CO SUZANNE MORPHEW: Missing from Chaffee County, CO - 10 May 2020 - Age 49 *Found Deceased*

A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned, sparking a search involving more than 100 emergency personnel.

The Chaffee County Communications Center received a report on Sunday at 5:46 p.m. regarding a missing woman in the area of County Road 225 and West Highway 50.

Anybody who has information on Morphew’s whereabouts is asked to call the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office at 719-539-2596 or Chaffee County Crime Stoppers at 719-539-2599.


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1. It’s Unclear How Long Morphew Had Been Gone Before a Neighbor Reported Her Missing & Investigators Say It’s Unlikely She Was Attacked By an Animal

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office says it received a call about a missing woman around 5:45 p.m. on May 10. Morphew was reported missing in the area of County Road 225 and West Highway 50 near Maysville, Colorado.

A neighbor told deputies Morphew had gone for a bike ride and never returned home. Her husband was away at the time. It was not immediately clear what time Morphew left her house or how frequently she may have taken long bike rides or hikes. Her nephew, Trevor Noel, says Morphew’s bike was found but details about the condition of the bike have not been shared.

2. Family Members Say Morphew’s Husband Was in Denver When She Disappeared & He’s Offering a Reward For Her Safe Return

Morphew’s husband, Barry Morphew, has offered a $100,000 reward for information about what happened to his wife. A family friend matched the offer, bringing the reward to $200,000 for info leading to Morphew’s safe return, “no questions asked,” according to the Denver Channel. Morphew’s family did not identify the friend. The Chaffee County Sheriff has not mentioned the reward and whether the department is coordinating with Morphew’s husband.

Family members say Barry Morphew was in Denver when a neighbor reported his wife missing. Denver is located about 150 miles northeast of Chaffee County.

3. Suzanne Morphew & Her Husband Barry Moved to Colorado From Indiana In 2018

4. Neighbors Describe the Community As a Safe Place Where People Keep Their Doors Unlocked

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office listed Morphew’s home as being in Maysville, which is a census-designated area with a population of about 135 people

But Morphew’s house has a Salida, Colorado, address, according to Chaffee County property records. Maysville is located about 11 miles west of Salida.

Images from the area show that it is a mountainous community where homes are tucked back into the trees. FOX21 reporter Amber Jo Cooper shared on social media that neighbors describe the community as very safe and that “most people in town don’t even lock their doors.”

5. Morphew Runs a NonProfit Charity Organization & Her Husband Is a Volunteer Firefighter

Missing Colorado mother Suzanne Morphew’s bicycle has been found, family says

A family member of a missing Colorado woman told a reporter on Thursday that her bike had been found, but police have not yet released any details about what has been recovered in the search for Suzanne Morphew.

On Thursday, Morphew’s nephew Trevor Noel told a Fox 21 News reporter that Morphew’s bicycle was recovered on Sunday. Investigators have not confirmed this, and it remains unclear if the bike was recovered by a member of the official search party, or by a volunteer.

The Fox 21 News reporter confirmed on Twitter that authorities are not asking for volunteers in the physical search.

I want to word this carefully because I in no way am accusing anyone of anything but there seems to be a lack of unity here or something. The husband puts out a 100G reward, a family friend (very generous) matches it for 200G. Yet this nephew starts a GoFundMe and while LE will not answer whether they found the bike or not, he tells the news that they did. I don't think this is uncommon in most families when in the throes of something this nerve wracking and hard to wrap one's mind around but it does make for some confusion and I fear the types that like to attack will be tearing these things apart. I don't want to see that happen if innocent so I hope they talk and get one spokesperson.
This also quotes the nephew some. It also says the husband is cooperating but it comes from "family" and not LE the way I read it. The article above says he is a volunteer firefighter and mentions no other job, yet on the county sheriff's department page I read he was in Denver on business, however, maybe people just assumed that. This case is unusually quiet with no urgent notices of where to look, what to keep one's eyes out for, who a suspect may be or what potentially happened whether abduction or something else. Just observations.

I really want to know WHERE the bike was found (presuming it was found, as the statement didn't come from LE). Was it at home, indicating this bike ride was bogus? Was it in a ditch? Was it damaged? Was it parked neatly leaned up against a tree?

I wonder the same. All the nephew said is it was found Sunday evening. Naturally if it was at home, that changes everything. If it was in a ditch, I would lean towards abduction and the abductor threw it into the ditch. If it was badly damaged, I would picture a strike by a vehicle. They haven't posted any pictures of the home or the neighborhood, have they?

This part is entirely just my speculation--was the bike a Mother's Day gift? Why was she alone on Mother's Day, not judging, just that she is married with two children. Was the family social distancing? DID she have a cell phone with? The service could be poor there, no idea, but if I head anywhere alone, the phone goes with, without a doubt. Does anyone know if her girls are adults or still live at home?
Did the neighbors call in that she was missing at 6:00 p.m.? That's what it says on Facebook from a random person. That seems awful early to worry about a missing adult.

He was a volunteer and she was working for a non-profit? Were they early retirees or something?

I don't feel like we have enough information to assume very much at this point. Just my observation.
Did the neighbors call in that she was missing at 6:00 p.m.? That's what it says on Facebook from a random person. That seems awful early to worry about a missing adult.

He was a volunteer and she was working for a non-profit? Were they early retirees or something?

I don't feel like we have enough information to assume very much at this point. Just my observation.
I kind of wonder about that as well. I would like to know what non-profit she was working for or operating just because maybe there is something there, power and control can certainly be motives and we know so little. Also, if they were recent transplants to the area, she is an attractive woman for her age and fit, was apparently home alone so I would definitely canvass the neighborhood which I am sure they did.

I can't swear to it but I think they moved because of a job opportunity but offhand, and I thought it was for him, I cannot remember where I read that. If he is ONLY a volunteer firefighter, one would think it would have to be for her. I want to stress I am unsure about this but believe I read something on that order in an article.

I don't know why but the case bears no resemblance, but her looks and age make me think of Jennifer Dulos and even somewhat of FD's gf. Just based on appearance, not on the case.

All just my own opinion.
Authorities will launch a targeted search Friday for a Chaffee County woman after a personal item thought to belong to her was found in the area west of Maysville where she went missing.

The Sheriff's Office didn't say what the personal item was or where exactly it was found.

On Friday, members of the Sheriff's Office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the FBI plan to do a comprehensive search of the area, according to the press release.

More than 50 searchers and investigators will focus on that area in an effort to find additional items or other clues that might lead them to Morphew.

The search will result in the closure of U.S. 50 over Monarch Pass for an undetermined amount of time, the release says.
Just some thoughts since so little has been released.

Regarding the neighbor reporting her missing. These houses are spread out. A neighbor wouldn't necessarily notice her "not return" unless they were staring out the window waiting for her. MAYBE she had said that she would stop by to see them after her bike ride, and she never did? Maybe her husband couldn't get in touch with her so he had the neighbor check?

This family seems to be...quite well off. They have money. Makes sense that a large reward would go out, and early. What doesn't make sense is this same husband who put up the money, when asked by a reporter if he'd like to make a public plea, says "at this point it's simply too soon".

Another weird thing is that police launched a large-scale search almost immediately. Who does that for a missing adult in the daylight hours? Did they find something concerning at the home? Or in the area? Was the neighbor's story inconsistent? What made them worry and start an immediate search for an adult?

WAS SHE ACTUALLY SEEN ON SUNDAY? Was she gone well before Sunday?

BREAKING: Police find ‘personal item’ in search for missing Colorado cyclist Suzanne Morphew, authorities to hold press briefing

On Friday, the Chafee County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that investigators had discovered “what’s believed to be a personal item of the missing woman” west of County Road 225 and Highway 50, just outside of Maysville. Authorities are now focusing the search on a specific area and have closed U.S. Highway 50, Monarch Pass until further notice. The sheriff’s office is prohibiting media access to the area, but said in the release that the department will hold a press briefing to share the latest developments, likely on Friday afternoon.

Note: The media will not be granted access to the site due to the location and nature of the search; however, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze plans to brief the media at the conclusion of the search, most likely Friday afternoon. Briefing details and location will be released as soon as they are available.

Dozens Search For Suzanne Morphew After Discovery Of 'Personal Item'
- Family confirms the item is not the bike, which was found Sunday
- Highway 50 is shut down for the search
- CBI and FBI have joined the investigation

Update on search for Suzanne Morphew: an area west of Co. Rd 225 & Hghwy 50 (outside Maysville) is being targeted by investigators after they located what’s believed to be a personal item of Morphew's; search will cause a temp closure of U.S. Hghwy 50, Monarch Pass.

Supposed to be a presser this afternoon. No word on when.

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