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Bernard Madoff says he is dying and is asking a judge for compassionate release from prison, where he is serving 150 years for orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, according to a Wednesday federal court filing.

Madoff, 81, has terminal kidney failure and a life expectancy of less than 18 months. When the court sentenced him, “it was clear that Madoff’s 150-year prison sentence was symbolic for three reasons: retribution, deterrence, and for the victims,” the court filing states. “This Court must now consider whether keeping Madoff incarcerated … is truly in furtherance of statutory sentencing goals and our society’s value and understanding of compassion.”

Madoff said in the request for compassionate release that he “does not dispute the severity of his crimes.”

IMO- stay in jail
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Francis "Frank" Sumner Sr. was named a person of interest in the murder of Bish, 5 Investigates first reported.

The Worcester County District Attorney's Office says Sumner, who died in 2016, is being investigated in the 2000 murder of the 16-year-old after investigators recently received new information.

"We got information. Every tip has to be verified. The tip was verified, and as it was verified and corroborated we got more information that led us to this point where we are today where we believe he is a person of interest -- a suspect if you will," said DA Joseph Early.

Sumner, who was born in 1945, ran auto repair shops in the Spencer, Leicester and Worcester areas. Sumner lived in Spencer before his death.

Court records show Sumner was convicted of kidnapping and raping a 21-year-old woman who went to his business to get her car fixed in 1981.

Sumner lured her To a nearby apartment and attacked her. The victim pushed him away, but Sumner told her, "'Give it to me or I'll kill you,'" according to court records, then choked and raped her.

Heather Bish, Molly's sister, hopes this is the break her family has been praying for, one that will bring her family justice and some sense of peace.

"I hope that we're getting closer and I hope that we're coming to an end to this really, really tragic story," Bish told 5 Investigates' Kathy Curran. " I believe if it's not science that's going to figure this out, it's definitely going to be someone who was brave enough to tell their story and tell their piece. And maybe it'll fit into the pieces and and we'll get the whole picture and then the whole story and have a better idea of what happened to Molly."


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