1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NE RYAN LARSEN: Missing from La Vista, NE - 17 May 2021 - Age 11 Endangered Missing Advisory issued for Omaha boy The Nebraska State Patrol has issued an Endangered Missing Advisory for a boy with autism missing from La Vista, near Omaha. According to a release, Ryan Larsen...
  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    NE SUNNY SRAMEK: Missing from Trenton, NE - 20 April 2019 - Age 18 Sunny Sramek Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know The FBI has joined the search for missing 18-year-old Sunny Sramek. Sramek was last seen on Saturday, April 20, leaving her home in Trenton, Nebraska to make a quick trip to Omaha. Sramek has not...
  3. Romulus

    NE MATTIE L BURNS: Missing from Omaha, NE - 15 Feb 2002 - Age 23

    Mattie L Burns NamUs #MP1973 The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Age last seen: 23 Race: White female Hair color: Black Eyes Color: Brown Height: 67.0 Weight: 125.0 Clothing/Jewerly: Unknown Scars and Marks: scar on abdomen No photos disponible Burns was living with a...
  4. Scorpio

    NE SAMUEL SHERMAN: Missing from Omaha, NE - 19 July 2001 - Age 19 *Found Alive* Samuel Sherman had a job interview in the downtown Omaha area on 7/19/01 that he went to. He never returned to the house he had been staying at, which was in the 3600 block of Bedford Avenue in Omaha. Media -...
  5. Scorpio

    NE JASON JOLKOWSKI: Missing from Omaha, NE - 13 June 2001 - Age 19

    NCMEC: Have you seen this child? Jason Jolkowski NamUs: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Jason went missing when he was 19 years old. His photo is shown age progressed to 36 years. Jason was last seen leaving his home to walk to Benson High School, where he was...

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