MS T. H.: Missing from Bassfield, MS - 30 Dec 2021 - Age 2 *Found Safe**ARRESTS*


MBI issues endangered-missing child alert for Bassfield 2-year-old​

An endangered/missing child alert remains in effect for a 2-year-old from Bassfield.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help to help find TKH, who was last seen Thursday around 8:55 p.m. near Barnes Avenue.

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The video isn't super clear or easy to see, but if it is what they are proclaiming it is....that is extremely concerning.
Also, who attempts to conceal a toddler under their shirt? These outright stranger abductions seem to be on the upswing.


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Jefferson Davis County Undersheriff T.C. Cooley said T. H. was found Friday afternoon in the parking lot of a Sumrall apartment complex.

The child was taken to a local hospital to be examined.

It is unclear how the child got to Sumrall or if he was alone when found.



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Investigation continues into case of missing Bassfield toddler found in Sumrall
The investigation continues in the case of the missing Jefferson Davis County toddler who was found safe a few miles away in Lamar County Friday.

District Attorney Hal Kittrell says no arrests have been made in connection with the disappearance of two-year-old T. H..

He was reported missing from the Barnes Avenue area in Bassfield Thursday night, but he was found in Sumrall Friday afternoon.

Authorities said the child was okay, but they did haven’t said yet how he ended up there or who may have been with him at the time.

Kittrell said law enforcement has been working diligently on the case.



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'Horrendous': 2 men charged in kidnapping, rape of Bassfield child
A 2-year-old child, who was kidnapped from a Bassfield apartment and raped, is in the hospital for treatment, and two men are behind bars.

T. K. H. is recovering in protective custody at Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children in Jackson. After an extensive investigation, police arrested Keldric J. Magee, 33, and Kim Stewart Lodge, 62, in Covington County. Magee is charged with four counts of rape, one count of sexual battery and one count of kidnapping, and Lodge was charged with two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping, said 15th District Attorney Hal Kittrell.

“The actions of these two individuals were horrendous with what was done to this 2-year-old child,” Kittrell said. “A child does not deserve, nor does anyone deserve, what acts were perpetrated upon this child. This child is now being treated in the hospital for injuries incurred as a result of the assault and attack that was made on him last Thursday night.”

Magee and Stewart were taken to court in Jefferson Davis County, where they had their initial appearances Thursday morning and were denied bond by Judge Calvin Graves. They will remain in custody until trial. Kittrell said at this time the DA’s office was not aware of any relation between the child and the two men charged.

“We will do everything in our power to bring justice to this child,” Kittrell said. “It is our prayer that this child will do well with his recovery and we pray that we can get justice for this child.”


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33 and 62 and not aware of any relation between the child and the men???

So how did this child end up with these men??? Is this just semantics of "no relation" meaning they are not blood related nor a parent of the child?? Where was this child supposed to be and who with??

This is evil, a BABY, a 2 year old with a couple of PERVERTS.


Disgusting animals. Where in the heck has justice gone these days?? I'm about going to bet there is a record for at least one of these perps if not both...


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This child survived and that's for sure the outcome we want. I am worried, however, that because there is no murder charge, these men may not go away for life. We do see it where someone who has formerly molested children we find they have done it before and we say WHY are they even out or free from prison.

I HOPE these charges have a possibility of life without parole. Kidnapping used to be life I think but is it the case any longer?

I can't get over they did this to a baby. I haven't looked into this one but still would like to know how the child came to be with them.

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