1. Romulus

    VA STAFFORD JANE DOE: WF, 25-45, found in secluded wooded area in North Stafford, VA - 7 Nov 1998 - Pentagram ring

    713UFVA - Unidentified Female Reconstructions of the victim; victim's belongings. Date of Discovery: November 7, 1998 Location of Discovery: Stafford, Stafford County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: Months to a year prior. State of Remains: Skeletal Cause of Death: Unknown Physical...
  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    VA MARYAIH RHEM & ROYCE RHEM: Missing from Chesterfield, VA - 27 Dec 2020 - Age 24 & 12 months *Found Safe* Man wanted for abducting Chesterfield woman; 12-month-old boy missing Authorities are asking for the public's help to find a 29-year-old man accused of abducting a woman Sunday morning in...
  3. Romulus

    VA BAYARD WILLIAM COUSINS: Missing from Virginia Beach, VA - 1 Feb 1975 - Age 22

    Bayard William Cousins Bayard Cousins left his residence while his parents were out of town. They came back to a note stating not to worry about him. There were no indications of any issues with Bayard prior to his disappearance. He has never...
  4. Romulus

    VA FAIRFAX COUNTY JANE DOE: W/HF, 25-39, found in a shallow grave at a construction site in Centerville, VA - 6 Dec 1993

    120UFVA - Unidentified Female Reconstructions of Victim; victim's personal items and jewelry. Date of Discovery: December 6, 1993 Location of Discovery: Centerville, Fairfax County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: 1989 to 1992; possibly as early as 1980 State of Remains: Skeletal remains...
  5. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    PA KADIN WILLAUER: Missing from Milford, PA - 3 May 2020 - Age 13 *Found Safe* State police are asking for the public’s help to find a 13-year-old Bucks County boy who was last seen leaving his parents’ home in the family minivan at 3:30 a.m. Monday...
  6. Kimster

    VA BRIDGETT CLARK & BECKY WILLIAMS: Missing from Buena Vista, VA - 18 April 2020 - Ages 42 & 40 *Found Deceased*

    BUENA VISTA, Va. (WDBJ7) - The Buena Vista Police Department is asking for help finding two women nobody has reported seeing since Saturday. Police say Jacquelyn “Bridgett” Clark, 42, and Mary...
  7. kdg411

    VA CAMERON, EMMA & COLIN ALLISON: Missing from Roanoke, VA - 20 April 2020 - Ages 6, 6, & 1 *Found Safe*

    Virginia State Police said the children are believed to have been abducted by John Varion Allison, described as a white man with blond hair, brown eyes, 5-foot-9-inches tall, weighing 185 pounds. ✂ He may be with his wife, Ruby Marie Allison, described as a white woman with brown hair, brown...
  8. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    VA ARIEANNA DAY: Missing from Roanoke, VA - 11 Sept 2018 - Age 3 months

    Arieanna was last seen at her home in the 1100 block of Hanover Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia on September 11, 2018. Her mother, Jessica Day, stated she put her down to sleep, and when she came back an hour later to check on her, the baby was gone. She called the police at 11:00 p.m. When they...
  9. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NC MECKLENBURG COUNTY JANE DOE: F, 20-40, found in wooded area of Charlotte, NC - 17 March 2011

    On March 17, 2011 the incomplete skeletal remains of a female were found in a wooded area in the 10100 block of Statesville Avenue, Charlotte, N.C. The cause and manner of death have not been disclosed. The woman, who could be white or Hispanic, was 20-30 years old and weighed 110 pounds when...
  10. kdg411

    NOAH TOMLIN: Virginia v Julia Tomlin for 2019 2nd degree murder of her son

    The mother of 2-year-old Noah Tomlin of Hampton has been arrested as federal, state and local authorities continue their search for the young boy. Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult announced the arrest of 34-year-old Julia Tomlin...
  11. Romulus

    VA DOSWELL JANE DOE: F, 20-39, found burned in road accident at I-95 in Doswell, VA - 25 Jan 1981 - Hitchhiker

    NamUs UP 8579 Unidentified Body/Remains (Female) Found January 25, 1981 in Hanover County, VA Body Condition: Charred/Burned Probable year of death: 1981 Estimated postmortem interval: Hours Vital Statistics Estimated age: 20-39 Approximate Height: 66...
  12. Romulus

    VA RICHMOND JANE DOE: WF, 18-25, remains turned over to OCME by VSP in Richmond, VA - 16 Oct 1972

    NamUs UP 11172 Unidentified Body/Remains (White Female) Found October 16, 1972 in Richmond County, VA Body Condition: Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues Probable year of death: 1947 to 1950 Estimated postmortem interval: 25 years...
  13. Romulus

    VA FREDERICK COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 30-45, found near apple orchard on Route 610 in Fredrick County, VA - 30 Dec 1979

    Case File: 905UFVA Unidentified Female Date of Discovery: December 30, 1979 Location of Discovery: Frederick County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: 3 months prior State of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues Cause of Death: Unknown Physical Description ** Listed...
  14. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    AJ HADSELL: Virginia vs. Wesley Hadsell for 2015 murder of stepdaughter New trial date set after mistrial declared this week for Wesley Hadsell Wesley Hadsell has a new trial date after the first trial attempt ended in a mistrial earlier this week. The...
  15. Romulus

    VA CHESTERFIELD CO JANE DOE: WF, 20-35, found at Shoosmith landfill in Chesterfield Co, VA - 7 Aug 1986 *CHRISTY FLOYD*

    Case File: 900UFVA Black rubber bracelet worn on victim's foot Unidentified Female Date of Discovery: August 7, 1986 Location of Discovery: Chesterfield County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: June 1, 1986 State of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues Cause of...
  16. Romulus

    VA RAWLEY SPRINGS JANE DOE: WF, 20-30, found in George Washington National Forest, VA - 14 Nov 1980 - 1964 coin

    568UFVA - Unidentified Female Reconstructions of the victim by the FBI; previous renderings. Date of Discovery: November 14, 1980 Location of Discovery: Rawley Springs, Rockingham County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: 1964-1979 State of Remains: Partial skeletal Cause of Death: Suspected...
  17. Romulus

    VA WINCHESTER JANE DOE: WF, 20-39, found in a vacant lot off Timberidge Trail in Winchester, VA - 3 Feb 1991

    247UFVA - Unidentified Female Date of Discovery: February 3, 1991 Location of Discovery: Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: 1990-1991 State of Remains: Not recognizable - Insect/animal activity Cause of Death: Unknown Physical Description Estimated Age: 20-39...
  18. GarAndMo39

    VA ANNANDALE JANE DOE: WF, 50-70, found in Pleasant Valley Memorial Cemetery, VA - 18 Dec 1996 *GRAPHIC*

    Date of Discovery: December 18, 1996 Location of Discovery: Annandale, Fairfax County, Virginia Estimated Date of Death: Hours prior State of Remains: Recognizable face Cause of Death: Suicide Physical Description Estimated Age: 50-70 years old Race: White Gender: Female Height: 5'0"...
  19. Romulus

    VA SAMANTHA CLARKE: Missing from Orange, VA - 13 Sept 2010 - Age 19

    Samantha Ann Clarke Clarke, circa 2010; Clarke's tattoos; Randy Taylor Missing Since: 09/13/2010 Missing From: Orange, Virginia Classification: Endangered Missing Sex: Female Race: White Date of Birth: 07/17/1991 (28) Age: 19 years old Height and Weight: 5'1, 145 pounds Distinguishing...

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