1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NC DIOR SINGLETON: Missing from Clayton, NC - 1 Oct 2021 - Age 2 *Found Safe* Amber Alert issued for 2-year-old boy possibly with murder suspect An Amber Alert has been issued for an abducted 2-year-old boy from North...
  2. Sunburst

    Cook County, IL brothers, hoarders, arrested for burying bodies of mother and sister in their back yard - sister killed mom and then died of COVID
  3. Romulus

    IL - SK John Wayne Gacy victims unidentified case

    Links to the unidentified victims of Gacy 954UMIL 955UMIL 956UMIL 957UMIL 958UMIL
  4. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    BRAYLEN CLARK: Missing from Memphis, TN - 27 June 2021 - Age 7 months *Found Safe* TBI issues Amber Alert for missing 7-month-old after mother left dead at hospital An Amber Alert has been issued for a baby after his mother was dropped off deceased at a...
  5. GrandmaBear

    Double Homicide: Paul Murdaugh, 22 & his mother Maggie Murdaugh, 52 - June 2021

    This case is being kept pretty quiet, no major details released to speak of (other than it does say there were two different guns used), but no info regarding who found them, who called 911, very little else. Of interest, the grandfather died just a few days after these murders and it sounds as...
  6. Kimster

    Who killed 1960s starlet JENNY MAXWELL?

    Tip Roeder was screaming. The successful attorney was on his hands and knees on the sidewalk in front of a condo on South Holt Avenue in Beverly Grove, yelling for help. A nearby store clerk had heard three shots and Roeder’s cries, and rushed over to the scene. It was soon evident to the clerk...
  7. kdg411

    AMY GELLERT: Murdered by masked assailant in Cocoa Beach, FL - 20 March 1994

    Amy Gellert had just returned from church and pulled into the driveway of her family’s home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, on March 20, 1994, when a nightmare unfolded with savage fury. As Gellert stepped out of her car, her stepfather, Bob Lehton, sprinted from the front door of their house —...
  8. kdg411

    CALEB WHISNAND JR.: 1-month-old murdered by father in Alabama - 10 May 2021

    Caleb Whisnand Jr. was last seen about 10:45 p.m. Monday at the Circle K on Wetumpka Highway in Montgomery County. No other details surrounding the circumstances of Caleb’s disappearance are being released at this time, authorities said. ALEA early Tuesday issued an Emergency Missing Child...
  9. kdg411

    TRISTYN BAILEY: 13-year-old Florida murdered, 14-year-old Aiden Fucci arrested

    Tristyn Bailey
  10. kdg411

    Rhoden family massacre 2016; Pike County OH

    Eight members of one family, the Rhodens, were killed in their Piketon, Ohio homes in April of 2016. All but one were found shot in the heads in their trailers. Their bodies were discovered by other family members...
  11. Kimster

    GEORGIA LEAH MOSES: Murdered in Petaluma, CA - August 1997

    The night was the night of August 13, 1997. Angel (Georgia's sister) told Dateline that she later discovered that Georgia and a friend had been hanging out when Georgia received a page on her pager and called the number back. Sometime later, the friend walked Georgia to a gas station near the...
  12. Kimster

    Hogan's Heroes star BOB CRANE was murdered in Scottsdale, Arizona - 1978

    BOB CRANE was found murdered in his Scottsdale apartment on June 29, 1978, his skull bashed in with a blunt object and an electrical cord around his neck. His death — and the sordid revelations that followed — stunned Hollywood, his fans and his family. And though it's been 40 years, and though...
  13. Kimster

    TAMMY ZYWICKI: Who killed this Grinnell College senior in Iowa - August 1992

    On a sweltering August day in 1992, Tammy Jo Zywicki dropped her younger brother off at Northwestern University in Illinois, and set out for Grinnell College in Iowa, excited for her senior year. The 21-year-old never made it. Hours after Tammy left...
  14. Jason Futch

    DARLENE MESSER: Store Clerk Abducted During Shift In Lake City, FL ; Found Dead In Swift Creek, Union County - September 1989

    Darlene Messer was working the night shift at the Suwannee Swifty convenience store in Lake City, Florida on September 18th, 1989. Shortly after a group of correctional officers departed the store around 12:55am, she was abducted. She put up a hell of a fight, as the store was cluttered and...
  15. Romulus

    MD LINDA MAE PEUGEOT & LORI PEUGEOT: Missing from LaVale, MD - 22 Sep 1969 - Age 21 & 2

    2134DFMD - Linda Mae Peugeot Linda Mae Peugeot Linda Mae Peugeot and her daughter Lori Image 2: Linda Mae Peugeot and her daughter, Lori Name: Linda Mae Peugeot Case Classification: Endangered Missing Missing Since: September 22, 1969 Location Last Seen: LaVale, Allegany County, Maryland...
  16. R


    :geek: OK everyone. I'm looking at a really old case here... Timeline: 1977 to 1987 and possibly beyond... Victims: Cathy Millican Bernice Coutermache Ellen Fried Elizabeth Critchley Eva Morse Lynda Moore Barbara Agnew With the exception of Lynda Moore {who was killed at home} all of the...
  17. GrandmaBear

    MALEAH DAVIS: 4-year-old dead - Mother's boyfriend Derion Vence arrested and charged - Houston, TX - April 2019

    This is one I would like to follow. Title needs fixing, just starting a thread. It was a strange one from when it unfolded. I wondered what was going on with it now and thought about this little girl tonight, so looked it up. The Quanell guy was involved then TX Equusearch and more...
  18. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    OH JAMES HUTCHINSON: Missing from Middletown, OH - 28 Feb 2021 - Age 6 *ARREST* Police: 6-year-old boy missing in Middletown Middletown Police are searching for a missing 6-year-old boy named James. He was last seen in the area of Crawford Street, though new information to...
  19. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    HI KYTANA ANCOG: Missing from Aiea, HI - 31 Jan 2021 - Age 18 months HPD searching for missing 18-month-old girl, last seen nearly two weeks ago CrimeStoppers and the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) are looking for a missing 18-month-old baby, and they...
  20. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    MARIAH WOODS: North Carolina vs. Adolphus "Earl" Kimrey for murder of girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter in 2017 Mariah Woods homicide trial postponed, no word on new date What was scheduled to take place in February 2021 has now been forced into limbo as the Mariah Woods homicide trial was postponed...

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