LA YLENIA MARIA SOLE CARRISI: Missing from New Orleans, LA - 6 Jan 1994 - Age 23


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This case is very famous here in Italy, the father is convinced that she is dead, while for the mother it is still all to be discovered; the Italian broadcast Chi l'ha visto? who is concerned with the missing has repeatedly dedicated his episodes on the case.


Ylenia Carrisi is back in Italy | A photo suggests that it is still alive

Once again the Italian chronicle returns to talk about Ylenia Carrisi. Albano and Romina's daughter has returned to Italy. Over the past few hours, the photo he portrays in the city of Venice has also been released.

So the girl who disappeared in 1994 is not dead? Hope is rekindled for both family members and fans.

On several occasions we have had the opportunity to tell the mystery of the disappearance of Ylenia Carrisi, the eldest daughter of Albano and Romina Power. The girl would have been considered a little 'difficult' and in constant conflict with her father because of some decisions that affected her future.

Beautiful and very intelligent in 1994 she decided to go to the city of New Orleans had to decide to go to make some investigations that were needed for the book she intended to write.

A few days after his arrival, however, here is that the girl vanishes into thin air, leaving all kinds of personal effects in the hotel room.

Albano has always been convinced that his daughter had committed suicide by jumping into the waters of the Mississippi River, as also claimed by the New Orleans police; Romina, however, never believed the thesis in question by supporting the idea that the young woman was still alive. What if the American artist was right?

Since his disappearance, there have been several hypotheses concerning the fate of Ylenia Carrisi, primarily those relating to a possible death after diving into the waters of Mississippi but no body was ever found. Over the years, various sightings have followed: in Russia where she would live as a clochard and in Argentina where she would instead start a family, becoming the mother of two girls.

The hypothesis considered a little more reliable is that of detective Crescentini who, investigating Ylenia Carrisi, would have discovered that Albano and Romina's daughter would be alive and undercover. The woman in 1994 would therefore have been involved in an anti-drug operation because of some alleged rounds of which she was a part and, in order not to be killed, she was included in a witness protection program.

The testimony of photojournalist Roberto Fiasconaro also comes in support of the investigation carried out by Crescentini in April 2000.

"The one in front of me looked like Ylenia"
Photojournalist Roberto Fiasconaro told the German weekly Frau im Spiegel that he had seen Ylenia Carrisi near the Santa Lucia station in Venice.

The man, who took the photo immortalizing that moment, said: "The one who stood in front of me looked like Ylenia, I watched her a bit with the telephoto lens: it was her. I moved so that it passed in front of me and I was shocked: it was she or a perfect impersonator, just a little fat and unkempt. " Fiasconaro concludes by saying: “The nose and mouth and eyes were his. If it wasn't she was his twin. "

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Yari Carrisi: "My sister Ylenia is still around. I'll let her take the first step"
Al Bano and Romina's son doesn't stop looking for his sister: "Where could it be? I have two or three ideas"

Yari Carrisi has not stopped looking for his sister Ylenia. Since January 4, 1994, there has been no news of her. She disappeared at 24 in New Orleans, her body was never found. Today Ylenia would be 49 years old. The father Al Bano was convinced of his death, the mother Romina not, as well as Yari.

"I spent many years of my life collecting articles and information and going around looking for Ylenia, but at this point I let her take the step because I'm sure she is still around," he says during a interview with Rivelo, on Real Time, "I can imagine that perhaps after all the mess that happened after her disappearance perhaps she doesn't want to enter a world where all the attention is turned to her".

Any idea what happened to the sister, if she did: "Where could it be? I have two or three ideas, however, until I find it ... In a certain way I am looking for it even now. No information has arrived. Since January 4, 1994 we no longer have a thread of news, nothing zero. The newspapers have said it all. That year they made me stop wanting to become a famous singer. They wrote and said things, I was amazed. "

Yari can't forget her, the thought goes to her, day and night: “I see her in the eyes of some people I meet, I see her in dreams. I'm sorry because Ylenia should not have gone to Belize, a place with a very dark energy, but to India. She found the wrong people on her way, because in this quest, having the right people, they would have led her to something more cheerful. Ylenia was, is, an incredible person, a person of a culture, of a beauty. It was difficult to find a girlfriend after having such a mother and sister. "

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