NV NAOMI IRION: Missing from Fernley, NV - 12 March 2022 - Age 18 *Found Deceased* *ARREST*

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Nevada woman disappears from Walmart, brother says video shows masked man forcing himself into her car​

The brother of a missing Nevada woman, who disappeared Saturday from a Walmart parking lot, said chilling surveillance video shows a man force his way into her car before driving away.

Naomi Irion, 18, of Fernley in Northern Nevada, was last seen about 5 a.m. at the store’s parking lot, according to a Wednesday statement from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Irion’s four-door sedan was later found in an industrial area in Fernley, and a suspect believed to be driving a dark, newer model Chevrolet High Country pickup may know her whereabouts, police said.

Irion’s older brother, Casey Valley, 32, told NBC News on Thursday that surveillance footage from the Walmart shows a man wearing a face mask and a hoodie walk to the parking lot from the direction of a dirt lot, circle his sister’s car and then force his way in.

“He circled around the parking lot maybe to make sure there were no witnesses,” Valley said. “He came up behind the car and forced his way into the driver’s side of the car. Maybe her door was unlocked. He either said or did something to make her move to the passenger seat and then he drove her car away into an unknown direction.”

Representatives with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office could not be immediately reached Thursday to corroborate Valley’s account. Valley also told NBC affiliate KRNV in Reno about the video.

The sheriff’s office is expected to hold a press conference about the case later Thursday.


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New Photos Released as The Search For Naomi Irion Continues​

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the search and investigation into the suspicious disappearance of 18 year old Naomi Irion of Fernley. Naomi was last seen in the parking lot of WalMart in Fernley March 12th at about 5am. The investigation now indicates that the suspect may be driving a dark pickup truck.

That’s Lyon County Undersheriff’s Ed Kilgore who says, forensic evidence continues to lead Lyon County Investigators to believe Naomi’s disappearance is suspicious in nature and that the driver of the that truck has a direct connection to her disappearance and her current whereabouts.

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'It ruined me': Brother of missing Fernley woman recounts watching 'sinister' abduction
Naomi Irion moved to northern Nevada less than a year ago to start her "adult life" with her older brother Casey Valley. Now, he says watching the tape of her abduction in Fernley last week ruined him.

18-year-old Naomi is one of seven siblings and family as far away as South Africa coming to help search for her following her March 12 abduction from a Fernley Walmart.

Last August, Naomi moved in with her brother Casey in Fernley. She established herself there and got a job at Panasonic. The shuttle to her job at the tech plant leaves from near the Walmart parking lot where she was waiting when she disappeared Saturday morning.

Casey sat down with News 4-Fox 11 on Wednesday, describing his younger sister as compassionate person and a homebody who likes hanging out with her friends, rockhounding, and going on some of her favorite apps like Tik Tok and Instagram.

He continued to piece together the sequence of events leading up to, and showing within, the security video:
  • Around 5 a.m. Saturday morning, Naomi bought a energy drink at a gas station near their house. It was the last time she used her bank account.
  • Then, Naomi was waiting in the Walmart parking lot for a bus to take her to Panasonic outside Reno- Sparks.
  • She "always parked in the same spot and she always got there early so she could you know do social media stuff before she went to work and catch up with her friends that are in different time zones."
  • Then a man walked up, either said or did something to get her to move from her driver's seat over to her passenger seat, "and the guy then got into got into her car and drove it away with her in it."
Lyon County deputies found her car just up the road on Tuesday, with evidence of a crime. Police now think that man is driving a dark 2020 or newer Chevy pick-up truck.

Naomi Irion missing: Teen possibly kidnapped in her own car from Walmart parking lot, police say​

Naomi Irion was last seen Saturday around 5 a.m. in a Walmart parking lot in Fernley, near Reno, waiting for a shuttle bus to take her to work at a nearby company.

When she didn't show up and didn't return home, her family called police.

"They confirmed that she missed her shifts Saturday and Sunday, which was really unusual," Irion said. "My daughter was extremely reliable."

The local sheriff's office says a person captured on surveillance video may be involved in Irion's disappearance.

They say surveillance video- which has not been released- shows a person walking from a nearby homeless camp and lurking around vehicles, before getting into the driver's seat of Irion's car, and then driving away with Irion in the passenger seat.

"To me it looked clear, to me it looked like a clear abduction," said her brother, Casey Valley.

Investigators said Thursday afternoon that the video shows the suspect said or did something to make her move from the driver's side to the passenger side of her car before he drove off with her.

"She is not a fighter, meaning the guy who pushed her into a car, she froze. She didn't do anything. She just froze," her brother said, with detectives and the sheriff by his side. "As we can clarify really quick, and, detective, correct me if I'm wrong. We're not saying that this person was necessarily a homeless person. He came from that direction. Like, but so, but it's enough of something that just, state that it's worth noting. This person did say or do something to Naomi to make her move over from the driver's side to the passenger side."

Police found Irion's car Tuesday abandoned in a nearby industrial park. Detectives say evidence in the car suggests her disappearance was the result of a crime, but they would not specify what they found.
Family, sheriff plead with community for answers after 18-year-old vanishes in Fernley

Lyon County Sheriff Frank Hunewill was joined alongside the brother, sister and father of a missing 18-year-old last seen in Fernley on March 12 during a news conference Thursday morning.

The family and sheriff pleaded to anyone in the community with answers or tips to come forward to help with the disappearance of Naomi Irion.

My son lives in Dayton. Small small world.
My nephew and his family have a house up there that’s in a neighborhood, but it has about a acre of land on it too. Would it be funny if they live next-door to each other or something?
My nephew and his family have a house up there that’s in a neighborhood, but it has about a acre of land on it too. Would it be funny if they live next-door to each other or something?
They have a house in a neighborhood, but no acreage, just normal tract lot.
I am wondering if this was a stranger or not. What he want? Apparently not her car as he ditched it. Rape? I hope not. Her purse?

A 2020 truck of that nature is expensive so he sure wasn't after her car unless he stole the car to get to a truck he then stole.

The 2020 truck also doesn't fit with someone homeless it would seem although they do indicate he came from that area only.

I'm not saying it was someone she knew but I do wonder at what the motive was here otherwise. Is there an ex? A bf? Children?

Just because he was masked doesn't make it a stranger. From the way those who know the town talk here, it doesn't sound like somewhere that would happen generally.

Just thoughts.
I have to guess they have the license plate of that truck. That is such a good picture to then track it or find it in other places in the town/city on video they will or have... I don't know if they will find her or an arrest will be made but it seems likely they know who the owner of the truck is if not who the driver was or being able to charge yet. Not sure this will have a good outcome but I think nailing someone or knowing who is likely something they already have a handle on.

Naomi Irion disappearance: Hundreds gather in Fernley for community search​

Broken chunks of discolored furniture. A few abandoned cars. Countless pieces of glass and plastic bottles.

These are just some of the items volunteers on ATVs saw while scouring through an area east of Fernley's industrial park Saturday afternoon amid cloudy and windy conditions, all looking for evidence related to the disappearance of Naomi Irion.

Despite the blustery weather, nearly 500 volunteers showed up late Saturday morning near Flying J Travel Center in Fernley, a half hour or so east of Reno, for a community-organized search.

LCSO deputies were also there to assist with the search, which was separated into groups in the early afternoon, and process any evidence that may be recovered.

Volunteers brought walking sticks, binoculars, metal detectors and even their pet dogs, with some mounting ATVs to aid in the search.

Searchers were asked to keep an eye out for several items, including a grey hoodie, which is what the suspect was last seen wearing, according to LCSO, as well as truck tire tracks and cigarette butts.

They were also asked not to touch any items in order to preserve any potential evidence.

Valley said he hoped to find Irion's cellphone, an iPhone 10 or 11 with a clear case.

"Today, I hope to find some piece of evidence that gives us a clue about where Naomi is," Valley told the RGJ.
Hmm. Not real sure what they expect that to help... And I suspect there is already far better information and enhanced video LE has... I mean it doesn't hurt anything and it clearly shows someone and a car but that's about it, all distant and nothing much nor any detail. Unless I missed something...
Authorities continue search for Naomi Irion, press conference to be held Tuesday morning
More than a week later, multiple agencies across the area continue their search for 18-year-old Naomi Irion.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office has a scheduled news conference at their substation in Fernley on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. The press conference will be streamed right here on mynews4.com as well as on our Facebook page.

Authorities renew plea for help to find missing Nevada woman​

Family members and sheriff’s officials in Nevada renewed pleas Tuesday for help finding an 18-year-old woman last seen before a man wearing a mask and hooded sweatshirt was shown on surveillance video getting into her car outside a Walmart store 10 days ago.

Lyon County sheriff’s Detective Erik Kusmerz told reporters in Fernley that Naomi Christine Irion’s car was found, but sheriff’s officials and the FBI haven’t detected any signal from her cellphone since shortly after they believe she was abducted in the small town east of Reno before dawn March 12.

Kusmerz said Irion was active on social media and her cellphone until 5:23 a.m., a minute before the man entered her car. The phone has not been found and is no longer active, the investigator said.

“We believe there’s some information out there that hasn’t reached us yet,” Lyon County Sheriff Frank Hunewill said.

Kusmerz did not disclose what investigators found in Irion’s car, but said authorities are looking for a man he called a suspect, along with a distinctively large vehicle — a dark late-model half-ton Chevrolet 2500 High Country pickup truck.

“If you know somebody who drives this vehicle or had access to this vehicle during this (predawn March 12) timeframe … we’re asking you to come forward and speak with us,” the detective said. He did not immediately say how investigators believe the pickup is connected with the case.

Family members including Irion’s mother, Diana Irion, said a candlelight vigil was planned Tuesday evening.

“Please save my daughter and bring her home,” Diana Irion said. “We need this word to be spread nationwide."

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