time they went over there, she was very friendly, and he was just quiet and strange. He said he believed the husband did it too.

Well, it appears they finally got the guy. He's on trial in Brighton now, and they must have DNA or something they didn't have in 1982. If it's DNA, it seems like it would be hard to prove because his DNA would be all over the house.

We'll see what happens. I just found out about the trial today. I'll have to start following it.

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The testimony is supposed to wrap up very soon. The TV news was it will end soon, which seems at odds with the one article that was dated the 19th.
Closing arguments wrapped up today. At least that's what I think they just said on the news. I'm looking for an article about it.

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