FL TRENTON DUCKETT: Missing from Leesburg, FL - 27 Aug 2006 - Age 2


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Trenton's photo is shown age-progressed to 15 years. He was last seen at approximately 7:00 p.m. on August 27, 2006. Trenton is Biracial. He is Asian and White. Trenton has a small mark over his left eye. He was last seen wearing denim shorts and a green and blue striped shirt.
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Trenton was last seen on August 27, 2006 at Windemere Apartments in the 1400 block of Griffin Road in Leesburg, Florida. He was living there with his mother, Melinda M. Duckett, at the time. Melinda stated she put her son to bed at approximately 7:00 p.m. When she went into his room to check on him two hours later, he was missing.

The bedroom window's screen had been slit, leading authorities to speculate that an abductor had gained access to the room through the window and carried the child away.

Authorities initially announced they believed Trenton had been abducted and made an appeal to the public to search for him. Several days after his disappearance, however, investigators stated they had no reason to believe the child was deceased or had been taken out of the local area, and that his parents were the focal point of the investigation.

About a week after Trenton went missing, police stated they were not certain he had disappeared at the time Melinda said he did. No one other than Melinda reported having seen Trenton since his mother picked him up from day care a full day prior to his reported disappearance, and witnesses reported seeing Melinda alone in the hours prior to her son's going missing.

Melinda refused to take a polygraph, and she failed a voice stress test. Investigators found photographs and sonogram images of Trenton, and some of his toys, in the trash bin when they searched Melinda's apartment after the child's disappearance was reported.

It is unclear why someone tried to throw those items away, but their presence in the garbage made police suspicious.

Melinda had told her attorney she took her son and a shotgun to a shooting range at the Ocala National Forest on August 27, then became lost and drove around central Florida for eight hours.

On September 8, thirteen days after her son vanished, Melinda was found shot to death in a closet in her paternal grandparents' home in Lady Lake, Florida. She had taken her own life at the age of 21. She left two notes, neither of which disclosed any information as to what happened to Trenton.

On September 21, nearly a month after Trenton went missing and two weeks after Melinda's death, police officially named her as the prime and only suspect in Trenton's case. They stated they did not necessarily believe she had harmed him, however.

Almost a full year after Trenton disappeared, investigators stated they had ruled out several theories in his case: they no longer believe he was abducted by a stranger or that his mother gave him to another individual to hide from Joshua.

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What Trenton Duckett would look like now, 13 years after the Leesburg toddler vanished

Two-year-old Trenton Duckett was last seen at his family’s Leesburg home on Aug. 27, 2006. This week, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age-progressed image showing what the boy would look like today at age 15.

Trenton’s father, Josh Duckett, has continued to hope for his son’s safe return. The boy’s family has previously held vigils to mark the anniversary of Trenton’s disappearance.

“Obviously, (the new picture) gives us hope,” he told News 6 by phone on Friday. "We’ve never given up, and we’re not going to now. We’ve stayed strong since day one, and we know that there’s answers. We prepared ourselves for the worst and we hope for the best.



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I felt that his mother had most likely killed the little guy, but haven't really looked into the case for a long time. I'd love to hear other people's theories...

I think she definitely knew what happened to him. I’m not sure I believe that whatever happened was intentional. Would also be interested in hearing other opinions on that. I did follow somewhat closely at the time, but it’s been a while since I’ve examined the details.

I think the immense guilt about what happened and the attempted coverup were just too much. But she definitely knew, at the very least, and it’s a shame she didn’t share it in her note. I never believed she sent him to Korea, but I guess keeping him (or at least keeping the answers) from Josh still meant more to her.


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A Fla. Toddler Vanished and then His Mom Died by Suicide — But After 14 Years, Family Still Has Hope

Fourteen years later, the case is still open. PEOPLE confirms that the Leesburg Police Department still receives tips in the baffling case. Authorities won't say whether they believe Trenton is alive or dead -- and they have been unable to solve the case.

But Trenton has not been forgotten. He would now be 16 years old.

His family has not given up hope that the boy is alive.

Trenton’s father, Josh Duckett, has made occasional public appearances and vigils, hoping for the boy's return. "We’ve never given up, and we’re not going to now," he told News 6 last year. "We’ve stayed strong since day one, and we know that there’s answers. We prepared ourselves for the worst and we hope for the best."

While authorities have not released any new developments in the case, police tell PEOPLE that the case has been assigned to a cold case team who is attempting to find new information on the mysterious case.


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14 Years Later, Family Hopeful to Find Trenton Duckett​

A family is still fighting for answers, 14-years after the disappearance of a 2-year-old boy in Lake County, Florida. His mother reported 2-year-old Trenton Duckett missing from his Leesburg home, never to be seen again.

Investigators with Leesburg Police are now following up on a new tip that is giving this family renewed hope, that one day we may finally know what happened to Trenton Duckett.

Now, a new tip gives fresh hope for the family of resolving the mystery. A person who lived in the area at the time Trenton went missing has come forward with new information. Capt. Joe Iozzi with Leesburg Police would not disclose details but said time, in this case, may prove helpful.

“There has been a lot of technological advances in investigative work to date,” Iozzi said.

Advances that, Joshua and Beth hope, will help uncover an unturned stone and bring Trenton back home.

“We are not going to give up hope, and we hope that nobody else does either,” Josh Duckett said.

“We will bring Trenton home someday,” Beth Eubank said.

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