Italy VENICE JOHN DOE: WM, 40-60, found in Venice, Italy - Summer 2005 - Alias Steve Lee

From site of italian transmission missing Chi l'ha visto? I have found this interesting case

The details of case


Workers at the Mestre office of a social cooperative in the city of Venice have asked for help from the public for a person they are witnessing. It is a man who in the summer of 2005, to recover the documents he had lost, turned to the volunteers at the railway station in Mestre. But the investigations carried out did not allow him to go back to his identity. He claims to have lost his memory and to remember only a name, Steve Lee, a date and a place of birth: April 14, 1967 in New York (USA). He also has vague memories of England and France, speaks very well English and French, but also reads Chinese and Arabic. She also speaks German but is reluctant to do so and associates this language with something negative. He is a learned person, and in recent months, attending the libraries of the Venetian city, he also learned a bit of Italian. From clinical trials to which it has been exposed so far, there is no physical trauma. At the end of the live connection, he himself appealed, in English, French and Italian, to help reconstruct his identity.


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