ID MICHAEL VAUGHAN: Missing from Fruitland, ID - 27 July 2021 - Age 5

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Search continues for missing and endangered 5-year-old in Fruitland, Idaho​

Michael Vaughn was last seen near SW 9th Street and S. Arizona Ave. in Fruitland on Tuesday evening. Crews and neighbors were out all day looking for the boy.

The search for a missing 5-year-old-year-old boy intensified Wednesday as it entered its second day.

Michael Vaughn was last seen near SW 9th Street and S. Arizona Avenue in Fruitland around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Fruitland Police Department said Michael is considered missing and endangered.

Michael is about three feet, seven-inches tall and weighs 50 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He answers to the nickname "Monkey."

Michael was wearing a light blue shirt with a Minecraft picture on it, dark blue boxer briefs and sandals.

Idaho Mountain Rescue brought in highly-trained and rescue personnel to assist in the search.

Crews from multiple agencies searched the area near Michael's home by ground and air by drone and helicopter. They also went door to door, talking with neighbors.

Right next to the boy's home is a field where crews spent much of the day searching for him.

Neighbors say they learned about his disappearance about an hour after he was reported missing. They say Michael is a happy kid who lives with his parents and grandfather.

Cynthia Walker was walking her dog as the search was happening.

"At five years old, I don't know that he would wander too far without one us seeing him by now," she said. "There are volunteers, many, many volunteers out searching, scanning the fields and we just want to have Michael back, we just want him home safe."

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MEDIA - MICHAEL VAUGHN: Missing from Fruitland, ID since 27 July 2021 - Age 5


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No update yet on missing Fruitland boy​

Fruitland Police Department will only release new information or comments regarding the case of a missing 5-year-old "all at once" to media throughout the region. That was the response this morning from an official at his office when the newspaper reached out to find out an update on the search efforts for Michael "Monkey" Joseph Vaughan, who has been missing since July 27.

The last update provide by the department was on Saturday afternoon, which included information about the Snake River being searched.


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The search continues for missing Fruitland boy
It has now been six days since five-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan has been missing.

JD Huff the chief of police for the Fruitland Police Department released a statement this evening saying that as of today additional searches are being conducted by law enforcement and fire personnel using areal, marine, and land in the area's Michael was seen last.

"This search is painstaking and methodical, but all the details matter." said Chief Huff. "This little boy is a member of our community and we're grateful for all those who've come together to do all we can to find him."


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After 6 days, police and the FBI continue searching for missing Fruitland boy​

After six days since he was last seen, local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are continuing the search for missing Michael Vaughan.

"Michael deserves every effort we can make to find him, and that's what we're doing," Huff said in the statement.

On Monday, teams focused their efforts again in the area near where Michael was last seen and used land, water and aerial equipment in their search of the area, according to officials.

Fruitland police said investigators are now following up on leads and tips that the community provided. Police also encouraged residents to search their properties and review any security camera footage for any trace of Michael.

Anyone with any information regarding Michael's whereabouts is asked to contact the Payette County Sheriff's Office at 208-642-6006.

"The search is painstaking and methodical, but all the details matter," Huff said.

Huff added that law enforcement will give another update about the search for Michael on Tuesday, Aug. 3.


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What a strange interview from the childcare provider. You'd think someone who cares for children would be a bit more...compassionate?

Fruitland businesses on search for missing boy: 'It's rough'
Tuesday will mark one week since a five-year-old Michael Vaughan disappeared in Fruitland.

Right now police aren't saying much. The Fruitland PD is in its sixth day of searching for Vaughan, he's considered missing and endangered.

Some people in Fruitland have an even bleaker view.

"It's not pointless, obviously. But you can only do so much for so long," Melissa Lincoln, a childcare provider, said.

Although hope for a positive outcome to this case is dwindling among some, signs are being placed around Vaughan's neighborhood urging people to turn on blue lights, a way to call attention to his missing status.

And keeping Vaughan's profile high will be important.

Authorities are still using dogs to search the streets around Vaughan's home, hoping to pick up his sent. Progress is slow, and stress is building on the family.

"It's gonna suck," Lincoln said. "It's gonna be a long, tiring process, but I hope you get the answers you're wanting."

According to the folks at Fruitland City Hall, no new updates are available in the search for Vaughan. According to the Fruitland Police Department, more updates will be made available in the form of press releases. They expect to have more info available soon.

Local business owners are offering their best wishes in the search for Vaughan.

From the day care, to the barber shop.

"I don't know where he could have gone," Emilio Amaya, a barbershop owner, said. "It's such a small community, and we're a tight community. I just hope that he's found."

It's a difficult time for the community, but the people here are determined to see this investigation through to the end, together.

"There's a whole community of people that are looking, and trying to help," Amaya said. "If the family needs anything, just reach out."


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Nothing new to report on Michael today police are still doing extensive searches to try and locate him. This is really looks like an abduction to me I don't see anyway that he is still in that area and yet to be found. With all the searches that have been done I would think they would have located him or some trace of him by now this is really sad. So many missing children lately, praying that he will be found safe.


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T-shirts made of missing Fruitland boy Michael Vaughan
Tuesday marked one week since 5-year-old Michael Vaughan went missing.

Gone without a trace. But the community is still rallying for the family.

With community searches, prayer groups or simply posting flyers.

Anjy Williams and her partner Chris Lawrence are just a few who are doing everything they can to help. They began designing T-shirts of Michael to help spread the word.

"For me, it's just getting his image out there more. The more you see it, the more you’re going to look. You know the more people know about it the better. For me that’s.. that’s my goal that’s what I wanted."

In collaboration with Big Sky Sportswear, each shirt will have a hashtag that says #BringMonkeyHome which his parents relayed to the community during a news conference over the weekend.

Money from the first 48 T-shirts sold will go to the family.

"Well obviously this (the money) isn’t going to help in locating him, but the parents are both working-class people," said Lucinda Day, owner of Big Sky Sportswear. "I mean, and I can’t even imagine being able to function, breathe, let alone work right now. So, it just kind of eases the burden so at least they don’t have an additional thing to worry about."

Fruitland Police will be holding a news conference Wednesday at 2 p.m.


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A week after he went missing, police and the FBI continue to look for Fruitland boy​

After seven days since he was last seen, local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are continuing the search for missing Michael Vaughan.

On Tuesday night, Fruitland police announced that they will be holding a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to give an update on the search for Michael.


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5-year-old Michael 'Monkey' Vaughan is still missing​

After seven days of searching for a missing 5-year-old from Fruitland, police say Michael “Monkey” Joseph Vaughan is still missing, having last been seen near his home a week ago Tuesday night.

Areas “not far from” Michael’s home is where law enforcement personnel from Fruitland and multiple other agencies, including the FBI, are concentrating their search efforts, according to the latest information from Fruitland Police Department in a news release on Tuesday night.

A news conference is planned for 2 p.m. this afternoon with further updates.

FBI and state authorities search for Idaho boy, 5, who went missing near his home a week ago​

The desperate hunt for a 5-year-old Idaho boy missing for a week continued without any luck, police said Tuesday.


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Missing child alert went out at 8:20 pm with 4 different alerts via email, phone, text, until 11:20.
Michael entered into NCIC that same night.
Complete and methodical searchers included 200 homes/properties and interviews of all residents. Looked in 200 garbage cans, drained canals & irrigation ditches, drained septic system. Gathered 60 videos (still combing through). Received 163 tips, all assigned via follow up. Most are cleared, some being worked on.
On behalf of Michaels' family, I thank all providing manpower and resources. And thanks to those in primary search area.
S&R includes citizens. Please continue to help. 5 year olds are crafty and can get into small places.
Searched over 3,000 acres of farm ground. 29 miles of riverbank.
Searching river, pond, sloughs.
S&R efforts will continue as long as we have those resources.
Can't release details that will jeopardize the investigation.
Nothing has been ruled out in this case.
If info on Facebook doesn't come from Fruitland PD, consider that suspect. Official updates will come directly from FPD.
Michael's info was entered into NCIC as soon as possible after he was reported missing.
Please thoroughly search your property. Look again. Review footage. Search again.
Michael's family continues to be fully cooperative. Please continue to respect their privacy.

QUESTIONS (I really can't hear most questions today. Sorry if this doesn't make sense.)

Taxpayers will be covering the search. State and federal agencies involved. This will not fall on the family.
We've employed a dive team to come in soon. We have a lot of resources available. We're not sure what happened so we're going to use them all.
They did not today... (?)
A few private individuals have reached out at that (?) will be coming.
Take a look at flyers and stay vigilant.
Want to touch on finance aspect - Over last 7 days, community partners & business owners have donated countless food & drink. Support has been great. Sincere thank you.
That has been a problem, especially K9. It's been tough. They need a break. Searchers too.
Lots of concerns when it comes to that (?). After rain, especially with scent tracking dogs.
I have not. I have no knowledge about that. (?)
This is a day by day situation. As long as I have resources available to me, they will be used.
Efforts outside of Fruitland include media. Teams posting flyers.


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Article about press conference above.

Search for missing Fruitland boy included garbage cans, homes and a septic tank​

It's now been more than a week since Michael Vaughan was last seen near his Fruitland home. The search for the 5-year-old has been extensive and continues, according to Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff.

Huff spoke with reporters Wednesday afternoon and said Idaho State Police, the Boise Police Department and the FBI, along with 13 other law enforcement agencies, have assisted in the search. He estimates the number of investigative hours at around 2,500 and that does not include EMS, search crews and volunteers.

"You know 5-year-olds can get into almost anything, so we've looked through nearly 200 garbage cans, drained canals and irrigation ditches, pumped a septic tank in the area that had a makeshift two-by-six wooden plank lid," Huff said.

Tips continue to pour in and Huff said they are investigating each one. So far, they've received 163 tips from the public, searched nearly 200 homes and have interviewed residents.

"We have methodically and thoroughly searched over 3,000 acres of farm ground with multiple certified K-9 teams. We searched 29 miles of riverbank using private -fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, sophisticated drones, boats, boats with K-9s, kayaks and paragliders," Huff said. Drone flights will continue as will riverbank searches by boat.

Huff urged residents search their properties again and review any security camera footage for any trace of Michael. "Five-year-olds are crafty and can get into small places," he said.


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Young Idaho boy still missing despite exhaustive search​

Searchers have scoured miles of land in rural western Idaho, drained canals and combed over security footage for the past week, but authorities said a 5-year-old boy who was last seen July 27 is still missing.

Search Enters Second Week For Missing Southern Idaho 5-Year-Old​

It has been over a week since the search for missing 5-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan began in the southern Idaho city of Fruitland. "I have to tell you that I spent my entire childhood in the neighborhood where Michael went missing. My children are growing up here. My law enforcement partners are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, or friends of children just like Michael. We are all in and we are committed to finding Michael," said Fruitland Chief of Police J.D. Huff in a statement on Wednesday.


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Lynn Hightower, public information officer for Idaho State Police, provided an update by email on Thursday afternoon.

“The pond was searched today and cleared, meaning they did not find anything,” she said.



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Community sets up webpage for missing boy​

A new webpage dedicated to resources for citizens to learn more about a missing 5-year-old boy from Fruitland is now housed on the City of Fruitland’s website.

The webpage regarding the search for Michael was put together by people with the city and the Fruitland Police Department, according to an email today from Lynn Hightower, spokeswoman for the Idaho State Police, who is assisting Chief JD Huff and his department with communications. The website is available at

The sited details a new ways for people to provide tips regarding Michael’s case, which includes an email address,, as well as a link to Idaho’s Crime Stoppers page, which has various ways for people to report anonymous tips.

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