OH LUTHER JOHN DOE: WM, 22-40, found along Flat Rock Creek near Caledonia, OH - 19 July 1989 *JOHN KRAICINSKI*



Children playing on a rainy day in July of 1989 found a shoe near Flat Rock Run Creek. Upon further investigation, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies discovered the body of the victim entangled in brush near the creek bank, located behind a home on Harding Highway East (near Highway 309) east of Caledonia, OH.

Forensic analysis indicated the victim was a Caucasian male, between 22 and 35 years old, approximately 5’9” to 5’10” who weighed around 140 pounds with black or dark brown hair and a slight beard. The unidentified man wore several layers of clothes, including a flannel shirt, a red and black striped short-sleeved shirt, a multicolored knitted sweater, Dakota brand blue jeans, boxers, red socks, and size 9.5 black adidas brand sneakers.

Investigators determined the manner of death for the man they dubbed “Luther” was a homicide.

DNA Doe Project Status: Research in Progress

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Clothing: Flannel short sleeved black-and-red striped shirt, multicolored knitted sweater with diamond and zigzag designs, Dakota blue jeans, dark red ribbed socks and black Adidas Continental tennis shoes, size 9 1/2.
Jewelry: None.
Additional Personal Items: None.

The victim was located behind a residence off of Harding Highway East (near State Highway 309), in the weeds along Flat Rock Creek, in Marion County, Ohio on July 19, 1989. Children traveling along the creek in a canoe made the discovery.

The man's body was too deteriorated to conclusively determine the cause of death, although there appeared to be a "mark" on his neck suggesting foul play. Investigators believe he was murdered based on the location of discovery, and the fact that the creek was shallow enough for someone to stand in most places.

Based on the lack of locally missing people, he may not have been from the area.

He is known as "Luther" to authorities. The DNA Doe Project is also involved in this case.


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Sex: Male
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 40
Estimated Age Range (Years): 22-40
Estimated Year of Death: 1989
Estimated PMI: 3 Weeks
Height: 5' 9"(69 inches) , Estimated
Weight: 140 lbs, Estimated


Type: Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found: July 19, 1989

Location Found Map

Location: Ohio
County: Marion County
Circumstances of Recovery: Remains discovered in a flowing creek by two boaters.

Details of Recovery​

Inventory of Remains: All parts recovered
Condition of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction

Physical Description​

Hair Color: Brown
Head Hair Description: Dark brown to black in color
Facial Hair Description: Slight amount of beard (observed on the right side of the face)

Clothing and Accessories​

Clothing: Flannel shirt, sweater, blue jeans - On the Body
Footwear: Black tennis shoes - On the Body



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Luther John Doe 1989 (Marion County OH John Doe) was added to Gedmatch by the DNA Doe Project. As of February 22, 2021, he has over 3,000 DNA matches. His highest match is 71 cM - this is not a substantial match. He is on the Google Drive spreadsheet at:


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Marion County Sheriff's Office identifies Galion homicide victim from 1989, case reopened​

More than 32 years ago, John C. Kraicinski was last seen at his father's house in Galion, Ohio.

According to his family, Kraicinski, 33, of Galion, had a tendency to disappear from time to time as he once called them from Michigan asking for a ride back to the state. So when the family hadn't heard from him back in 1989, they assumed he was off living his life elsewhere and didn't tell anyone. This led to Kraicinski never being reported as missing.

However, 32 years later, the family is finally getting some answers to what happened to him. The Marion County Sheriff's Office was able to identify Kraicinksi and connect him to a reported homicide that occurred in July 1989 in Flat Run Creek. And now, this three-decade old case is being reopened with the sheriff's office asking the community for any tips that might help them find a suspect.

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