TX WHARTON COUNTY JANE DOE: F, 14-17, found near near Hungerford, TX - 18 June 2021


Murder mystery: Unidentified girl found in Wharton County had been shot multiple times, ME says​

WCSO investigators are determined to give this victim a name so they've released three photos that might help.

We now know how an unidentified teenage girl died before her remains were found last week in a secluded area of Wharton County.

The Fort Bend County Medical Examiner's Office told KHOU 11 News reporter Matt Dougherty that the victim had been shot multiple times in the head.

The autopsy also showed she'd been dead for several weeks -- maybe even months.

Wharton County Sheriff's Office received a call on June 18 about the remains found near County Road 225 near Hungerford, in the northeastern part of the county. A property owner discovered them while clearing some brush.

The remains are too badly decomposed to determine her race, but the girl had dark brown to black hair, at least shoulder-length and was believed to be about 14-17 years old.

Investigators do not think she is a local girl.

"Currently in Wharton County we don't have any missing persons at all," Wharton County Patrol Capt. B.J. Novak told KHOU 11 Wednesday.

Deputies are now checking for potential matches of missing persons across the region and the U.S.

Investigators say it's possible she was a human trafficking victim brought to Wharton County and her family has no idea.

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One photo shows three silver rings that were found with the remains. One ring had two hearts and the others had white stones.

Another photo shows the Disney character “Stitch” because that's what was on her t-shirt, along with the word OHANA in blue.

The victim was also wearing shorts with images of coffee mugs and donuts and a lightweight tan hooded jacket with the brand name “Love Tree.” Wharton County released a photo of a similar jacket from Walmart.

  • Jul 6, 2022

The identity of a murdered girl remains a mystery more than a year after she was found in a secluded pasture near Hungerford.

Her killer, too, remains unknown with authorities hoping the public may have a vital clue to either the petite 14- to 17-year-old girl’s identity or that of the person who shot her multiple times in the head.

“The first attempt to pull DNA from the remains was unsuccessful. With that, (the University of) North Texas plans to try again (to pull DNA from remains). Last we checked, this has not happened yet,” Wharton County Sheriff Shannon Srubar said.

The murdered girl, found June 18, 2021, had dark brown or black hair of at least shoulder length, but due to the level of decomposition, her ethnicity remains unknown. Authorities believe she was killed three to six months before being discovered unburied in a pasture about two miles south of the CR 216 intersection with CR 225 near Hungerford.

A t-shirt with the Disney character Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch” with the word “OHANA” in blue was found on the body along with a pair of shorts with images of coffee mugs and donuts and a lightweight Love Tree brand jacket. No shoes were recovered.

Three rings were left on her fingers making robbery an unlikely motive, although no purse, shoes or other items were discovered.

The effort to recover DNA is the first priority, Srubar said, adding after that experts will try a facial reconstruction, trying to create an image of what the girl may have looked like when she still could smile.

“We have not received any new info nor any reports to link her to a missing person,” Srubar said.

There are no runaways in Wharton County who have not been accounted for and no nearby missing person cases filed during the time period which would fit the girl’s description.

Anyone who knows the murdered girl’s identity or who knows who is responsible for this crime should contact the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office at 979-532-1550.

Those with information can also leave it anonymously with the West Wharton County Crime Stoppers at 979-543-8477 or on the P3 app.
Well any missing can be ruled out that have been gone for years on end. Texas though, she could easily be from another country or another state, etc. A Walmart jacket, some jewelry, etc. I suspect as I do in many if this was more widely broadcast and pictures of her possessions on the news etc., someone would place her.

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