REAGAN SIMMONS HANCOCK: Texas woman found dead at home after baby removed from womb *ARREST*

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Here's another link that identifies the suspect in this case and gives a little bit more information on the details.


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AG: Woman accused of stealing unborn child didn't pay child support she owed​

A woman accused of murdering a mother and taking the victim's unborn child earlier this month owes thousands in back child support to the father of a son she gave birth to in 2013.

According to a motion filed Oct. 19 in Bowie County by the Texas Attorney General's Office, Taylor Rene Parker, aka Taylor Morton and Taylor Wacasey, 27, was ordered to pay $225 monthly in child support beginning March 1, 2018, in a final divorce decree that names her as Taylor Wacasey. The motion alleges Parker has failed to make a single payment toward the support of her son and is $7,689 delinquent in payments and interest.

Taylor Parker was taken into custody Oct. 9 at a hospital in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Reagan Hancock was 34 weeks into her pregnancy when Parker allegedly attacked her in her New Boston home, cut the baby from her womb and left with the child.

The baby, six 6 weeks short of full term, was pronounced dead at the hospital. A Texas state trooper who pulled Parker over at about 9:37 a.m. in DeKalb on the morning of Oct. 9 reported that Parker had the infant in her lap, claiming to have delivered the child roadside, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

Last week, 202nd District Judge John Tidwell appointed Texarkana lawyer Jeff Harrelson to defend Parker. Parker is being held in the Bowie County jail with bail set at $5 million.

If convicted of capital murder, Parker faces life without the possibility of parole or death by lethal injection.


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So she has one child and does not pay child support as ordered for that child, has not made a single payment. I am just making the educated guess that she probably did not see the child either but regardless, did not support the child. So then she decides she wants another child, takes it out of the womb either too early or killed the baby by her lack of knowing what she was doing and killed the good mother as well. So bad mother herself she kills a mother with a husband and another child and takes the 2nd child of theirs from the womb and kills that child due to her actions as well. I feel like I can't even write this to make sense...

First of all, I would go and by DNA make sure the child she did not pay support for is actually hers and no other babies were missing when that son was born...

And yeah, short of complete insanity, lethal injection is too good for her...


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Grand jury indicts east Texas woman for murder and kidnapping​

A Bowie County grand jury has indicted a woman and formally charged her with capital murder and kidnapping.

Taylor Parker is accused of murder in the death of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons Hancock. She faces a kidnapping charge for allegedly taking Hancock’s baby from her womb back in October.

If convicted of the charges, the Bowie County District Attorney’s Office says Parker could receive the death penalty.

Parker is still being held in Bowie County on $5 million bond.


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State will seek death penalty for woman accused of murdering mom, stealing unborn baby​

Bowie County District Attorney Jerry Rochelle announced Friday at a hearing in New Boston that his office will seek the death penalty for Taylor Rene Parker in the death of Reagan Simmons Hancock.

Texarkana attorney Jeff Harrelson entered pleas of not guilty on Parker’s behalf to capital murder and kidnapping. First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp asked 202nd District Judge John Tidwell to revoke Taylor’s current $5 million in bail due to the charges and possible death sentence.

Harrelson said it is unlikely Parker can make the $5 million bond but objected to her having no bond set at all. Tidwell scheduled a hearing for March 5.

Crisp said she expects to ask a Bowie County grand jury to indict Parker for murder in the death of Baby Hancock in February. Crisp said those charges were not presented to the grand jury that indicted Parker for capital murder and kidnapping in December because a report from the medical examiner had not been received at that time.


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Woman Accused Of Killing Pregnant Friend And Taking Baby Faces 2nd Murder Charge In Infant's Death​

The Texas woman accused of killing an eight-months-pregnant woman, cutting her baby from her womb, then kidnapping the infant, is now facing an additional murder charge in the child’s death following a grand jury indictment last week.

Murder charge in death of unborn baby | Suspect facing third indictment in October deaths of mother, child​

A third indictment has been issued by a Bowie County grand jury for a woman accused of murdering a pregnant friend and removing her unborn infant from her body in October.

Taylor Rene Parker, aka Taylor Morton and Taylor Waycasey, is currently under indictment for capital murder in the mother's death and kidnapping for taking her infant. The state announced in January that it will seek the death penalty.

A third indictment leveling a second charge of capital murder against Parker in the baby's death was issued by a grand jury Thursday. A second count on the new indictment alleges the lesser offense of felony murder. First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp said at a hearing in January that she was unable to present the baby's case in January because she had not yet received a final report from the medical examiner detailing findings on the infant, Braxlynn Sage Hancock.


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Trial date set for East Texas woman accused of killing mother, removing baby from womb​

A trial date has been set for the East Texas woman accused of killing a New Boston woman and removing her baby from her womb.

Taylor Parker, 27, is charged with capital murder, murder, and kidnapping in the death of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons Hancock and her baby in October. According to court documents, Parker confessed to the crime and admitted to pretending to be pregnant in order to claim the baby as her own.

Parker was in court Friday for a pre-trial hearing, in which the judge set the trial to begin on June 27, 2022.

Prosecutors said they are seeking the death penalty for three reasons: Hancock’s murder was pre-mediated, due to the heinous nature of the crime and Parker showed no remorse.

Parker is due back in court for another pre-trial hearing on May 28.

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