Canada STEPHANIE CYR: Missing from Saint-Basile, New Brunswick - 5 June 1998 - Age 18


Stephanie Cyr was last seen at her home in Saint-Basile, New Brunswick, Canada on June 5, 1998.

MEDIA - STEPHANIE CYR: Missing from Saint-Basile, New Brunswick since 5 June 1998 - Age 18
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Teen still missing
Daily Gleaner, 15 Aug 1998

ST. BASILE -- Stephanie Cyr's family has solicited the help of northern Maine and western New Brunswick media to bring the missing teenager back across the border.

The 18-year-old was reported missing to Edmundston City Police on June 5 and has since been spotted on several occasions by family members and friends in Caribou, Me.

That was as recently as two weeks ago, Sgt. Gilles Lee said. Police, however, have not seen her and until the department is 100 per cent sure she is there, she is still classified as missing.

"We believe she is alive and well and that was a big concern initially," Lee said.

The St. Basile youth was last seen at a youth gathering, shortly before midnight on June 5. The police were notified when she failed to turn up for work the following morning.

Stephanie had at one time indicated she wanted to live in a big American city.

A recent appeal was made to Stephanie on Maine radio stations, informing her that her grandfather had died. She was urged to contact her family, either directly or through a neutral person.

Lee said his force has transferred its file on Stephanie to the border patrol. He admitted law enforcers have been slow to locate the runaway teen.

Stephanie Cyr stands six feet tall, weighs approximately 190 pounds and has long reddish brown hair and blue-green eyes.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts can contact the Edmundston City Police, Zone 3, at (506) 263-1313 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

A person sent this message about this case wtih no contact info:
I think she sat next to my niece on a flight from Washington, DC to Denver around this time frame. She loaned my niece an iPOD or something similar to listen to during the flight. She was wearing either platform shoes or heels and was very tall with red hair. She said she met a man from Texas on the Internet who sent her a plane ticket and was going to meet her in Denver. She was suppose to meet his plane that arrived after her flight. I looked for a security guard to help her but the gate area cleared out quickly and there was no one around. We looked at the arriving flights and I gave her a vague direction to head toward because I did not know the airport very well. My niece was born in 1977 and the girl was a couple of years younger. Could be the same girl but I am not certain. It has haunted me that I did not intervene but I did not want to get my niece and myself involved in a stupid or dangerous situation. The girl was wearing the clothes and makeup appropriate for an older person than she said she was. If her parents allowed her to dress like that, I figured they'd have to deal with the consequences. My niece was coming to Denver to participate in a 4H Beef Club competition and was brought up with tight supervision. This girl was not the type I wanted my niece to associate with.

Anything I find, is in French. She comes from a French Canadian family, so requires some interpretation. Here is one link. By this translation, Stephanie was bullied before her disappearance. The date of this broadcast looks to be in late 2013.

Disappearance of Stéphanie Cyr in 1998: the family keeps hope

The disappearance of a teenager from Edmundston is not elucidated 15 years after the fact, but his mother still has hope to find.

Stéphanie Cyr disappeared on June 5, 1998. His mother, Lorraine Cyr, lived in Saint-Basile with her husband, who is now deceased, and Stephanie.

The young woman was 18 at that time. It measures 6 feet and it has blue green eyes.

The Edmundston Police Force issued a new press release this week Recalling that she was still investigating his disappearance.

The police have not received further information from the public. The communiqué was issued because Ms. Cyr wanted to ensure that the investigation continues.


Lorraine Cyr's daughter Stéphanie disappeared 15 years ago. This disappearance, which has never been clarified, still leaves a big void within the family of Stéphanie Cyr. Lorraine Cyr still hopes to find her.

If you have information about Stéphanie Cyr, you can reach the Edmundston Police Force at 739-2100.

Missing for 10 years: mother keeps hope of seeing her again
June 17, 2008 - 08:37


Ten years after the disappearance of her daughter Stéphanie, Lorraine Cyr still retains the hope of hugging her again one day.

Stéphanie Cyr has been missing since June 5, 1988. She was 18 years old. One evening, she did not return to the family home, then located in the Saint-Basile district, in Edmundston. Her relatives have not heard from her since.

"I have a feeling that she is still alive. Whenever someone raises the possibility that she may have died and suggests that I grieve to turn the page, a little inner voice cries out to me that it's impossible. I believe in the maternal instinct, it's very strong, ”says Lorraine Cyr.

The mother describes her daughter as a child with a heart of gold, very generous, a little cheerful. She is aware that Stéphanie experienced many problems in her childhood and adolescence. Very tall and sturdier than her classmates, she was the victim of mockery in the schoolyard. Besides, with the consent of her parents and the doctor who followed her, she was removed from school before entering high school. Later, she also experienced drinking problems.

“Despite everything, Stéphanie had a great relationship with her father, her brother and me. There was a lot of love between us. That's what makes it even more difficult, ”says Lorraine Cyr.
In the past, the family has participated in Homecoming shows, by Claire Lamarche, to no avail. Hope reached its peak when in 2001, when Mrs. Cyr thought she saw her daughter in a television report on prostitution in Montreal. But the investigation and all the steps that followed did nothing.

In the first years after the disappearance, Lorraine Cyr also claims to have received several phones, where nobody spoke on the phone. She is sure it was her daughter.

“I have long thought that she was in someone's grip and that she could not communicate with us. Maybe today she is free, but she no longer knows how to return, ”she says. "One thing is certain, I am still waiting with open arms. I won't ask her a question, I won't judge her. All I want is to be able to look her in the eye and tell her in person how much I love her, ”she added.

The latter adds that the rest of the family is eager to see Stéphanie again. Her uncles, aunts, cousins, and little brother Tommy in particular. His father is unfortunately no longer of this world.

“My husband died suddenly in 2003. He had a cardiac arrest after watching another program by Claire Lamarche. He had cried so much that night. He told me that he would give his life so that Stéphanie would come back and I could be happy again, ”she says.

The voice filled with emotions, she confides that life has not spared her during the last decade. She notably fought cancer, lost her husband. "But there is no worse ordeal than the disappearance of Stéphanie," she says. The lady now lives in Grand Falls.

The Edmundston Police Force contacted her very recently to tell him that they had not closed Stéphanie's file. Moreover, since the sad anniversary, the police have started to circulate photos of the missing young person and a robot portrait to show what she might look like today. “After all these years, there are people who think that we found him, others who do not remember this story. It's good, I think, to talk about it again and refresh memories, especially when the holidays are approaching. People travel. Maybe they can meet her somewhere, you never know, ”concluded Lorraine Cyr.
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Stéphanie Cyr disappeared 20 years ago
Published on June 6, 2018 at 11:38, modified on June 7, 2018 at 00:53
By: Jacob Cassidy

Twenty years ago, Stéphanie Cyr went missing in Edmundston. The young woman, who was 18 at the time, was never found. The investigation by the Edmundston Police Force is still open. The police are once again asking for public cooperation.

“I never felt for a second that she was gone. I know she is alive, ”says Lorraine Cyr, Stéphanie's mother. Two decades after the disappearance of her daughter, Lorraine Cyr still hopes to find her. The wound left by the departure of the young woman, who would now be 38 years old, is still alive.

"You go to family events, you see the others who are happy, who kiss their daughter. You wonder, she may have small children and I don't know them. ”

The sixty-something thinks her daughter could have gone to the Toronto area to fulfill her dream and work in the fashion industry. Stéphanie left without warning and leaving all her belongings behind.

“We never could understand why. Certainly when she was younger she had bullying problems at school. It started in the fourth year,” says the mother.

Each year, new information is sent to the police in connection with this affair. “The file is not put on a tablet. The police are still actively trying to get information and investigate this matter, ”said Alain Lang of the Edmundston Police Force.

The officers are once again seeking public assistance. The smallest detail could allow us to trace Stéphanie. “There may have been someone who spoke to her for the last time, where she mentioned that she would like to be in a certain place, that she wanted to change her life. Or if she has already received threats. ”

Lorraine Cyr hopes with all her heart to see her daughter one day. "I'm not asking you to change your life. Whatever I ask, I wouldn't want to leave here without knowing what happened.”
She begs those who have information to contact the authorities.

Disappearance still under investigation
Published on 04 June 2018

Twenty years ago this week, the young Stéphanie Cyr from the Saint-Basile sector went missing.
Her family has had no contact with her since June 5, 1998. The Edmundston Police Force is still keeping track of her disappearance, and is still looking for this woman.

Stéphanie was born on February 26th, 1980. She is 6 feet tall and has blue-green eyes. When she was last seen, Stephanie wore a black and white lined velvet skirt, black velvet high heel sandals, and a checkered coat (green / orange / yellow).

Any information related to this disappearance may be sent to the Edmundston Police Force at 506.739.2100.

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