CT NEW BRITAIN JANE DOE: W/HF, 25-35, found in garbage bags near railroad tracks in New Britain, CT - 11 Oct 1991


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On October 11, 1991 a survey crew found a woman’s badly decomposed body in garbage bags near the railroad tracks in the area of Myrtle Street across from what used to be the Fafnir Bearing Company in New Britain, Connecticut. She died of a gunshot wound to the head. Investigators estimate she was dead for three weeks to four months before she was found.

She is believed to be white or Hispanic, and to have been in her late 20s. She was approximately five-feet, five-inches tall, weighed between 130 and 135 pounds and was wearing a jumper-style dress with a panda bear print with umbrellas. She had straight black hair, about 10 to 12 inches long. Due to the state of decomposition police were not able to tell how she wore her hair. No one in New Britain reported her missing.

In 2011 New Britain Jane Doe’s body was exhumed by court order so that the FBI could use her skull to create an updated likeness, which was again updated in 2018. In the new approximation a small tooth is clearly visible protruding from her mouth giving her a distinctive smile. After exhumation, she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave.

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Body was found adjacent to B & M Railroad Tracks.

Clothing: White sun dress with an overall panda bear pattern Panda bear holding an umbrella and an ice cream cone

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The DNA Doe Project is currently invesigating the victim's case. They have had difficulty narrowing down suitable matches for the woman, but released a list of potential surnames in August 2019. The closest detectable relatives of the woman were in New York, Connecticut and Puerto Rico (specifically near the Moca area).

The names include: Acevedo, Aviles, Badillo, Cajiga ,Calderon, Camacho, Cardona , Cardosa, Colon, Cordero, Cortez, Crespo, Feliciano, Figuero, Gerena, Gonzales, Hernandez, Jimenez, Lopez, Lorenzo, Luciano, Martinez, Medina, Melendez, Mendez, Mercado, Miranda, Morales, Negron, Nieves, Olivera, Pardo, Pelgrin, Perez, Perez, Raices, Ramirez, Ramos, Reices, Rivera, Rivera, Rodriguez, Roldan,Santiago, Gonzales, Soto, Tollado, Torres, Valentin, Velez, and Vera


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Cold case revisited: 1991 Jane Doe had gunshot wound to head

While in the Criminal Investigation Division, Detective James Wardwell, now the police chief, took the extraordinary step of personally driving the remains of an unidentified gunshot victim to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner so that she could receive a proper burial.

“I wanted to give her dignity and let her rest in peace,” Wardwell said last week.

The woman, called “Jane Doe” by the police department for nearly three decades, is now again at the center of a new push to learn her identity and who killed her.

After the exhumation, she was laid to rest a final time in an unmarked grave. “She deserves that dignity,” Wardwell said of her burial. “She deserves to be identified and she deserves to have her killer brought to justice.”

Anyone who may have information on the woman or the case is asked to call Portalatin at 860-826-3120. Anonymous tips can be left on the Community Tip Line at 860-826-3199 or emailed to www.newbritainpolice.org/anonymous-tips . Tips can be left in Spanish or English.

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