Italy MATTHEW MULLANEY: Missing from Florence, Italy - 1 Feb 2003 - Age 21


Details of Disappearance
Mullaney was a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut in 2003. On January 11, 2003, he traveled to Florence, Italy to study at the Angell Academy of Art for one semester.He was last seen at The Lion's Fountain, an Irish pub in Florence, on February 1, 2003. He left the pub at 2:30 a.m. and was last seen talking to a group of young people near the door. Mullaney was not intoxicated when he left the pub. Mullaney's family says it is very uncharacteristic of him to leave without notifying them. While in Europe he had called home and emailed friends regularly until his disappearance. He said he was enjoying himself in Florence and studying hard. He has not used his phone cards, which were pre-paid for international calls, since his disappearance; nor has he used his credit card. Mullaney was carrying his wallet, which contained his Massachusetts state driver's license and health insurance card, when he was last seen. However, he left his passport behind at his apartment. Mullaney may be traveling across Europe. He could be in the Netherlands; in London, England; or in Dublin, Ireland. There have been several possible sightings of him since he was reported missing. One possible sighting was on a train bound from Dover, England to London on April 5, 2003; a Dutch national had spoken to him and later identified him from a security videotape. The witness says Mullaney spoke of traveling to Dublin and getting a job there. The second sighting of Mullaney placed him on a ferry from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin on July 23, 2003; a witness there states that the man resembling Mullaney became uneasy when officials announced that they would be doing an immigration check at the landing. Some Scottish men reported seeing Mullaney in Galway, Ireland on January 3, 2004. Witnesses in Bologna, Italy report seeing a man resembling Mullaney on February 1, 2004. They report that the man was very thin and unkempt and seemed ill. This individual, who claimed to be English, has never been identified. Although Mullaney disappeared in Europe, the Charley Project is profiling his case due to his American citizenship. Irish and Dutch police are investigating his disappearance. Mullaney's case is unsolved.

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