Aruba ROBYN GARDNER: Missing from Aruba - 2 Aug 2011 - Age 35


Robyn Gardner was last seen in the Baby Beach, Saint Nicholas area of Aruba on the afternoon of August 2, 2011.

MEDIA - ROBYN GARDNER: Missing from Aruba since 2 Aug 2011 - Age 35
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FBI joins search for Robyn Gardner of Frederick, missing in Aruba
Posted Aug 12, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Aruba has turned to the FBI for help investigating the disappearance of 35-year-old Robyn Gardner of Frederick, Md., an agency spokesman said Thursday as official doubts grew about the story told by the suspect in the case.

FBI Special Agent Richard Wolf told The Associated Press that the U.S. agency is conducting interviews and giving other assistance to Aruba, which is taking the lead in the investigation. He declined to provide details or say who was being interviewed.

Gardner was reported missing Aug. 2 by traveling companion Gary V. Giordano, who is also from Maryland. The 50-year-old man told police that Gardner disappeared while they were snorkeling off the southern tip of the Caribbean island.

No body found

Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein said earlier that police had detained Giordano because of seeming inconsistencies in his version of events. And on Thursday he said that if Gardner had drowned where Giordano had said, “We think that her body would have surfaced by now.

“We know the spot where he said she must have drowned. We have searched there extensively and in view of the weather situation we are almost certain that the body would have come to the surface,” Stein said.

He said it was also possible that Giordano had told police to search in the wrong spot.

He said there were no unusual currents Aug. 2, when Gardner disappeared. “The water was very calm and clear ... The search took place all the way to Venezuela.”

Giordano’s Aruban lawyer, Michael Lopez, insists his client is innocent and is being unjustly detained. “There is no concrete or direct indication that our client might be involved in any illicit act concerning his friend.”

On Thursday, Stein and prosecutors said they will soon send an official request for legal assistance to the U.S. Justice Department. They also urged people to come forward who may have seen the missing American woman and Giordano on the Dutch Caribbean island.

A statement issued by prosecutors Thursday evening said Giordano “no longer cooperates with the investigation and has decided not to answer any more questions.”

Giordano called police in Aruba around 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2 to say he and Gardner got separated while snorkeling and she never made it back to shore.

The prosecutor would not disclose their specific doubts, fearing it could undermine the investigation, but one of them is fairly basic: So far, there are no witnesses who saw the pair go snorkeling.

Friend and mother
While Gardner’s tattoos may have been wild and rowdy, a close friend described her as a kind, quiet and trusting woman who sought solace in a tropical getaway with a man who is now suspected in her disappearance, a close friend said.

The 35-year-old divorced woman accepted Giordano’s offer of a trip to Aruba despite earlier backing out of a cruise with the man she’d been friends with for over a year, Gardner’s friend and part-time roommate Christina Jones said Wednesday.

Gardner’s mother, Andrea Colson, said the family is hoping for the best outcome, praying Robyn will be with them soon and grateful to Aruban authorities and volunteers.

“I hope you understand that we are being quiet as to not jeopardize the investigation,” Colson said in a statement released by the Natalee Holloway Resource Center, a Virginia-based missing persons group named for a young Alabama woman who vanished on Aruba in 2005.


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‘Beyond pornographic’ images of woman missing in Aruba on suspect’s camera
Posted Aug 18, 2011 at 2:03 PM

ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- Aruban authorities investigating the disappearance Robyn Gardner have confiscated a digital camera from her travel companion that contained “beyond pornographic” images of the missing Maryland woman, NBC News reported Thursday, citing sources.

Aruban solicitor general Taco Stein confirmed that a camera belonging to detained American tourist Gary Giordano had been confiscated.

Sources told NBC News that it contained “graphic and disturbing” images of Gardner that were “beyond pornographic.”

Stein would not confirm the nature of the images but said in an interview with the news network Thursday that Gardner did not appear to be in danger in the photos and there was no indication of “duress.”

Authorities, meanwhile, are investigating an insurance policy Giordano took out against Gardner’s accidental death as a possible motive.

Giordano bought the $1.5 million policy from American Express shortly before the pair traveled to the Caribbean island in July. He chose the one-year policy over a cheaper, more commonly purchased five-year policy, ABC News reported Wednesday, citing a police source.

Giordano, 50, was ordered by an Aruban judge Monday to remain in custody for 16 more days while authorities on the island continued to investigate the case. He has not been charged.

Gardner, 35, of Frederick, Md., is presumed dead after she disappeared Aug. 2 from the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Oranjestad. She was staying with Giordano, whom she met online last year.

He reported his companion missing, saying that she vanished after going snorkeling, but prosecutors have said there were discrepancies in his story.

“He said it was a rough sea and we came to the conclusion that the sea was extremely calm,” Stein told The Washington Post, adding that there “were a number of things like that that were contradicting each other. And that’s why we presented the case.”

Giordano’s past troubles with women have come under scrutiny since Gardner went missing. It emerged last week that he previously was accused by two women of domestic abuse and threats.

In one case, a former girlfriend was granted a restraining order after Giordano allegedly stalked her, secretly filmed them having sex and posted pornographic photos of her on the internet, according to files in Montgomery County District Court cited by The Post.


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Suspect Gary Giordano Sent Angry Texts to Robyn Gardner Before Disappearance

Goodshoot/Thinkstock(BETHESDA, Md.) -- Gary Giordano had a history of sending aggressive, angry texts to missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner, according to her best friend and roommate.

Christina Jones said Giordano, who is being held in an Aruba jail in connection with Gardner's disappearance, had previously asked Gardner to go on a cruise with him. When Gardner went away with Jones to New York instead, he flipped, Jones told ABC News.

"He was texting her while we were at breakfast, very angry at her because she decided she wasn't going to go on the cruise," Jones said. "And his responses by text, which I don't feel comfortable repeating, were aggressive, harmful, something that doesn't sit right within myself."

Gardner, 35, disappeared last week while on vacation with Giordano, whom she met on an online dating site over a year ago, according to Jones. Giordano told police the two were snorkeling together, but Gardner never returned to shore. He was arrested when police decided his story didn't add up, according to Aruba authorities.

Jones said that her friend was aware that Giordano, 50, had a history of domestic abuse allegations, and that they had a "roller-coaster friendship."

When Gardner told Jones she was going to Aruba with the volatile Giordano, Jones questioned her friend.

"When she came to me and said, 'Hey, I'm going to Aruba,' I said, 'Cool, I'm so happy, get out of town, why wouldn't you?'" Jones said. "And then she said she was going with Gary, it became a 'Why? Why? Are you sure?'"

Gardner, whom Jones described as trusting and sweet, reassured her friend that the trip would be fine. Gardner had recently lost her job as a dental assistant and was having relationship issues with her boyfriend of two and a half years, Richard Forester, Jones said.

"She made me feel better, that it was going to be okay and she was just going to clear her head," Jones said. "She was just so lighthearted about it and kind of needed to get away."

Jones said that Gardner and Giordano had an on-again, off-again relationship for over a year in which they would go out for drinks and be friendly for a while, and then not talk for a few months.

"Some months she wouldn't even see him and then other months he'd weasel his way back in there, and you know, she's going to go grab a drink," Jones said. "Sometimes Robyn was very focused on having a solid relationship with Richard when things were good, and then you wouldn't hear about Gary."

Gardner, who has a tattoo on shoulder, and Jones bonded because they stuck out in their small town because they both have tattoos, Jones said. Nevertheless, Gardner was the type that was hoping for a knight in shining armor, Jones said.

"You know, my gist on her was always, something great is going to come along with the white picket fence and everything, but it never came," Jones said.


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Gary Giordano Tried to Collect Insurance Payout on Robyn Gardner: Report

Gary Giordano was beneficiary in policy that could be worth as much as $1.5M.

Aug. 18, 2011 — -- Gary Giordano, the only suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner in Aruba, tried to redeem an insurance policy on Gardner that could be worth up to $1.5 million, according to a report.

Giordano moved to collect on the policy, which named him as beneficiary, within two days of reporting Gardner missing, the Associated Press reported.

Police were investigating an accidental death insurance policy for Gardner that named Giordano, 50, as the beneficiary, ABC News had reported earlier this week. It raised eyebrows because it was unusual to take out a policy for a weeklong Aruba tryst, particularly since Gardner, 35, had a boyfriend she lived with in Maryland and they had discussed marriage.

Aruba Solicitor General Taco Stein refused today to comment on the AP report.

"We knew from Mr. Giordano himself that travel insurance was taken out and that's what we are investigating. It was subpoenaed and we are investigating that material to see if it bears relevance to the investigation," Stein said Wednesday.

Travel Insurance Policy Focus of Robyn Gardner Investigation
In Maryland, Gardner's live-in boyfriend Robert Forester said the revelations about the insurance policy were disturbing.

"To be honest, I was saddened to hear it. I can't believe that Robyn would ever sign something like that voluntarily. Maybe if she was forced to, maybe if she was misinformed to what it was," Forester said.

New details also emerged about the relationship between Giordano and Gardner, who were seen posing together in sexual positions in photos recovered on Giordano's digital camera, according to People magazine.

The magazine reported that the photos, which it described as "beyond pornographic," showed Gardner in sexual positions with "parts of" Giordano in photos taken with his digital camera. People reports that Stein revealed the information about the photos.

Insurance Money Could be a Motive for Gary Giordano
Brad Garrett, a former special agent for the FBI, told ABC News that this latest revelation raises further questions about Giordano's intention in bringing Gardner to Aruba.

"Was this premeditated? Had he planned all along to lure her to Aruba and kill her for the insurance money? It has that flavor to it, but we'll have to see how evidence bears out," Garrett said. "It becomes extremely important when you add all the other pieces to what we know about Mr. Giordano. By adding this piece it obviously takes on a completely different context than preventative insurance of two people."

Robyn Gardner Posed for Explicit Photos With Gary Giordano
Garrett added that in domestic homicides, it is common for one spouse to take an insurance policy out on the other spouse a short time before they die.

"It's not uncommon for people that have a mindset to kill another person to get life insurance," he said, adding that it will be important evidence for building a circumstantial case against Giordano if a body is never recovered.

"The key with this case, assuming you don't find Robyn Gardner, is that you're going to have to put together a very strong circumstantial case-- that it was premeditated, that he used a ruse to get her there, for example," he said. "When you add this to the apparent behavior of treating women in a certain fashion, stalking or potentially violent, it certainly adds to the case. Added to all the other things, it's substantial."

New details also emerged about the hours leading up to Gardner's disappearance, including evidence of blood not far from the beach where Gardner was supposedly snorkeling when she was swept out to sea.

A police source in Aruba told ABC News that restaurant staff at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill noticed that Gardner seemed woozy while she and Giordano ate on the afternoon of her disappearance. Giordano later told police they'd been drinking vodka at the Marriot before dining and that she'd taken sleeping pills earlier in the day.

Authorities said that they found blood on a rock behind the dive shop at Rum Reef, which is the last place the two were seen together. Surveillance video from the restaurant shows Giordano in his rental car parked in the back of the bar and restaurant twice, which he told police was so that he could park in the shade, according to the police source. No one else is visible through the car's tinted windows.

Investigators have also said that they had trouble identifying Giordano in surveillance video because he frequently changed his toupees.

At 6:20 p.m. on the day of her disappearance, police were called, and 20 minutes later began to search the area. Then, Giordano left the search to return to his hotel and take a nap, according to police.

After three days, Giordano returned his rental car and headed to the airport, where a ticket agent asked him about his travel companion and he responded, "She's taking another flight," police said.

When he was arrested by Aruban police, they said Giordano was drenched in sweat.
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Robyn and Gary stayed at the Marriott Hotel On Palm Beach in Aruba during their stay on the Island. on Aug 2, 2011, the day of Robin's disappearance Gary Giordano drove Robin to the Baby Beach, Saint Nicholas area osituated at the south-eastern tip of the Island, the drive is approximately 40 mins from their resort.
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Robyn Gardner's Last Photo Less Than Two Hours Before She Vanished

Aug. 23, 2011 -- Missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner was heavily intoxicated when she was last seen alive in an Aruban restaurant, less than two hours before her companion reported her missing during an evening snorkeling trip.

The man with Gardner at the restaurant, Gary Giordano, is being held in an Aruban jail and is the lone suspect in Gardner's disappearance, although he has not been charged with a crime. Aruban police have said they believe Gardner is dead.

Eyewitnesses said Gardner seemed woozy at the restaurant and barely ate her salad.

In addition, a restaurant worker told ABC News he thought it was odd to hear that the couple went snorkeling because Gardner "seemed so perfectly put together," referring to her clothing, hair and make-up.

ABC News has obtained the last known pictures of Gardner, 35, to be taken before her disappearance at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill in the Baby Beach area of the island on the Aug. 2 evening that she vanished.

Gardner's cousin, Kelly Reed, said the family recognized the dress was Gardner was wearing in the photo. And Gardner's live-in boyfriend in Maryland, Richard Forester, told ABC News that it was Gardner in her favorite dress, "with 100 percent certainty."

The time stamp on the photo is 6:12 -- 4:12 p.m., less than two hours before Giordano returned to the restaurant to report that Gardner had disappeared.

Last Photo of Robyn Gardner in Aruba Before She Vanished

A law enforcement source said that Giordano, 50, is seen in surveillance video at 6:02 p.m. tapping on closed shutters of the bar seemingly making his presence known. At approximately 6:20 p.m. he went to the back kitchen of the bar and told someone to call police.

Those who saw the couple at the restaurant tell ABC News they were clearly in a romantic relationship, with Gardner reportedly telling the server, at one point, she was waiting for her "husband" to order.

The server at the restaurant said Giordano "inexplicably" jumped up after the couple sat down and introduced himself, saying, "My name is Gary and this is Robyn and we're from Maryland." The server found Giordano's behavior odd and reported it to authorities.

A worker at the restaurant also told ABC News that Giordano returned to the restaurant less than 12 hours after Gardner vanished, this time with an attorney, and appeared "indifferent" to his girlfriend's disappearance.

The family issued a statement today asking for people to not lose hope in finding Gardner.

"After three weeks we ask everyone to please keep praying for Robyn. And we thank all who are helping to find out what happened to Robyn and ask anyone with information to please, please contact authorities," the statement said.

The statement came out as Aruban authorities suspended the search for Gardner. A massive search had been resumed Monday with more than 60 officials, including FBI agents, Aruba riot cops and volunteers combing the rocky and treacherous area along Aruba's coastline area away from the beach where Gardner went missing, but found nothing.

The latest witness account and the photographs of Gardner and Giordano together emerged just one day after a witness came forward to dispute Giordano's account of what happened the day Gardner disappeared.

The witness says he was fishing on a beach on that day and he saw the two take a walk along the reef around 4 p.m., but they never went in the water.

A short time later, the couple drove away and he never saw either of them again, the witness says.

This is the latest of many disturbing details that have emerged in the case. Last week, investigators were looking into an American Express travel insurance policy for up to $1.5 million taken out on Gardner, which named Giordano as the beneficiary.

"We're investigating that material, seeing the relevance to the investigation," Aruba Solicitor General Taco Stein said.

The FBI is also investigating the American Express insurance policy.

Last week ABC News reported that surveillance video shows Giordano in his rental car parked in the back of the bar and restaurant. The Toyota Rav-4 had tinted windows, so no one else in the vehicle can be identified. Giordano parked the car in the back parking lot twice. He told police that he wanted to park in the shade, the law enforcement source told ABC News.

Final Photo of Robyn Gardner Raises Questions About Suspect's Timeline
The car was cleaned once Giordano returned the car to the Star rental at Aruba's airport, so police were unable to investigate the vehicle, according to law enforcement. The rental agents said that they didn't notice anything unusual when it was cleaned.

Investigators have also said that they had trouble identifying Giordano in surveillance video because he frequently changed his toupees.

Authorities said that that they found blood on a rock behind the dive shop at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill.

Investigators also told ABC News of Giordano's other erratic behavior at the time of the disappearance, including that he left the search early to get some sleep at his hotel.

Three days after the search for Gardner began, Giordano got within feet of leaving the country before he was stopped at Aruba's airport where he told U.S. Customs he had to change flights because of weather, and told officials that his travel companion was "taking another flight." When arrested, authorities say Giordano was drenched in sweat.

Federal agents have searched Giordano's Gaithersburg, Md., seizing cell phones and laptops. The home was known to have been equipped with surveillance cameras and signs warning visitors that video and audio of their visits would be recorded, according to neighbors.


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Last known images of Robyn leaving the Rum Reef Bar & Grill with Gary Giordano just before she vanished.


Memory: Aruba prosecutors describe these as 'the last known photos of the woman and the suspect' taken on the day the Maryland woman vanished


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Robyn Gardner Missing: Aruban Fisherman Says He Saw Maryland Tourist And Gary Giordano On Beach

A fisherman in Aruba says he saw the man suspected of Robyn Gardner’s disappearance driving erratically and appearing to be drunk on the day the American tourist vanished.

Sergio Silva told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he saw Gardner and Gary Giordano leaving the Rum Reef Bar & Grill in a rental car on Aug. 2, driving “in the wrong direction.”

Later that evening, Silva says Giordano looked like he was drunk while he was speaking with police on the beach during the initial search for the missing tourist.

“Cops were all over him, trying to talk to him, and he would just mumble — nobody could understand what he was saying,” the eyewitness told “Good Morning America.


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Gary Giordano Says He Has No Idea How Robyn Gardner Disappeared

Giordano said he "doesn't know" how his human trafficking theory would work.

Dec. 4, 2011 — -- Gary Giordano, the lone suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner in Aruba, said he believes human traffickers may be behind it, but he couldn't explain how they might have made off with the woman.

Giordano and Gardner were snorkelling Aug. 2 off the coast of Aruba when she went missing.

"At some point I became distressed and found out that I had a problem coming back to shore. Robyn was, I thought, behind me, and she wasn't. I turned, did not see her, and I went for help," Giordano said this morning on "Good Morning America."

Giordano last saw Gardner at around 4:15 p.m., but he did not tell anyone she was missing until 6 p.m., an hour and 45 minutes later.

Giordano told "GMA" last week that Gardner may have been kidnapped as part of a human trafficking crime.

"What you don't know about Aruba is Aruba has two main sources of income and it's not tourism. It's cocaine and human trafficking," Giordano said. "And where we were it takes a half hour to drive a boat to Venezuela ... and it turns out that where we were, the beach, that's where they drop off illegals to swim to shore."

But today, he said that he doesn't "know how that would work."

"While I was in prison, I was talking to several prisoners ... some of the prisoners native to the island had mentioned that that location is very dangerous, currents and so on, and also mentioned that boats come from Venezuela, a half hour away boat ride, and they drop off illegals, and they swim the rest of the way in, and several of them don't make it to shore, because it is dangerous there," he said. "Also the detectives ... mentioned that there was a boat out there. I didn't see a boat out there."

Prosecutors have told ABC News that they do not find the human trafficking theory credible.

No charges have been brought against Giordano, and prosecutors have not found a body, a motive, or a weapon.

"They exhausted every resource possible on the island of Aruba and the United States and Holland, and found zero evidence that implicates Gary. There's plenty of fodder going on and plenty of nonsense and stories ... but there's absolutely nothing that indicates that Gary is guilty of anything," Giordano's attorney, Jose Baez, said today.

Skeptics have questioned Giordano's lack of emotion in his previous interviews. In his lengthy interview on "GMA," Giordano only said Gardner's name once.

When asked today if he misses Gardner, Giordano said "I do miss her and I personally feel like I'll see her again it seems. That's how I feel in my mind. I just haven't come to grasps with, she's gone."

Gardner's Boyfriend Speaks Out

Gardner's boyfriend said Friday that he agreed with Giordano's theory that Gardner could have disappeared in connection with human trafficking but suggested that Giordano may have been involved.

"Human trafficking, yeah absolutely, that's something I've been thinking about the entire time, since day one," Richard Forester told "GMA" today.

"I think it's very possible and I wonder what (Giordano's) involvement was," Forester said. "There's a whole underworld down there. I don't know what he knows about Aruba."

Forester appeared on "GMA" to respond to Giordano's first interview since being released Tuesday night from the Aruba prison where he spent four months as a murder suspect in Gardner's disappearance.

Giordano, 50, who met 35-year-old Gardner on a swinger's website a year before they decided to go on vacation to Aruba together, told prosecutors that Gardner been swept out to sea in rough currents while the two were snorkeling one evening.

Prosecutors have said that Giordano's story doesn't add up, and Gardner's boyfriend indicated that he agrees.

"There isn't any sign of her at all, no clue of her, no trace of her whatsoever that we know about," he said. "I can't imagine it would take more than a half hour to get to Venezuela. So from 4:15 in the afternoon until six in the evening, there's an hour and 45 minutes before he comes back and finally tells somebody that she's missing."

Forester said he had relayed his suspicions to the FBI and Aruban authorities, who told him they would follow where the evidence leads.

"I think it's an option that needs to be looked at," Forester said. "I know that it happens in that part of the world. It happens all over the world, but it's pretty big in that world."

Taco Stein, Aruba's head prosecutor, told ABC News that he would not comment on the the claim, but that it "speaks for itself."

Forester said he and Gardner were planning to get married and he did not learn that she'd gone to Aruba with Giordano until after she vanished.

"The last message I got from her was 'I love you, we'll talk and sort things out when I get back,'" Forester said.

Forester said in previous interviews that during Gardner's trip to Aruba, they kept in touch through Blackberry text messages and emails from her iPad until the day of her disappearance, including one message, in particular, that raised his alarm.

"On Tuesday morning, the 2nd of August, at about two in the morning, she posted on my Facebook wall, 'this sucks,'" he said. "I tried to figure out what was going on, but she didn't really respond."

Forester said today he still believes Giordano should be held responsible for her disappearance.

"Where's Robyn? Where is she? You're the last one to see her," he said of Giordano. "Where'd she go? I believe that he being the last person to see her and be with her is responsible."


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I am curious if this life insurance policy paid out to him? Not sure if they could deny it since he is not charged. Although I imagine she would have to be declared dead first.

I am extremely sorry for her family and it appears she is gone without a doubt.

This man sounded like a creep and as if there were a number of warning signs. Prior domestics/abuse she was aware of. Met on a swinging website online, she has a boyfriend apparently who did not know she was with this guy on the trip, this guy had reacted very badly before, she turned down a trip before and it upset him to no end. That is not a judgment, it is to point out the likelihood he did this or to add to it I guess.

I don't see the trafficking thing unless he arranged to pay someone to help get rid of her. Even then I think it more likely they helped dispose of her, probably at sea. More likely still is he did this on his own, the simplest explanation. If so though, where is she?


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I am curious if this life insurance policy paid out to him? Not sure if they could deny it since he is not charged. Although I imagine she would have to be declared dead first.

I am extremely sorry for her family and it appears she is gone without a doubt.

This man sounded like a creep and as if there were a number of warning signs. Prior domestics/abuse she was aware of. Met on a swinging website online, she has a boyfriend apparently who did not know she was with this guy on the trip, this guy had reacted very badly before, she turned down a trip before and it upset him to no end. That is not a judgment, it is to point out the likelihood he did this or to add to it I guess.

I don't see the trafficking thing unless he arranged to pay someone to help get rid of her. Even then I think it more likely they helped dispose of her, probably at sea. More likely still is he did this on his own, the simplest explanation. If so though, where is she?

I think its very possible Gary Giordano handed Robyn over to somebody else. Robyn vanished in a very short time period.


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New Photo Released in Aruba Investigation
Published September 2, 2011

Aruban prosecutors released a surveillance image of a car in their search for witnesses in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

At 5:59 p.m. Aug. 2, the day Gardner disappeared, a white Hyundai Getz was headed north between the Rum Reef Restaurant and the sea. Authorities think the people inside may have seen the rented Toyota RAV4 suspect Gary Giordano, 50, of Gaithersburg, and Gardner, 35, of Frederick, used during their trip to the island parked by the restaurant. It’s also possible they saw Giordano and Gardner, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor wants to talk to the driver or any passengers from the Hyundai.

A judge ruled this week that Giordano can be detained for another 60 days while prosecutors and police investigate. His attorney, Michael Lopez, plans to appeal.

Giordano says Gardner disappeared while snorkeling, but police say they found inconsistencies in his story and became suspicious of him when he tried to cash in on a travel insurance policy. He was taken into custody Aug. 5 trying to catch a flight out of Aruba, telling customs he was switching flights because of the weather and Gardner was taking another flight, sources said.

Lopez says there is no evidence of a crime.


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Key witnesses? Police are trying to trace the people in this white car seen close to where Robyn Gardner disappeared


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Aspiring Model Says Gary Giordano Offered Her a Trip to Aruba


Aspiring model Taylor Tyler feels lucky to be alive today because she turned down a modeling job that might have cost her her life.

"I think about how close I came to being gone forever, never seeing my family again," she said.

The offer allegedly came from Gary Giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, who is believed to be dead in Aruba.

"I feel so awful for her family," said Tyler.

Giordano apparently saw photos on Tyler's website and phoned the 18-year-old's house to make her an offer for a photo shoot in Aruba.
"He offered to pay five thousand dollars for one bikini photo shoot," Tyler told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Luckily, Tyler's mom, Carrie Emerson, answered the phone, and pretended to be her daughter while listening to the offer!

"He made it sound like the perfect trip for any young girl who wanted to go get her career started in modeling and come home with five thousand dollars in cash," said Emerson, adding, "Too good to be true!"

Tyler was upset when her mother turned down the offer on her behalf, until they saw the news reports about the disappearance of Robyn Gardner!

"Quite frankly I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to believe it," said Tyler.

Emerson contacted authorities about Giordano's alleged offer, and the matter is under investigation by the FBI. They searched Giordano's mansion in Maryland. Giordano has denied any wrongdoing in the disappearance of Gardner, claiming an ocean current pulled her away as they were snorkeling together.


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Giordano Stalked, Pressured Other Women to Go Away With Him

At least four women have said that Giordano was alarmingly aggresive toward them.

Carrie Emerson told ABC News that Giordano tried to contact her daughter, a model, claiming that he was a producer and wanted to take her to Aruba for a photo shoot. He became angry when she said refused his offer.

"He started telling me stuff like that he would protect her. He said, 'It's not going to be another Natalee Holloway or anything,'"
Emerson said, referring to the Alabama high school student who disappeared on the island in 2005.

"He got very angry with me at that point. He started telling me that if I went and slept with him he would make sure I was taken care of well financially. He said that 'if you ever let your daughter sleep with me too, I'll take care of both of ya'll for the rest of your lives financially,'" said Emerson, who told her story to the FBI.

Another woman said Giordano pressured her to go on a cruise with him, and when she refused, he stalked her, showing up outside her window wearing a deer costume.

Aruba authorities are counting on the testimony of women from Giordano's past to help convince a judge to hold him in the country longer.

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