CAROLYN BLANKENFELD: Did she really drown in a swimming accident on Mother's Day 2018?


What Happened to Carolyn Blankenfeld? Perdido Bay, Florida​

Join the Ashes to Ash team as they look into a death of Carolyn Blankenfeld. Carolyn, was a mother/step-mother of four, including Bree Blankenfeld and wife of Christopher Blankenfeld.
Carolyn went out on a boat, for an early Mother’s Day celebration with her husband of 20 years, but Carolyn never returned.

It was reported that she drown in a swimming accident, but did she? The Ashes to Ash team combines forces with Christopher’s daughter Bree to find out the truth behind this suspicious “accident.”

Come with us as we uncover the police reports, police interview tapes, interviews with those involved, the 911 calls, and Chris in his own written words to his family, as we dissect what he says occurred and line that up with our findings.

True crime series investigating 2018 drowning in Perdido Bay
A true crime series is investigating a 2018 drowning of woman in Perdido Bay.

Family members tell Channel 3 News they don't believe 56-year-old Carolyn Blankenfeld's death was an accident.

Carolyn was found dead in Perdido Bay by the U.S. Coast Guard after spending the morning boating with her husband, Christopher.

Our original reporting states Christopher told investigators his wife was swimming when she started struggling in the water. He went in the water, abandoning the boat, to try and rescue her.

But his daughter, Bree Blankenfeld thinks there is more to the story.

A series of episodes from Ashes to Ash TV on Carolyn's death will be released this summer. This True Crime Show looks into cases they believe need more attention.

"In this particular case, you have a husband and a wife who went out on a boat together and she ends up dead and he is still alive," said Producer Ash Patino. "I'm not suggesting anything on exactly what happened on that boat. I'm just saying, the story doesn't add up."

Ash has several investigations under her belt as a video producer, but this one hits closer to home. Carolyn is her aunt. She tells Channel 3, she never intended to go down this road until her cousin, Bree reached out for help.

"Since my mom died, there have been a lot of odd things going on with my father," Bree said. "I'm looking for the truth and I know it's out there."


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VERY interesting!
I just watched this one and while it is fresh and without thinking, I am going to comment off of the top of my head. He is good. His letter has all of the elements of caring, knocking himself, blaming himself, etc. and the tone one would expect from one truly grieving and having dealt with a loss and things over time and yet having to deal with life, children, loss, guilt. Had I seen nothing prior to this video, I might wonder...

The thing is the overall event holds some serious questions, his history does, his actions through his life, they did talk to another ex, etc. and they did not ONLY talk to Buddy by a long shot. However, he does take key things and knows what to do with them... Like Buddy is kind of stuck on grieving her and somewhat on his past and the military, etc., he says that and it is hard to deny and is believable... If he truly did co sign recently for a car for the daughter, honestly why would she go to him and have him do that? Don't get me wrong, I am not believing his innocence but I am saying if he is lying which I think he probably more than likely is, he is a very manipulative and not entirely stupid (at least in some areas) by a long shot man... Even calling it a need for drama, etc., well this is going on behind the scenes and being documented and produced... In no way do I mean that as a knock to the daughter or the help she has doing it and producing it, but he makes and knows how to use such points to make some valid points... He also points out Carolyn's relationship with Buddy and how it was known by him and others and he "put up with it" or tolerated it so to speak...

The thing is, and I am only through number 9, it seems unlikely this is ever going to be charged or proven. It is interesting and raises many key points and questions though...

Since there are two sides here, if one is torn that way, and I lean towards his guilt honestly, I come back to instead of who is believable, looking at the entire incident and scenario of what happened and it just does not add up for me...

Add in all of the things like lying about his job and far more throughout all the videos and interviews, etc. tand the overall picture is one showing him as a manipulative narc gaslighter (and I said earlier in this thread it is not me to use such buzz word terms)...

Anyhow, jmo. Subject, of course, to change with more info. :)


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So episode 11 has a very good interview with Carolyn's twin brother Mark where he raises some good points why he doubts Chris's version of events.
Episode 12 is very interesting, it is about Carolyn's injuries when she was found and a former co-worker of Chris is interviewed. Of course the episodes contain more than what I mentioned, but those things stood out for me.


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I found it interesting that they wanted to put billboards up. I'm not sure what type of information that would garner. The only person who absolutely knows what happened that day is Chris. It's not like a missing person where people can look out for that person or a vehicle. Other people can give character witness all they want, or say "he told me...", but as far as actual information that could lead to something substantial (charges)? Unlikely. I guess the one near where he works (or used to work now, I guess) would put extra pressure on him. Kind of a "we know". But with his personality type that's going to put him on the defensive, not make him more likely to confess. JMO.


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I haven't caught up yet but I guess I also don't see what a billboard would do in this case. Keep it in the public eye I guess and in people's minds and maybe that of LE but I agree, she is not missing for people to look for her and other than maybe if he had an accomplice who could feel pressure to "flip"(which there is absolutely no indication of), what is anyone going to know other than more false versions maybe by Chris, etc.? There is no indication thus far of anyone other than Chris and Carolyn knowing what happened. His story(ies) do not add up no doubt about it, I think he did something to her but I don't see an advantage to the billboards.

But perhaps I guess a person would do anything they can think of and just perhaps maybe someone did see something on or in the water that day but never put it together nor heard about the later death of a woman? I think it unlikely though. I guess more people hearing different versions/lies would not hurt anything though...

I agree it won't get Chris to come clean or feel guilt, nothing will imo.


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I have no idea which one I watched last. I think I am somewhere around #11 or 12. Not even sure of that.

Thanks for posting the new ones. Does anyone know in total how many there are?


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Thanks for posting the new ones. Does anyone know in total how many there are?
I don't think they ever have a set number. They just go and interview as many people as they can, and keep digging until they can't anymore. Comments seem to indicate there are more episodes coming.

Just watched the last 3 episodes to catch up. Nothing terribly shocking or revealing. Just more interviews with people that knew them. Biggest thing that stood out was the number of different stories that were told. Oh! And it's revealed what he REALLY did for the Coast Guard.

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