AK ONE-EYED JACK: WM, 25-35, found in Tok, AK - 20 August 1979 - missing left eye *GRAPHIC*


The victim was a hitchhiker from Boise, Idaho who was brought to Alaska and killed. His left eye was missing and he wore a leather patch. The mandible was not recovered.

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Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP12375 Male, White / Caucasian
Date Found
August 20, 1979
Location Found
Tok, Alaska

Case Information
Case Numbers
NCMEC Number

ME/C Case Number

Race / Ethnicity
White / Caucasian

Estimated Age Group
Adult - Pre 40
Estimated Age Range (Years)
Estimated Year of Death
Estimated PMI
6' 0"(72 inches) , Estimated
185 lbs, Estimated

Unidentified Deceased
Date Found
August 20, 1979
NamUs Case Created
April 15, 2014
ME/C QA Reviewed
Location Found Map
General Location
Tok, Alaska
Fairbanks North Star Borough

Circumstances of Recovery
Hitchhiker picked up and travelled with killer to Alaska. UP killed and dumped. Mandible not recovered

Details of Recovery
Condition of Remains
Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton

Physical Description
Hair Color
Head Hair Description
long hair

Left Eye Color
Unknown or Missing
Right Eye Color
Unknown or Missing
Eye Description
Left eye missing, UP wore a leather patch over his eye

Clothing and Accessories
ClothingheadbandNear the Body
EyewearLeather eye patchOn the Body

Investigating Agencies
Alaska State Troopers

Agency Case Number
Lantz Dahlke
Case Contributors
Stephen Hoage, Medicolegal Death Investigator
Alaska Medical Examiner's Office
(907) 334-2200


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NamUs UP # 12375

Found August 20, 1979 near Tok (Fairbanks North Star County), Alaska

Physical Description
Estimated age Adult - Pre 40
Weight (pounds) 185, Estimated
Height 72 inches (6 feet, 0 inches), Estimated
Hair Long, Brown
Eye description: Left eye missing, UP wore a leather patch over his eye
Eyewear Leather eye patch
Clothing with body headband

Body conditions
Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton
Probable year of death 1978

Fingerprints Fingerprint information is currently not available
Dental Dental information / charting is available and entered
DNA Not Available


On August 20th 1979, skeletal remains were found off a remote section of the Alaskan Highway near the town of Tok Alaska. There was significant evidence found by the investigators that conducted the scene investigation. Subsequently an individual in custody in Nevada admitted to murdering a hitchhiker that he had picked up in September of 1978 while driving in Alaska. The suspect was Jesse Burt Bishop DOB:03/26/44.

Bishop confessed to the murder and provided the following information about the victim.

He picked up the victim/hitchhiker near Boise Idaho while driving to Alaska. The victim stated that he was headed for Pendleton Oregon originally. As they drove Bishop told the victim he was headed for Alaska and the victim asked if he could go along. While driving through Canada, the victim got on his nerves because of the way he acted and Bishop decided to kill him.

After entering Alaska they stopped alongside the roadway in a remote area. After getting out of the vehicle, Bishop stabbed and strangled the victim to death leaving his body in the woods along the roadway.

Bishop stated that the victim had an Oregon driver’s license. He described him as a white male adult, 32 years of age, approximately 71” and about 165 pounds and he was a smoker. The victim had long dark hair and wore a headband. He could not remember the victim’s name but thought that it might be Jack or John. Additionally the victim wore an eye patch over his left eye which was completely missing.

Bishop thought that the victim could have been hurt during a logging accident from a choker cable in Oregon. Bishop stated that he thought the victim had worked for a Lincoln car dealership in Colorado or Utah where he washed cars. The victim told Bishop that he had been married but Bishop stated that the victim lied to him quite a bit. Bishop described the victims clothing also. he victim could be from anywhere in the northwest area of the united states.

The victim had been ravaged by animals. The clothing information provided by Bishop matched the clothing remnants at the scene. The skull and various bones were scattered throughout the area. Amongst the remains was a piece of scalp with long brown curly hair, with a dark leather eye patch tangled within the hair. A large white marble with orange coloration was found in the victims pants, it was suspected to be used by the victim as a glass eye.

Examination of the remains by an anthropologist provided that the victim was a white male, 25-35 yoa with brown medium length curly hair approximately 72” tall. A composite drawing and dental chart were completed of the victim.

Bishop died while still in custody in August of 2003. The victim has yet to be identified.
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Monday, 20 March 2017
One eyed Jack Doe?

There are many motivations behind the reasons why killers kill. Sometimes money is the motivation for murder, sometimes jealousy and revenge, but in the case of an unidentified John Doe murdered in Alaska in 1978, the reason for his untimely death was due to how “annoying” his travel buddy found him to be.

The man responsible for his murder (a man named Jesse Burt Bishop who died in prison in the early 2000’s) had picked him up while driving nearby Boise, Idaho. Although John Doe stated to the driver that he was making his way to Oregon, he ended up jumping in the vehicle and riding along to Alaska instead.

Doe was described as being in his mid-thirties with long brown curly hair and a leather eye patch worn over his missing left eye. Apparently he was working as a logger and lost the eye in a work related accident. Due to this distinguishing feature the unidentified man came to be known as “One eyed Jack Doe”. According to his killer, one eyed Jack might have actually been called Jack, or John, although he couldn’t remember which. A marble was found in the dead man's pocket and was assumed to be used as a false eye.


Bishop also said that the man was a smoker and had an Oregon driver’s license, which if true narrows down the search. However bear in mind this case is from the Seventies, and this man was hitchhiking wherever he could get a ride to, which makes me wonder if / how long exactly he’d been living his nomadic lifestyle.

I imagine the only people who would have a chance of identifying him would be those that he possibly could have worked with around various parts of the US. He was hitchhiking to Oregon originally, and his license was also from there, though, so it’s possible he has connections and maybe even roots there. Would anyone remember one eyed Jack Doe some 40 years later?

His remains were found in 1979 in Fairbanks North Star, Tok, Alaska (where from what I can gather he was murdered and tossed out onto the highway). The reports I found about his case state the cause of death as “undetermined” but a poster on Websleuths writes that Doe was stabbed and strangled. (edit: they copy and pasted from J.D's NamUs profile)
Also it’s noted that his mandible was never recovered, so in many of the composites and reconstructions his likeness is estimated from the nose down. (it was later updated)

His body had been torn apart by wildlife and his bones, hair and skin were scattered. Ripped material from the deceased's clothing at the scene corresponded with the description provided by Bishop, confirming his statement about his responsibility for the crime.

When asked why he killed the man, Bishop simply stated “He was getting on my nerves”.

Case details have him at around 185lbs and 6ft tall.
He remains unidentified.

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Operation Doe
August 18, 2016 ·
Unidentified Male Tok, Alaska 1979 – M454AK79

On August 20, 1979, the skeletal remains of an unidentified male were found in Tok, Alaska. The victim apparently hitchhiked to Alaska in 1978 with another man and was then murdered by his companion who confessed but has since died in prison. He was 6 feet tall, weighed about 185 pounds, and was less than 40 years old when he was killed. The man’s left eye was missing. He wore a leather eye patch. Other features include that he had long brown hair worn with a headband. The killer had seen the victim's Oregon driver's license, and said his name might have been John or Jack. He described the victim as 32 years old, about 5'11", had long curly hair, and was missing his left eye as a result of a logging accident He wore an eyepatch. During the journey, he told his killer that at some point he worked in either Colorado or Utah washing cars for a Lincoln Auto Dealership. The unidentified male is sometimes referred to informally as “One-Eyed Jack”.



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One-Eyed Jack (Tok, Alaska, 1979)


One-Eyed Jack is not your typical missing person. We have his body, we know what happened to him, but we don’t know who he is. In September 1978, Jack was picked up somewhere near Boise, Idaho. The driver was headed for Alaska, and, despite saying he was going to Pendleton, Oregon, Jack went along for the ride.

They entered Alaska and, as the driver later told police, Jack annoyed him. So he killed him and dumped his body on the side of the highway. He led the police to the remains a year later, and was sent to jail. It was then that things got weird.

The killer said he had seen the victim’s Oregon driver’s license. Maybe his name was John, maybe it was Jack. Jack stuck. A logging accident had taken his left eye, and he was around 5’11” with long curly hair. No ID was found on his body. Over the next few decades, authorities tried to track this man down, but to no avail. In essence, they had uncovered a ghost. All they had to go on was what the killer remembered from that night. But even that was lost when he died in prison in 2003.

So who is One-Eyed Jack? Where was he going? Did the killer truly have no other motive besides being annoyed? Today, with no known family, it’s likely that we will never have answers.


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"One-Eyed Jack"

On August 20, 1979, the skeletal remains of a man were discovered in Tok, Alaska. The decedent had apparently hitchhiked to Alaska in 1978 with another man and was then murdered by his companion. He was 6 feet tall, weighed approximately 185 pounds, and was less than 40 years old when he was murdered. The man's left eye was missing, and he wore a distinctive leather eye patch, which may play a crucial role in his future identification. Another feature pertaining to his identity is that he had long brown hair worn with a headband.

The likeness of One Eyed Jack was created by police sketch artist Carl Koppelman. The image is based on only the cranium, as the victim's lower jaw was not recovered.


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One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack was a man who was murdered after he accepted a ride from a murderer while hitchkiking in Alaska in 1978. His remains were found in 1979, although his mandible was never found.

'Jack' was seen near Boise, Idaho when he accepted a ride from a man whose name has not been revealed. He was intending to head to Oregon but instead decided to go to Alaska with the man, where he was killed in an unknown manner. His killer was sentenced to life in prison and died in 2001.

According to his killer, this man's name was John or Jack and he was 32 years old. He had an Oregon driver's license and he also mentioned losing his eye in a logging accident and having a job washing cars in Colorado.He was also married. Killer was not sure if any of the information was accurate as, according to him, victim lied to him quite a bit.

When asked why he killed the man, the suspect simply stated “He was getting on my nerves

One-Eyed Jack


Sex Male
Race White
Location Tok, Alaska
Found August 20, 1979
Unidentified for 39 years
Postmortem interval One year (1978)
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation Below 40
Height approximation 6'
Weight approximation 185 pounds
Cause of death Homicide


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Ode to Doe: One-Eyed Jack


On August 20, 1979, skeletal remains were found in Tok, Alaska. The body near unrecognizable when found and the lower jaw was never recovered. Despite this the body has been identified as an adult male, less than forty years of age at the time of his death. Additionally, he was 6 feet tall, weighed about 185 pounds. The man’s left eye was missing and he was found wearing a leather eye patch. Police hope this may play a role in his future identification. Lastly, he had long brown hair worn with a headband.

The victim apparently hitchhiked up to Alaska in 1978 with another man. It is presumed he was then murdered by his companion who then dumped his body. Despite the unique circumstances surrounded this doe he is yet to be positively identified. For now he remains nameless.

Because the jaw bone was never recovered, the lower half of the composite sketch is mostly artists assumption. Anyone with any information pertaining to the identity of ‘One-Eyed Jack’ is encouraged to call the Alaska ME Office at 907-334-2200.


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This case has been interesting to me over the years because it was during the same time period when I lived off and on in Boise as my mom bought a house up there. Many hippies hung out at Julia Davis Park and I liked to go there and see what was going on. I have to wonder if we could go back in time, would any of those who hung out there remember him?


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