Italy LIAM BIRAM: Missing from Turin, Italy - 9 May 2019 - Age 32

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Liam Biran disappeared
Sex: M
Age: 32 (at the time of disappearance)
Nationality: American
Size: 173
Brown eyes
Black hair
Distinguishing features: spacing between the two incisor teeth of the upper arch
Disappeared from: Turin, Italy
Date of disappearance: 09/05/2019
Publication date: 20/05/2019

Liam Biran, 32, sommelier, originally from New Jersey (United States), has been traveling around Europe for about a month. Thursday 9 May, around 9 am, with a flight from Athens, he arrived in Turin. The last telephone contact he had with his brother-in-law the same day, but then, from that moment, there was no news from him. In the previous days he had expressed to his family the desire to reach the Turin Porta Susa station and then to take a train from there to Paris. He may have lost his documents and his cell phone and found himself in trouble. He does not have the medication for his daily treatment with him"

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