LA NASSAU DRIVE JANE DOE: WF, 15-16, found in some bushes near 22 Nassau Drive in Old Metairie, LA - 22 Jul 1979

Nassau Drive Jane Doe

Date Discovered: Sunday, July 22nd, 1979
Discovery Location: Nassau Drive, Old Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
*Edge of Old Metairie Golf Course

Physical Description:
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Female
Age: 15-16 Years Old
Height: 5’5”-5’6” (65”-66”)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Head Hair: Brown – Light Brown
Facial Hair:
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing: Maroon dress, brown heeled shoes, brown purse
Misc. Items: Business cards, Interpersonal Connection
Condition of Remain: Recognizable face
Postmortem Interval: Hours
Estimated Year of Death: 1979
Cause of Death: Stabbing
Fingerprint Status:
Dental Status:
DNA Status:

The unidentified young woman’s body was discovered in some bushes near 22 Nassau Drive about 11:30 pm on Sunday July 22nd, 1979. The young woman had been stabbed 30 times with a small pocket or pen knife. The young woman had been sexually assaulted and had apparent bruises all over her body. What ever took place prior to her death the young woman had put up a fight. A wound to the carotid artery in the lower neck was the final cause of death. She was well dressed wearing a maroon dress, brown heeled shoes and carried a brown purse. A business card was found in the young woman’s wallet that bore the name “Interpersonal Connection” with blanks where a person could hand write their name and phone number. Robbery is not believed to be a motive as that there was money still in her wallet.

There were no missing person reports that matched the young unidentified woman. LE had a sketch produced of the young woman that was circulated through media outlets however no one came forward to claim her. LE was able to trace her back to a hotel in New Orleans.

The day prior to her death the woman was observed by a witness knocking on doors at a New Orleans hotel. One of the cards found on her carried the name of a man that was traced back as a guest at a New Orleans hotel. The man was located and told LE that the woman had come to his door and propositioned him for money, however he had refused. The man said the woman had told him she was from out of town. The man was cleared by LE and is not a suspect in the case.

LE followed up with local resources to learn more about “Interpersonal Connection” and no one had heard of it. LE had provided information on the cards in hopes that a local printer may recognize and be able to assist. However no further information or tips on the cards or Interpersonal Connection were received.

Investigating Agencies:
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
1233 Westbank Expressway
Harvey, LA 70058
Tele: 504.363.5500
Web: Jefferson Parish Sheriff, LA - Official Website | Official Website
Information Sources:
*UID is currently not in NAMUS

07/24/1979 – The Times Picayune
07/25/1979 – The Times Picayune
07/26/1979 – The Times Picayune
09/19/1979 – The Times Picayune

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Lori Sibrell?

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It's hard to tell for me. I've been told to start with the cheekbones and there isn't a good representation of them on the composite.


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Lori Sibrell was much taller than UID. And went missing in the same year. UID 5'6. Lori 5"8 to 5'10. I doubt there was enough time for a growth spurt in that length of time. And alot times a girl is done growing by 15. IMO.

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