ID MICHAEL VAUGHAN: Missing from Fruitland, ID - 27 July 2021 - Age 5

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Search continues for missing and endangered 5-year-old in Fruitland, Idaho​

Michael Vaughn was last seen near SW 9th Street and S. Arizona Ave. in Fruitland on Tuesday evening. Crews and neighbors were out all day looking for the boy.

The search for a missing 5-year-old-year-old boy intensified Wednesday as it entered its second day.

Michael Vaughn was last seen near SW 9th Street and S. Arizona Avenue in Fruitland around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Fruitland Police Department said Michael is considered missing and endangered.

Michael is about three feet, seven-inches tall and weighs 50 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He answers to the nickname "Monkey."

Michael was wearing a light blue shirt with a Minecraft picture on it, dark blue boxer briefs and sandals.

Idaho Mountain Rescue brought in highly-trained and rescue personnel to assist in the search.

Crews from multiple agencies searched the area near Michael's home by ground and air by drone and helicopter. They also went door to door, talking with neighbors.

Right next to the boy's home is a field where crews spent much of the day searching for him.

Neighbors say they learned about his disappearance about an hour after he was reported missing. They say Michael is a happy kid who lives with his parents and grandfather.

Cynthia Walker was walking her dog as the search was happening.

"At five years old, I don't know that he would wander too far without one us seeing him by now," she said. "There are volunteers, many, many volunteers out searching, scanning the fields and we just want to have Michael back, we just want him home safe."

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MEDIA - MICHAEL VAUGHN: Missing from Fruitland, ID since 27 July 2021 - Age 5
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here is the thing......
something I stumbled over just a couple of days ago....
it might not have anything to do with the vanishing of little Monkey and I might be completely off.... BUT somehow and I don't know why that missing person made me think if they are somehow connected....

I stumble over an missing person post for a young man, 31 years, who's car was found on a bridge over the Snake River ... This triggered my thinking about Monkey... so I kept looking...

the car was found on a bridge by Nyssa OR which made me look where that is in relation..... vicinity Ontario OR where he also has connections to.... which is not far from Fruitland......

now, sadly this young mans body was found further down in the river.... how awful for the family and friends left behind..... may he rest in peace....

the whole situation on him screams suicide... BUT WHY....
considered reasons: not being able to cope with a loss..? fear...? guilt..? background...? Knowledge of something...? depression..?

by all means I don't want to imply that there is a connection,,,,,, I just hope and pray not.,..

it though does make me wonder if these two cases somehow could be connected and just doesn't want to get out of my mind,..

any thoughts....?
What is the man's name?. We could try to look into his background.


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Reward fund set up for safe return of missing boy​

While the search for Michael continues, a reward fund has now been set up. Huff explained that the fund was made possible due to a $10,000 donation, made by someone who wants to remain anonymous. The chief said when the donor handed him the cashier's check he told the chief, "If that little boy is found and brought home safely, that will have been the best money I have ever spent."

Huff said not only did the gesture warm his heart, it was a big deal for the case.

"Our hope behind that is that it may motivate somebody that has information to share it with us," he said. "Obviously we are looking for the safe return of the child — that's our goal and continues to be our hope."

Huff added that he is not soliciting donations for the reward fund, as it is a lot of money; however added that law enforcement members are "very, very grateful," as they haven't had that up to this point.

The chief says they remain in contact daily with Michael's parents, who are "hanging in and absolutely 100% cooperative," adding that he wanted to continue to let the community know that the parents are working well with law enforcement.

As to how they are handling the situation, Huff says they are handling it about as well as somebody could who is missing their 5 year old.

"It is heartbreaking."

While searches have slowed down somewhat for now, Huff said the Payette County Sheriff's Office was still running its marine unit up and down the Snake River once or twice a week. On Wednesday, they spent the entire day on the stretch of the river from Payette to Annex, checking sloughs and searching banks.
They did find the one boy in the river. But why not this little guy with all the searching?. Seems a very thorough search.


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This just got into the news….

I lean more towards he was abducted now and not in the river. But buried or dumped in a secluded area. I know that sounds terrible. I wish they would find every child alive and uneffected.


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What is the man's name?. We could try to look into his background.

the way I looked him up he does have criminal records but I didn't pay to see what it is..... I believe he is also connected to a 20 year old which assaulted and injured a child.... I wish I would know if he out of jail or still behind bars (though it says it was his step child) nevertheless worrisome...

I would put the names out but I am not sure if that goes by the rules...... Also it just is something which gave and gives me a bad feeling but also only assumption that it could be related since I do not have any profe ....... MOO
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Police: More than 400 tips called in on missing Fruitland boy​

Tuesday marks seven weeks since the official search began for 5-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan, and police in his hometown of Fruitland say they've received at least 401 tips.

Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue, Idaho State Police and the FBI have joined Fruitland Police in searching for Vaughan and investigating tips related to his disappearance.

Each of the 401 tips called in to tip lines as of Monday night has been assigned to an investigator for follow-up, the Fruitland Police Department said Monday evening in a news release posted to Facebook.

"As we work to scrutinize data, we will be re-interviewing some individuals in the effort to make sure no detail is missed," the post continued.

Fruitland Police also said another Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue team with a specialized canine was deployed this week to search the area around SW 9th Street and an area north of the "primary search area."

"They have been a tremendous resource and have helped us cover thousands of acres of ground," Fruitland Police said about Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue.


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Update: The Search for Michael Joseph Vaughan.
Throughout this week, resources from the Fruitland Police Department, the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue, the Idaho State Police, and the FBI have remained on task in the search for missing 5-year-old Michael Vaughan. Investigators continue to follow up on tips as they come in. To date we have received 401 tips through the tip lines and each tip has been assigned to an investigator for follow up. This investigation is requiring an intense effort to analyze data of all types. This is a shared effort among the partnered law enforcement agencies involving countless man hours. As we work to scrutinize data, we will be re-interviewing some individuals in the effort to make sure no detail is missed.
This week another Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Team with specialized canine was deployed to a search the area around SW9th and an area north of our primary search area. We would like to thank the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue for their responsiveness. They have been a tremendous resource and have helped us cover thousands of acres of ground.
We want our community know that Michael is our priority and the needs of the investigation and search demand a huge amount of our attention. As we enter this detailed phase of this investigation, we’re doing our best with regular updates posted to this page. Again, our public updates may not sound like “breaking news”, and a bit repetitive, but we hope they help members of our community understand our efforts continue. Our $10,000.00 reward is available to anyone having information leading us to the safe return of Michael.
At this point we continue to ask that you remain vigilant and please share the poster linked here,, and to keep him in your prayers.
We remain hopeful. Sometimes answers come slow, but the Fruitland Police Department and our partners remain committed to bringing Michael home safe. We thank you for your support
Please follow this page for more updates as they’re available.
Thank You.


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$26,000 reward offered for finding missing 5-year-old Fruitland boy​

On Friday, the Fruitland Police Department announced that the reward for finding 5-year-old Michael Vaughan, a Fruitland boy who has been missing for nearly two months, has doubled.

Officials said in a Facebook post that Michael Vaughan's family recently received a large donation meant to help them through this difficult time. The family put that money and other funds towards the city's reward fund, which now sits at $26,000.


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In a phone interview, Huff said that a group of citizens earlier this week had raised $12,000 to give to Michael’s parents to help the family out.

“They told me to turn around and put that toward the reward fund,” he said.

Shortly after that, the family brought in another significant donation for the fund, boosting it to the current amount.

“They remain 100% cooperative and the fact that they are giving up money donated to them means something. It is a big deal,” Huff said. “They want their child home, and I do, too. I want Michael home safely.”

The police chief said all options regarding Michael’s whereabouts remain on the table, with an “immense amount of data” that has been collected which is still being combed through. In addition to video footage from residents and businesses, data has come in from “a lot of places,” Huff said. This includes tips, which are still regularly coming in.

“We continue to follow up on leads,” he said.

Every tip — 415 and counting — is being followed up on.

“We’re just waiting for that one thread to push us in the right direction and help us get this unraveled,” Huff said.

Law enforcement officials are “staying after it,” he said, adding that the FBI is still here every week assisting members of the Fruitland Police Department. Idaho State Police are working from a distance on tasks related to the case, such as following up on leads that are outside of the local area but elsewhere in the state. Anything outside of the state is handled by the FBI.

“It’s so nice having the FBI with us throughout the week,” Huff said. “This is the heart of the operation. The investigation is going on all day, every day, and agencies outside of our state area actively following up on leads and tips.”

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