SYDNEY LOOFE: Nebraska v Aubrey Trail & Bailey Boswell for murder, dismemberment after Tinder date *GUILTY*


Just before Sydney Loofe went on her first Internet-arranged date with a woman named “Audrey” on Nov. 14, 2017, she texted a cautionary question.
“Just going to be me and you, right?” she asked via the dating app Tinder.
“OK. Yes. Of course,” responded Audrey.

“Audrey” turned out to be Bailey Boswell, the girlfriend of Aubrey Trail.

July 10 --
Jury finds Aubrey Trail guilty of first-degree murder
Jury begins deliberations in Aubrey Trail trial

July 9 --
Aubrey Trail recants original story while on the stand

July 8 --
Pathologist that performed autopsy on Sydney Loofe testifies in trial

July 3 --
Sydney Loofe apparently unaware Tinder date may include Aubrey Trail

July 2 --
Three women testify of sex, money and a "witch cult" in Aubrey Trail trial

July 1 --
FBI shares bizarre details involving witches from Aubrey Trail's interrogation

June 28 --
Aubrey Trail absent from courtroom as jury hears his police interview

June 24 --
Aubrey Trail to be in handcuffs for remainder of trial following attempt to slash his own throat

June 21 --
Prosecution builds case in first week of Aubrey Trail's murder trial

June 18 --
Officials: Planned seduction to kill somebody, or consensual sex fantasy gone wrong

June 17 --
Aubrey Trail pleads guilty to improper disposal of Sydney Loofe's body



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One dissenter wasn't it? I don't know every last detail on this case but... Take heart at least even in this climate that most of the judges on the panel thought it WAS depraved and death was deserved it sounds like. Haven't read it all but if these are elected judges and if I was a voter, the dissenter would not be getting my vote... It is however disgusting it should even be a question of death here but these days... Of course maybe he was pleasing his political base/votes, one never knows these days...

I have read just enough to know some of what they did to this victim and it was enough for me.

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