CA MAYA "MAY" MILLETE: Missing from Chula Vista, CA - 7 Jan 2021 - Age 39

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Maya “May” Millete, 39, was last seen Thursday evening in her Chula Vista home near the San Miguel Ranch area, according to her loved ones. Family and friends said her car is still at her home and her phone has been going to voicemail since her disappearance.

Hospitals, jails and morgues have been contacted by the woman’s kin, but they said she has not been found at any of those locations.

Maya and Larry Millete are high school sweethearts married for 21 years with three children — ages 4, 9, and 11.

Maya has been missing from her Chula Vista home since last week. Millete says they had argued the night before.

"We had problems this year, up and downs," Millete told ABC 10News.

He said his wife has left before for the night to blow off steam, but he became worried when she didn't show up for their daughter's birthday on Sunday.

"If she didn't have her car, a friend would have to pick her up. That's the only reason I was like, 'maybe she's wine tasting or hiking with a friend,'" says Millete.

Maya works as a defense contractor at Naval Base San Diego and didn't show up for work on Monday.

"I called her boss, she didn't even log in. And that's the other alarming part, because work for her is like a party ... that's her outlet," Millete says.

Millete says he will continue to search, anxiously waiting.

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Larry Millete’s uncle files letter of support in court​

The uncle of Larry Millete is coming to his nephew’s defense in advance of a gun violence restraining order hearing set for next week.

Ricky Lincoln filed a court declaration on Wednesday that said his nephew was loyal to his wife, Maya Millete, who has been missing more than five months.

“Larry is hurting... The threats on social media, and the incorrect news reporting doesn't help either. Last I heard in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty,” the uncle’s declaration said.

"We both put our lives on the line and gave an oath to protect this country and the Constitution. He shouldn't have to be treated this way by the people, news media, or the authorities,” Lincoln’s declaration said.


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Late Wednesday, CVPD issued an update saying investigators have written 44 search warrants in the case, interviewed 64 individuals, and reviewed 93 tips and investigative leads into Maya’s disappearance.

The recent court filings are leading up to a gun violence restraining order hearing set for Tuesday, June 22 in downtown San Diego, where a judge will decide whether to extend a temporary GVRO against Larry Millete.

A hearing in another case filed in Chula Vista family court by Maya’s parents – seeking visitation with their three grandchildren – has not been set.

Maya’s sister said the family’s attorneys have been unable to serve family court papers on Larry Millete, despite four or five attempts.

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