CO JOEL MATTHEW THOMPSON: Missing from Denver, CO - 31 August 1999 - Age 30


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Age last seen: 30
Race: White male
Hair color: brown
Eyes Color: blue
Height: 69.0
Weight: 190.0
Scars and Marks: brown hair on chest arms legs; Brown trimmed mustache and beard


On 8/31/1999 Joel Matthew Thompson had telephoned his father and stated that he was in St. Louis visiting friends and buying hiking supplies for his planned trip to hike the Pacific Coast Trail which runs from Washington state to Mexico. He was going to start in Portland Oregon Area and hike through California. He stated to his father that he would not contact him for a couple of months.After not hearing from him for several months, numerous inquiries and searches were done to attempt to locate him. He has not been seen or heard from since. A subsequent missing persons report was filed by his father.

Anyone that has seen or may know the whereabouts of Thompson is asked to contact Suffolk County Police Department and Hood River County Sheriff's Department.


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