MT MILDRED OLD CROW: Missing from Crow Reservation, MT - March 2019 - Age 6 *Found Deceased*

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BIA, FBI Seeking Missing Child Mildred Old Crow​

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are asking for the public’s help locating Mildred Alexis Old Crow, age 8, of the Crow Indian Reservation.

The search for Mildred began on November 19, 2020, when Mildred’s non-custodial relatives notified BIA Law Enforcement at Crow Agency that they had not seen the child since July of 2018.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Mildred was last seen in March of 2019 on the Crow Indian Reservation, in the care of her Crow Tribal Court-appointed guardian.

Mildred has brown hair, brown eyes and is small in stature for her age.

MEDIA - MILDRED OLD CROW: Missing from Crow Reservation, MT since March 2019 - Age 8
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MEPA issued for 8-year-old missing since March 2019​

A Missing Endangered Person Advisory was issued Wednesday for an 8-year-old girl who has been missing for over a year.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are asking the public for assistance in finding Mildred Alexis Old Crow. She was last seen while in the care of her Tribal Court-appointed guardian on the Crow Indian Reservation in March 2019, according to a statement from the FBI.

Mildred has brown hair, brown eyes, and stands three feet tall. She goes by "Millie" and may have physical injuries, according to information from the Montana Department of Justice.

Relatives of Mildred informed the BIA at Crow Agency last Thursday that they had not seen her since July 2018, the FBI statement said. The agency could not comment on where exactly the girl was staying with her guardian when she went missing in 2019.


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This is crazy. 2018 and just now this info is put out there? Relative go in in 2.5 years almost past July 2018? Clearly the guardian did not report her missing at all or so it sounds... Great guardian the court appointed wouldn't you say?

Pretty hopeless unless she is in someone else's care which seems unlikely as the guardian would tell them wouldn't they? Beautiful child. Smh.


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Mildred's relatives notified law enforcement of her disappearance in November 2020; they said they hadn't seen her since July 2018. Subsequent investigation revealed the last confirmed sighting was in the care of her guardian on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana in April 2019. She has never been heard from again and the circumstances of her disappearance are unclear.

Investigators are trying to find two females in connection with Mildred's disappearance. They may be traveling in a white 2009 Volkswagen Touareg G2 TD with the Montana license plate number 22-7540C. Few details are available in Mildred's case.



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Interesting. The "two females" information is new. I wonder if these were the court-appointed legal guardians? It's unclear if LE has been able to contact the guardians, or if they are "missing" along with Millie. And what relation do the guardians have to her? What reason would they have to run with her if they were the guardians? Or, are they simply "gone" and Millie is not believed to be with them? Certainly putting out more details about the adults she may be with, or not with, would be helpful since the most recent photos of the child are 2 years old.


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It sounds to me as if the females are more recently missing than Millie. The mention that "they may be traveling in" and a current plate...

I am just guessing of course... Did they get questioned or warned and then took off...?


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Maybe she was a preemie, though?
By that age though weight wise I would think she would be ahead of that and have even possibly caught up... It stands out because she is missing and one can't help but think of abuse and it just makes me wonder about failure to thrive or starving the child... Of course we don't know what happened here but the weight strikes me like a possible red flag... I am though praying she is safe and this is all some misunderstanding or even custody issue or some such...


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NamUs has her at 30-50 pounds and also says "Physical description: Small of stature for her age"

Not uncommon for height and weight to be off when the child hasn't been seen for almost 2 years.
That's true and could be the reason. I would think they would add a few pounds and inches over the last time seen when it has been so long but I guess that would only be a guess. Sad in this case it was not known when she went missing, doesn't help anything at all. I wonder at the age in the photo as well.

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