NICK CORDOVA: Murdered in Gilbert, AZ on 27 May 2020 - Suspects still at large!


I think I had only and maybe heard a blip about this case. I just watched a podcast of Linda - It's a Crime which I will share here. Tyson Draper asked her to cover it and I know Tyson spends time in AZ. Interestingly, when I did a quick internet search after watching Linda's podcast, I am not seeing much on this crime for news of any kind but I did not yet look in depth.

One key thing is there is a very, very clear photo of one of the alleged suspects right after the murder at a gas station. These podcasters are asking that all that can share it, on FB and everywhere, to family in AZ if you know people there and just get it out there in the public.

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This case is new to me so I don't know a lot but per Linda above, Nick owned an HVAC business. Linda puts up the map, it seems an odd place for a robbery or anything like that, seems to be in the middle of a plaza/building surrounded by other businesses...

Nick's kids were apparently on Tik Tok or some such with him when something went wrong and the wife heard them from the kitchen (they were all at home, Nick at the shop). She quickly calls 911 and says over the thing to "whoever" she is calling the cops and leave him alone... She also puts kids in car, called his mom it sounded like and headed down there.

Allegedly Nick had a silent partner and he was present at the shop as well, not a lot said about that...

Just after the murder, the suspects or one of them is seen on video quite clearly at a nearby gas station. I am unsure how they know this is the suspect, etc., again this is new to me this case for the most part... Dumb perp if he is a suspect, to stop nearby and be so clearly videoed...

I don't know a hill of beans about this case but something already smells to me...


‘We Have Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself'

This one gives more detail, the wife is on... Kids were on Facetime with dad when something happened. Whoever it was was in and out very quickly. And more detail.
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Well gee whiz, usually I can't even find a rabbit hole much less end up down in one but I did... Somewhat. Generally I cannot even find the relatives/names in a case (to be fair I don't hunt hard) much less get sidetracked on them... I shall stop there...


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@GrandmaBear , have you seen anything new on this case?
Not since I posted last. I haven't actively looked recently but not with the ones covering it that I watch, I have seen nothing new. The rabbit hole I mentioned earlier was about who many suspect and other "operations" and scams that if one looks for him and reads reviews and remarks about he, employees, etc., it can lead one elsewhere. One thing led me to another but probably not near the sleuthing others do but for me it took a good part of that day as I looked.

I suspect who many do...

It is hard though to understand the lack of arrest so far...


‘We Have Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself'
Crickets... no news anywhere.
The Draper Brothers touched on this one in their podcast when someone asked. They said too it has been largely silent but they are in touch with the wife and plan to do more podcasts on it but that there is nothing new and the wife is doing her best and waiting for justice and trying to handle and do the best she can with her children.

Nothing new but I feel similar to Morphew, both in May of 2020 and no arrests and even as an involved person from watching the case, but not knowing the people, it is soooo frustrating... I can't imagine how it is for those that lost the loved one. Just my two cents...

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