FL SUWANNEE RIVER JOHN DOE: 20-29, Found in the Suwannee River north of I-10 Overpass in Suwannee County, Florida-18 Sept 1983

On September 18th, 1983, canoeists on the Suwannee River had spied a decomposed body floating on the surface of the river not far from where they were. They spotted a fisherman and asked him to run and get help. The fisherman hiked up an embankment and flagged a trucker down and informed him of the find. The trucker reported the information to Agriculture Officers with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture at their inspection station on I-10.

Sheriffs deputies Tommy Abercrombie and Sam St. John recovered the body and the body was sent to the Medical Examiner's Office in Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, they recovered weapon, a .22 caliber rifle in the river and submitted it as evidence. The rifle was determined to be the weapon used to kill this man, as nine .22 caliber rounds were found in the man. His legs and one arm had been bound by rope, and a bag of sand was tied around his neck as a weight to sink him into the bottom of the river.

The rifle was later traced to a burglary that occurred some time before this discovery, the rifle being an item that was stolen in the robbery. FDLE was asked to assist in this investigation.

Past this, there are few details about this case. The contacting agency is the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office. Their phone number is 386-362-2222. Case number is 83-591. Suwannee River Doe 1.jpegSuwannee River Doe 2.jpeg

Jason Futch

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This case isn't in NamUs or Doe Network. I see there is a apparently a case number... Is this still an active/unsolved case?
I forgot to post that information here on crime watchers LOL. Sorry about that. That is correct, he does not have a NamUs or a Doe Network account. I have recently brought this case up to the attention of the Suwanee County sheriffs office. They are looking into the case right now to see what they need to do. Because before I brought this up, they had no idea about this case. Only way I was able to find out about it was on Project Cold Case’s website.

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