OR PORTLAND JANE DOE: N/PI/HF, 25-40, found in homeless encampment in Portland, OR - 24 April 2023


Medical examiner asks public for help identifying woman found dead in SE Portland​

Officials found the woman’s body near Interstate 205 and Southeast Flavel Street on April 24.

The woman was possibly Native American or Alaskan Native between the ages of 25 and 40, county officials said. She had black, medium-length hair and was just over 5 feet tall. The woman weighed 135 pounds and had two large scars on her left lower leg.

Officials say the woman had two noticeable tattoos: a black music note with the letter V on the left side of her upper chest and a depiction of Buddha on her right upper back. The woman was found wearing rings and bracelets, a green long sleeve shirt, a black and white zip-up jacket, jeans and black and white Adidas cleats.

Multnomah County Health Department spokesperson Sarah Dean said the county would not release any details about the cause of the woman’s death. Police have released no information.

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Sex: Female
Race / Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino, American Indian / Alaska Native, Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 40
Height: 5' 1"(61 inches) , Measured
Weight: 135 lbs, Measured


Type: Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found: April 24, 2023

Location Found

Location: Portland, Oregon 97202
County: Multnomah County
Circumstances of Recovery: The body of an unidentified woman was discovered in a houseless encampment in SE Multnomah County, Oregon. Please see description for physical features and tattoos.

Details of Recovery

Condition of Remains: Recognizable face

Physical Description

Hair Color: Black
Left Eye Color: Brown
Right Eye Color: Brown

Distinctive Physical Features

Tattoo: Letter "V" with a musical note entwined, left front shoulder above collarbone
Tattoo: Seated, cross-legged Buddha figure with partially readable lettering below, "Never forgotten..."

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing: One floral black and blue long sleeve T-shirt - On the Body

Clothing: Green long sleeve T-shirt - On the Body
Clothing: Black and white full-zip shirt - On the Body
Clothing: Blue denim jeans - On the Body
Clothing: Black sweatpants - On the Body

Footwear: Shiny black and white low-top tennis shoes, Adidas brand - On the Body

Jewelry: Thick black leather cuff with silver grommets - On the Body
Jewelry: Silver metal ring with white round stone (pearl) and clear stones on either side - On the Body
Jewelry: Copper metal ring with green and white yin-yang disc design with hearts - On the Body
Jewelry: Yellow metal clip with red and green stones - On the Body
Jewelry: Teal-colored rubber bracelet stating "Takeya" - On the Body



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