TX REBEL RAY: M, 27-37, found by farmer's dog east of Georgetown, TX - 3 Oct 1988


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October 3, 1988 the remains of the deceased were discovered in a gully across from a wayside on Highway 29 four miles east of Georgetown, TX. A farmer called the sheriff after his dog dragged the skull into his yard. The estimated date of death was 1-12 months prior the remains being discovered. The white male, possibly of Hispanic or Native American ancestry, was 27-38 years old, stood 5’2 – 5’5 tall, and had straight brown hair with some gray. His nose had been previously broken and his arms were most likely muscular. Due to the insignia on the hat found near the remains, he has become known as “Rebel Ray”.

DNA Doe Project Status
Research in progress

Sex: Male
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 40
Estimated Age Range (Years): 27-37
Estimated Year of Death: 1987-1988
Estimated PMI: Months
Height: 5' 3"(63 inches) , Estimated

Type: Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found: October 3, 1988
Location Found Map
Location: Texas
County: Williamson County
Circumstances of Recovery: Located 6 miles east of Georgetown on Hwy. 29 Unidentified Person referred to as "Rebel Ray" based upon cap worn by decedent.

Details of Recovery
Inventory of Remains: Torso not recovered One or more limbs not recovered One or both hands not recovered
Condition of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues

Circumstance Notes
Unidentified Person referred to as "Rebel Ray" based upon cap worn by decedent.

Physical Description
Hair Color: Brown
Head Hair Description: Brown
Left Eye Color: Brown
Right Eye Color: Brown
Eye Description: Brown

Distinctive Physical Features
Other distinctive physical characteristic: Previously broken nose, and probably had very muscular arms.

Clothing and Accessories
Accessories: Baseball cap found near remains.
Clothing: Baseball cap found near remains.

1 Missing Person Exclusions
Amos Buchanan, 57, Fort Worth TX, 1987

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The decedent was located in a gully four miles east of Georgetown, TX beside Highway 29 across from a rest area. The gully is across from a roadside park. A farmer called the sheriff after his dog dragged the skull into his yard.

He may have lived at or worked as a "handyman" at the nearby mobile home park. He may have originated from Mexico.

He is known as "Rebel Ray" for the cap he wore.



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Texas cold case involves man of possible Cherokee descent

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department cold case unit is working on a 1988 homicide case involving an unidentified male victim believed to be of Cherokee descent.

The department hopes to identify the man known as “Rebel Ray.”

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