1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    Four students murdered at University of Idaho

    Got my Masters degree from here. :( Killer who stabbed 4 Idaho students to death still at large The killer — or killers — who stabbed four University of Idaho students to death remained at large Tuesday, prompting...
  2. Guess Who

    4 men killed, dismembered in Okmulgee, OK *ARREST*
  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    DEBBIE COLLIER: Murder of Athens, GA woman found burned in mountains FBI tries to help identify who killed Debbie Collier of Athens The FBI has joined the investigation into the mysterious slaying of an Athens woman whose burned...
  4. Kimster

    Stockton, California Serial Killer Being Sought by Police - 2022 *ARREST*

    Five unprovoked murders in the past several months appear to be the work of one person, according to the Stockton, California, Police Department. Authorities are searching for a person of interest tied to the five slayings, the first of which occurred on July 8. All of the victims were men and...
  5. Cousin Dupree

    CATHY KRAUSENECK: New York vs. James Krauseneck Jr. for the 1982 murder of his wife

    I'm having a hard time remembering the dates, but I got a job at a little drug store here in Rochester around March or April 1982. In February 1982 there had been a murder in Brighton, which is the town where the drugstore was located. The wife was killed with an axe and the husband ended up...
  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    UT STAFON COLEMAN JR: Missing from South Salt Lake, UT - 24 May 2022 - Age 1 Police activate endangered missing advisory for 18-month-old boy South Salt Lake Police and the Division of Child and Family Services say they believe an 18-month-old missing boy may in danger and...
  7. Romulus

    FL SOUTHPORT JANE DOE: WF, 21-40, found in Warren Bayou in Southport, FL - 30 May 1996 - Maybe from Czech Republic

    150UFFL - Unidentified Female Reconstruction of the victim; loction of the victim's discovery (photos by Liz Chapman). Date of Discovery: May 30, 1996 Location of Discovery: Southport, Bay County, Florida Estimated Date of Death: 4 weeks prior State of Remains: Decomposed Cause of Death...
  8. R

    Alabama murder suspect vanishes with corrections officer *CAPTURED IN INDIANA* A sheriff's office in Alabama issued an alert Friday night after an inmate and the assistant director of corrections went missing earlier in the day. Authorities said the inmate...
  9. noZme

    MELISSA TREMBLAY: Man arrested in 1988 killing of 11-year-old girl from Salem, New Hampshire

    You may remember this case: Melissa Ann Tremblay disappeared in Lawrence, Massachusetts, at the age of 11 on a Sunday evening in 1988 and was found the next day after being stabbed to...
  10. R

    10-year-old Lily Peters found dead near Wisconsin trail with bike nearby, suspected homicide *ARREST*

  11. Jason Futch

    JOHN ROBERT THOMAS: Shot in the face, Person of Interest still roams - Lake City, FL - 9 December 2001

    John Robert Thomas was found murdered at the intersection of Washington Street and Broadway Avenue in Lake City on December 9th, 2001. The report had come in right before 5am. He had been shot in the face. There was also signs that he may have also been robbed after he was killed. He died at the...
  12. Jason Futch

    PAMELA GAMBLES: Sexually assaulted and murdered near Bass Rd. - Columbia County, Florida; August 11th, 1988

    (STORY BY ERIKA MARIE, OUR BLACK GIRLS BLOG. EDITED TO CORRECT MS. GAMBLES' NAME) This is another case that, because of time and resources, doesn’t have much to any information available to report. The Project Cold Case Database includes a mysterious incident involving 31-year-old Pamela...
  13. Jason Futch

    LAVERNE MACK: Skeletal remains located near Interstate 10 - Columbia County, FL - 17 April 1988

    On April 17th, 1988, the skeletal remains of Laverne Mack were located in wooded area at US 441 and Interstate 10. After the remains were identified as Mack's, people had been interviewed, but it did not lead to identifying any suspects. She was reported missing to the Lake City Police...
  14. Jason Futch

    JOSEPH RONALD "RON" SAPP: Shot and killed near Columbia County Fairgrounds - Lake City, FL - 15 April 1983

    (From Jessie Box, Suwannee Democrat, October 2017) Joseph Ronald Sapp of Live Oak was found shot in the head multiple times at the rear of the Columbia County Fair Grounds on April 15, 1983. According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, no significant leads have been made since that...
  15. Jason Futch

    BERNARD RANDOLPH BROWN: Died inside home as it burned, suspected arson/homicide - Lake City, FL - 25 July 1981

    BERNARD RANDOLPH BROWN- SUSPICIOUS DEATH On the evening of July 25th, 1981, Bernard Randolph Brown was sleeping when he was awoken by an individual that was staying with him who had smelled smoke. The house was on fire. Bernard supposedly told her to exit via the window. The individual stated...
  16. Jason Futch

    WILLIE MEASE PRESLEY: Shot to death in her home/saloon - Watertown, FL - 15 January 1980

    On January 15th, 1980, an employee of McLeroy Salvage called the Columbia County Sheriffs Office in regards to a homicide that took place on Frye Rd. at Charlie's Place, a neighborhood bar/residence. When Deputy Louie Goble arrived at the scene, the body of 36 year old Willie Mease "PeeWee"...
  17. Jason Futch

    MARK BROTHERTON: Shot and killed in service station he owned - Lake City, FL - 30 July 1971

    On the evening of July 30th, 1971, Mark Brotherton had been preparing to close up for the evening at Standard Oil Service Station when a customer, 23 year old Allen Munkittrick of Vermont (who at the time had been stationed with the military in Virginia), came in to see about getting service for...
  18. kdg411

    Shopping Cart Serial Killer, Anthony Eugene Robinson, Washington, DC

    Stephanie Harrison Cheyenne Brown The Shopping Cart Killer Police work and the discovery of two more bodies near a small motel in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County on Wednesday revealed what officials believe is the rare case of a serial killer. Robinson's attorney has not...
  19. kdg411

    Wisconsin vs. Kyle Rittenhouse for murder in Kenosha *NOT GUILTY*
  20. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NC DIOR SINGLETON: Missing from Clayton, NC - 1 Oct 2021 - Age 2 *Found Safe* Amber Alert issued for 2-year-old boy possibly with murder suspect An Amber Alert has been issued for an abducted 2-year-old boy from North...

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