IL UNKNOWN GIRL: Missing from Peru, Illinois - 14 June 2021 - Age 14-16 *Found Safe*


Police, FBI Ask For Help From The Public After They Say Girl Was Kidnapped In Peru, Illinois​

Police and the FBI were asking for help from the public Monday night in finding a teenage girl they say was kidnapped in the LaSalle County city of Peru.

Around 5:05 a.m., a resident near 7th and Plum streets in Peru called 911 after reporting hearing a girl screaming for help. The girl is believed to be 14 to 16 years old, the FBI said.

Peru police said physical evidence at the scene showed the girl was taken against her will. The FBI reported multiple witnesses reported two men forcing the girl into the vehicle as she screamed or yelled.

The FBI described the vehicle as a white pickup truck with a topper. Police have released surveillance images.

FBI says teen girl kidnapped off street in Peru, Illinois​

A teenage girl was kidnapped off the street in Peru, Illinois Monday morning, the FBI said.

The incident occurred at about 5:05 a.m. near the intersection of Plum and 7th streets in the town of Peru, which is about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.

The FBI released surveillance images of the truck they believe was involved, which authorities said may be a white Ford Excursion. That model was made between 1999 and 2005 and resembles a pickup.

"The Peru Police Department, as well as our FBI agents who have gone down there, are combing the area right now looking for additional witnesses, video surveillance in all of its forms - from businesses, perhaps neighbors - so that we can get the clearest images that are available," FBI Special Agent & Public Affairs Officer Siobhan Johnson said.


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The FBI said it has released an image of a pink tie-dye colored Rougue brand rubber sandal, size 7.5, found in the vicinity of the incident. There are also still images of a large, white Ford or similar sport utility vehicle.



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Victim in Apparent Peru Kidnapping Found Safe, Suspect at Large, Police Say​

Police say they have located the woman who was apparently abducted early Monday morning in Peru, Illinois, and say that they have identified a suspect in the case.

Officials say that by Tuesday morning they had located the victim in the case, and she is now “safe and sound” at a secure location in Peoria.

Originally, officials believed that the victim in the case was a girl in her teens, but police now say that the victim is a woman in her early-20s.

Police do not believe that the apparent abduction was random in nature, saying that the suspect in the case was involved in a romantic relationship with the victim. Officers say that there is no ongoing threat to the community in connection with the case.

The suspect was identified as Bobby Cross, 27, of Peoria. He is currently wanted on an outstanding warrant in LaSalle County for failure to appear in court in connection to a previous felony conviction for aggravated assault, according to officials.


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