MO JAYDEN ROBKER: Missing from Kansas City, MO - 2 February 2023 - Age 13 *Found Deceased*


By: David Medina
Posted at 2:56 PM, Feb 24, 2023

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Community members will soon come together for a prayer and to canvas for a Kansas City, Missouri, child who's been missing since Feb. 2, 2023.

Jayden Robker, 13, was last seen on that day leaving his home on a skateboard near NW Plaza Drive and NW Plaza Avenue.

Robker's family believes he was riding east on NW Englewood Road at around 3:30 p.m.

Robker's parents released a statement on Feb. 10 pleading for information that could help bring their child home.

Jay, mom and dad love and miss you very much. We are very concerned for your safety and want you home. If you feel like you are in trouble, please try and let someone know. To Jay's friends and anyone who may know anything, we encourage you to contact the Kansas City Police Department or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, with any information you may have. Jay, this is mom...I just want you home and I want to know that you are safe. I've always told you that I will move mountains for you and I always will. Your brother and sisters miss you so much, we love you.
Heather and Eric Robker

Robker's parents told KSHB 41 they're planning the canvas in conjunction with the AdHoc Group Against Crime.

Before the canvas, the family will host a 13-hour prayer next weekend on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

MEDIA - JAYDEN ROBKER: Missing from Kansas City, MO - 2 February 2023 - Age 13
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By: Leslie DelasBour
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The family of Jayden Robker is still looking for answers.

Jayden was last seen around 3 p.m. Feb. 2. near NW Plaza Drive and NW Plaza Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Police report he was wearing a green camouflage hoodie, gray sweatpants and black Puma tennis shoes.

Saturday, family members held a vigil after his aunt and uncle searched the area he was last seen for the 5'7", 127-pound teen.


Sunday, March 5, the family will host a search for Jayden at 2 p.m. at 207 NE Englewood Road, KCMO.

Anyone with information about Jayden is urged to call the KCPD Juvenile Unit at 816-234-5150.
His mother's statement. Did he run away?. Her mentioning him thinking he may be in trouble. Pleading for him to come home. I don't believe there was foul play in the home from what I've read. IMO. I don't know what to think about his disappearance for this long. I get a very bad feeling. His disappearance doesn't make sense. There are dozens of scenarios I can think of. But unfortunately, There isn't evidence to point to any strongly.

Missing KCMO teen’s family canvassing for information​

Under Sunday's sun, about 50 volunteers passed out flyers and asked for the community’s help in an effort to locate missing 13-year-old Jayden Robker.

Jayden's mother, Heather Robker, says everyone in the family can feel his absence.

“Just the quietness makes you feel like it’s too quiet,” she said. “When you are a mom of six kids, it’s noisy. And now it’s just completely really quiet.”

Volunteers split up to search three areas near the Robker home, where Heather says Jayden left on Feb. 2 with Pokémon cards and his skateboard.

He was last seen at QuikTrip on Englewood. QT's have very good video that cover nearly every nook and cranny on their properties and many also have audio. Now it makes it super interesting and sad that they know more than just "he was last seen at QT", like they know if he took off with anybody and/or what direction, yet they say nothing and have said nothing for over a month that this boy has been missing. I don't know if I'm more mad or angry right now. I wonder when he was officially reported as missing or if this is another case where others intervened until it was reported like the case where school officials got involved wondering why a child was not in school for weeks.

The address he was last seen is just across the highway from the QT that has nice sidewalks/traffic lights and lighting. Close enough that many his age would be allowed to walk/ride bikes, etc to. The area was just reconstructed with the nice walkways specifically so people from that the neighborhoods near him could safely navigate to the area where QT is
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More details here.

‘Light the way for Jayden to come home’: KC mom searches for son, 13, missing for a month
Jayden Robker rushed off the school bus the afternoon of Feb. 2, the 13-year-old’s family said.

The middle schooler flipped through a stack of Pokémon cards and pulled out a few he hoped to sell to make some money to help start his own car wash business, his mother, Heather Robker, said.

Robker was at work when Jayden hurried into their Northland home, but her husband recalled urging Jayden to slow down and eat something before heading out. Jayden insisted the weather was too nice to stay inside. He wanted to seize the chance to ride his RazorX DLX electric skateboard after days of sub-freezing weather, Robker said.

Jayden put a sandwich in the microwave promising to be back soon, then dashed out the door, family said.

No one in her family has seen Jayden since, Robker said.


Jayden has three younger brothers and two younger sisters. He’s often there to greet his siblings as they get off the school bus, then play hide and seek and watch movies on their tablets at home, Heather Robker, 35, told The Star on Thursday.

Robker’s eldest loves to spend his time playing Pokémon and skateboarding, and lately, her husband has been teaching him to box.

Recently, Jayden conjured up the idea to start his own car washing business, in the hopes of making and saving his own money, said Robker, who describes her son as ambitious, energetic, bubbly and funny. He saw his valuable Pokémon cards as an opportunity to kick-start his savings account.

On Feb. 2, Robker came home to squeeze in a nap between her day job and her night job. Her husband told her that Jayden was off riding his black skateboard. When she woke up for her night shift, Robker was alarmed to see Jayden hadn’t returned to their home near the intersection of Northwest Plaza Drive and Northwest Plaza Avenue.

She called police.

A media release on Jayden’s disappearance wasn’t posted until Monday, four days after he went missing. Robker and a spokesperson with KCPD said the reason it wasn’t posted immediately, in part, was because they couldn’t find a current photo of him right away.

Capt. Corey Carlisle, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, said despite the “delay in information exchange” in getting the press release out, detectives immediately began investigating the case that Thursday night when he was reported missing.

But a month later, he has yet to be found.

Robker said she wishes police would have put out a public release sooner because she doesn’t believe her son ran away.

“I’ve already contacted my family. I’ve talked to his friends,” she said. “No one has seen Jay.”

The only person she’s found who has seen him since he left the house that Thursday afternoon is someone at the QuickTrip across the highway from their home. Robker called them the day after Jayden went missing, and a worker told her there is surveillance footage of Jayden using the bathroom at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday before heading east past the Family Dollar.

Family members confirm body recovered from Gladstone pond matches description of missing teen Jayden Robker​

It's an update family and friends were dreading.

Family members say a body pulled from a pond on the border of Kansas City, Missouri, and Gladstone Friday matches the description of missing 13-year-old Jayden Robker.

Robker was last seen a short distance from that pond on Feb. 2.

Gladstone police have confirmed they are conducting a death investigation in the area of Northwest Englewood Road and North Broadway after discovering a body in a nearby wooded area.

Police said the Kansas City Police Department is assisting in the investigation due to the proximity of the city's border to the pond.

Gladstone police said authorities do not anticipate releasing additional information Friday.

Family members, who said they were told the remains match Robker's description, are also working to learn more.

The individual's cause of death has not yet been released, nor has the identity been officially confirmed.
Another thought is that there is a hill that goes up from QT on Broadway and then crests and starts downhill. He "might" have been going fast on his scooter and/or hit a slick spot and possible landed there. It's quite brush with trees in a thin line between the sidewalk and the pond and the sidewalk is elevated from the area where the trees and pond are.

The trees on the right border the pond's edge. Where you see the black car, you can see where there is a path that leads to the pond. I think if he had taken the path, they wouldn't have said the wooded area in one of the articles and I think he would have been found much faster. I easily could see him losing control going down the hill on his scooter and it pitching him off in the wooded part, especially if he had hit a patch of ice or snow. The only thing that keeps me from that thought is this is a pretty busy road and I would think several people would have seen him fall off in the daytime. The traffic on the google pic is pretty much the way it is all the time on that road - not heavy traffic, but nearly always some traffic.

I'm still stuck on why it was a bit over a month before we heard ANYthing about him, even locally.
Was he just written off by KCPD as a runaway? At 13 they still need looked for even if they are runaways.
When was he actually reported missing? If right away, I'm still back to the question of why over a month to hear anything at all?

I am pretty sure by where they found him, the cause is most likely misadventure rather than criminal. I'm just not positive if he fell off his scooter or fell through ice or similar.

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Payton Headlee

More than a month and a few hundred feet from where Jayden Robker was last seen alive, divers pulled out a body from a pond.

Family members say a body pulled from a pond on the border of Kansas City, Mo., and Gladstone, Mo., Friday matches the description of Robker.

His family said there aren’t the right words for this kind of hurt.

"Thinking about his body laying in that cold pond,” said Aunt Susan Deedon. “I just wish I would have looked harder."


The FBI joined the investigation into Robker's disappearance, offering a $5,000 reward for any information regarding the case.

Until they have confirmation, his family is still holding out hope.

by: Makenzie Koch
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GLADSTONE, Mo. — Police have confirmed a body recovered Friday in Gladstone is that of a Kansas City teen who was missing for over a month.

Thirteen-year-old Jayden Robker was last seen Feb. 2 in the area of Northwest Plaza Drive and Northwest Plaza Avenue in Kansas City.

Gladstone police said preliminary autopsy results indicate there is no obvious evidence of foul play. Gladstone and Kansas City police are still investigating.

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