GANNON STAUCH: Colorado vs. Letecia Stauch for child abuse and murder of stepson

FBI now involved in ongoing search for missing 11-year-old Colorado Springs boy

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now involved in the ongoing search for a missing/endangered 11-year-old Colorado Springs boy who went missing Monday afternoon, and the task force investigating his disappearance is organizing a team of volunteers to start searching for him.

Gannon Stauch was believed to be a runaway after he left his home southeast of Colorado Springs between 3:15 and 4 p.m. on Monday. But as the week progressed, his disappearance was upgraded to a missing/endangered person case.

His stepmother said he left his home on foot to play at a friend’s house down the street on Monday afternoon, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies and major crimes detectives had taken “extraordinary steps” to locate the boy, the sheriff’s office said. They were actively searching for evidence and taking witness statements, a sheriff’s office news release issued earlier this week read.

“He’s very young, it’s dark and cold outside and we want to bring Gannon to safety,” the sheriff’s said in a Facebook post earlier this week.

On Thursday afternoon, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and other task force members, as well as Stauch’s parents, hosted a news conference to update the community on his disappearance, discuss the steps being taken in the investigation, and to notify people in the area that they are organizing volunteers to begin a community search effort in coming days.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mitch Mahalko said the sheriff’s office received the investigation on Tuesday afternoon and started doing interviews and collecting video surveillance and talking to neighbors, working to collect new leads.

He said that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and FBI got involved after the case was upgraded to a missing/endangered child case. The FBI’s team specializes in search and rescue and “will be a good partner” in the investigation, Mahalko said.

He said the investigation was active and that authorities were conducting interviews with witnesses and collecting evidence – exhausting every lead they receive.

Mahalko said investigators were looking at “persons of interest” in the case as people who might be able to give them additional information on Stauch’s whereabouts.

He declined to say where authorities had been searching but confirmed that investigators had been in contact with some trash companies in El Paso County and in the Lorson Ranch area.

Kirby stressed that people with tips should report them to their tip line – 719-520-6666 – and not on social media because any tips sent to the sheriff’s office on social media will not be considered.

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Why were the same two public defenders that had been dismissed assigned again?! I'm confused.
I thought the same. But I think it's because they found no legal standing for dismissing them. She just didn't like them. So to prevent her from doing this indefinitely, rolling through dozens of public defenders until she gets someone she "likes" (or forever), she gets the same ones back.

Werner said that if Bain found a conflict warranting the removal of LeBeau and Strobel, Stauch would appear before Werner again next Wednesday for an “appearance of counsel” hearing.

There is a legal standard that (Bain) must apply,” Werner told Stauch. “It’s not just whether you like (the public defenders) or trust them.”
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