NY STATEN ISLAND JANE DOE: WF, 16-27, found in vacant lot along Seaview Avenue in Staten Island, NY - 19 Sept 1991 - Scorpion tattoo & ring watch


645UFNY - Unidentified Female

Reconstruction of the victim; sketch of tattoo; victim's clothing and jewelry.

Date of Discovery: September 19, 1991
Location of Discovery: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York
Estimated Date of Death: 1 day prior
State of Remains: Burned
Cause of Death: Homicide by beating

Physical Description
Estimated Age: 16-27 years old
Race: White
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Brown, medium length and curly
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Scorpion tattoo on right buttock.

Dentals: Available. Tooth 18 has a porcelain fused to metal crown that was dislodged during examination. Possibly had braces in the past.
Fingerprints: Available.
DNA: Available.

Clothing & Personal Items
Clothing: A black, knit type, 3/4 length dress, with pink or fuchsia colored collar and pocket. White, size 8, low cut, Thom Mcann, Baloon sneakers. White bra, black, G-string panties with multicolored flowers.
Jewelry: 18 inch gold, herringbone necklace, 20 inch gold rope chain necklace, a ring that contained a small, watch face with a expandable band, possibly black in color.
Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Circumstances of Discovery
The victim was located in a vacant lot on September 19, 1991. She was struck with a large hammer (body shop type). Her body was smoldering when found by a passerby. She was set afire with turpentine.

Investigating Agency(s)
Agency Name: New York County Medical Examiner
Agency Contact Person: Patrick Savage
Agency Phone Number: 718-556-7122 or 212-447-2770
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: R91-00885; 58/08

NCIC Case Number: U519910873
NamUs Case Number: 2689

Information Source(s)
NCMEC Case Map
D.I. Pat Savage



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Found this two profiles (Age, Height and Weight is ok) for this female UID

Missing Person / NamUs #MP18209
Carey Mae Parker, Female, White / Caucasian
Date of Last Contact
March 17, 1991
Missing From
Quinlan, Texas
Missing Age
23 Years


Missing Person / NamUs #MP42348
Nadine Joyce Mendonca, Female, White / Caucasian
Date of Last Contact
July 12, 1991
Missing From
Fall River, Massachusetts
Missing Age
25 Years



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Also this profile is a good candidate

Missing Person / NamUs #MP34539
Debra Marie Adams, Female, White / Caucasian
Date of Last Contact: March 31, 1989
Missing From Abilene, Texas


The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

Resemblance is uncanny, also height, weight and age range is ok!


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I agree. I think she most closely resembles the composite.
I went to look at Debra Adams's profile and she has a lot of tattoos that this UID doesn't have apart from that of the scorpion, maybe there is just a strong resemblance. She has tattoos on her upper right arm, her left arm at the shoulder, left hand, right knee and left ankle.

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