1. Scorpio

    NY BARBARA ZAKON: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 22 Dec 1984 - Age 55 Barbara Zakon was last seen at E12th Street and Kings Highway in Brooklyn on December 22, 1984 around 14.00. She resided at 1481 East 10th Street Brooklyn, N.Y . Barbara Zakon speaks English, Polish, and Yiddish. Barbara is a Holocaust survivor...
  2. Romulus

    NY ELIZABETH MONDELLI: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 22 Jul 1990 - Age 32

    The Doe Network: Case File 904DFNY Elizabeth Mondelli Missing since July 22, 1990 from Brooklyn New York City, Kings County, New York. Classification: Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: June 26, 1958 Age at Time of Disappearance: 32 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance...
  3. Romulus

    NY MAURA PATRICIA SHEA: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 11 Oct 2014 - Age 31

    Namus Age last seen: 31 Race: White female Hair color: Brown; long Eyes Color: Blue Height: 65.0 to 67.0 Weight: 110.0 to 120.0 Scars and marks: A cross tattoo with an irish flag on her right shoulder; Belly button Circumstances Went into a...
  4. Romulus

    NY DENISE GRIFFIN: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 17 May 1991 - Age 24

    Denise Griffin NamUs #MP32200 The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Age last seen: 24 Age now: 51 Race: White female Hair color: Blond/Strawberry Eyes Color: Blue Height: 66.0 Weight: 105.0 Scars and Marks:Keloid scar on shoulder as per NCIC. C-section scar as per...
  5. Romulus

    NY LUCIANO CATARRA: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 18 Jan 1988 - Age 18

    NamUs #MP72239 Luciano Catarra Luciano left Italy in January 1988 to visit his mother in Brooklyn NY. He stayed around 7-8 months after which he went missing. *Click the Report button on a case if you'd like it to be moved to the general...
  6. Romulus

    NY TATJANA TARASOVNA LUPACH: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 24 Jan 1999 - Age 27

    Tatjana Tarasovna Lupach The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Last seen by neighbors in January 1999. *Click the Report button on a case if you'd like it to be moved to the general discussion area to be opened for commenting.* edited by staff to add media link...
  7. Romulus

    NY ANN MARIE LUBRANO: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 14 November 1989 - Age 25 - Pregnant

    Ann Marie Lubrano Lubrano, circa 1989 Missing Since 11/14/1989 Missing From Brooklyn, New York Classification Endangered Missing Sex Female Race White Age 25 years old Height and Weight 5'2, 110 pounds Clothing/Jewelry Description A brown mink coat, a green sweater and black pants. Medical...
  8. Romulus

    NY BROOKLYN JANE DOE: WF, 20-40, found on rocks of shoreline along Shore Parkway in Brooklyn, NY - 23 Apr 1994

    NamUs UP 7726 Unidentified White Female Found April 23, 1994 in Kings County, NY Body Condition: Not recognizable- Decomposing/putrefaction Probable year of death: 1994 to 1994 Estimated postmortem interval: Weeks Vital Statistics Estimated age: 20-40...
  9. Romulus

    NY BROOKLYN JANE DOE: WF, 20-40, found in open grassy area off Seaview Ave in Brooklyn, NY - 18 May 1991 - Pregnant

    1089UFNY - Unidentified Female Date of Discovery: May 18, 1991 Location of Discovery: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York Estimated Date of Death: Weeks prior State of Remains: Not recognizable. Decomposing Cause of Death: Unknown Physical Description Estimated Age: 20-40 years old Race: White...
  10. Romulus

    NY BROOKLYN JANE DOE: WF, 18-30, found in car in a garage in Brooklyn, NY - 20 Aug 1990 - Very short arms & legs

    NamUs UP Case 8516 Unidentified Female Found August 20, 1990 in Kings County, NY Estimated Year of Death: 1990 Vital Statistics Estimated age: 18-30 years old Approximate Height: 50' estimated Distinguishing Characteristics: Hair blond/strawberry 10'; eyes...
  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NY PATRICK ALFORD: Missing from Brooklyn, NY - 22 Jan 2010 - Age 7

    Patrick's photo is shown age-progressed to 16 years. He was last seen on January 22, 2010. Patrick may be in or near Brooklyn, New York. He was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue and black Michael Jordan sneakers. Patrick is biracial. He is Black and Hispanic. Patrick has a...

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