GA LEILA CAVETT: Missing from Georgia - July 2020 - Age 21 - Son found wandering alone in Miramar, FL *ARREST*



Police search for family of little boy found wandering Florida neighborhood

Police in South Florida are asking for the public's help to find the family of a young boy who was found wandering alone in a Broward County neighborhood.

Miramar police said the child, who appears to be 2 to 3 years old, was seen walking near SW 68 Ave and 18th Street on Sunday morning.

Investigators said officers spent hours canvassing the area and knocking on doors, but said no one recognized the toddler.

Officers are asking anyone who recognizes the boy or has any information on who his parents or guardians are to call Miramar police at 954-602-4000.

Police are searching for parents of a Florida toddler who was found wandering around a neighborhood in a soiled diaper and without shoes

A toddler who was found wandering around a Florida neighborhood in a soiled diaper and without shoes over the weekend has still not been claimed by a parent or guardian, police said Monday morning.

Authorities said officers have been going door-to-door in a bid to locate someone who may know the toddler or his parents are.

She told the station that aside from his diaper being soiled, the toddler looked like he was in good health.

In an update Monday morning, police said: 'His family has NOT been located. Officers spent hours canvassing the area, knocking on doors, speaking w/ neighbors.

'No one recognizes the child,' police said.

Footage of the adorable toddler shows him interacting with police officers at the station and pushing around a chair.

The toddler is now in the custody of Child Protective Services as police continue their investigation.


MEDIA - LEILA CAVETT: Missing from Georgia or Alabama since July 2020 - Age 21 - Son found wandering alone in Miramar, FL
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Woman Who Found Wandering Toddler In Miramar: ‘It’s Heartbreaking Because Nobody’s Looking For Him’

Miramar police have asked for the public’s help in finding the parents or guardian of a young boy found wandering around all alone, wearing only a T-shirt and diaper, outside an apartment complex on Sunday.

He’s a playful little boy and he’s waiting for someone to come forward looking for him. No one even knows his name.

“I’m not a hero, I’m not anything else. I’m just a mom who saw a baby,” said Ebony Williams who found the child.

Ebony, a mother of four, found the little boy standing by himself near busy SW 68 Avenue and 18 Street in Miramar on Sunday.

“He’s very pleasant, very friendly. I asked him, ‘Where’s your mommy?’ He kinda just pointed everywhere. I reached out my hand for him, he grabbed my hand and I just walked around the complex hoping I would find somebody looking for him, calling his name,” she recalled.

What Ebony found is that nobody was looking for him, in fact, no one at the complex even recognized him.

“All of my friends, we’re all still waiting for the Amber Alert to say somebody was looking for this baby. Like I said, it’s heartbreaking because nobody’s looking for him.”

Miramar police are going door to door in the neighborhood where he was found. They are passing out flyers, hoping someone can provide a clue as to where this little guy’s parents are.

“Within an hour, two, three tops, usually someone will come forward saying they know who the child is or maybe a parent will come forward. So it’s quite unusual for it to have been more than 24 hours now and still we don’t have any information,” said Miramar Police Spokeswoman Tania Rues.


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Let's hope the mother/father/grandparent, etc. was not killed nor died of natural causes and the toddler wandered off or was dumped. Or no one cares. Or parents are on a major drug "trip" in an apartment or wherever. Or someone is trying to get a story together before claiming him... What is the worst case scenario?


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Update: We have received numerous tips and have assigned detectives to look into each one of them further. Once we have conclusively confirmed the child’s identity, we will post an update on our social media platforms. We want to thank the community for their outpouring of love and support for this little boy. Many of you have written to donate diapers or to welcome him into your home. We sincerely appreciate all of your offers. The little boy is currently being cared for by a foster parent and has been provided with the necessary items. The best assistance you have provided has been by sharing his picture and helping us receive tips. Thank you!



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Shortly after the news conference, people claiming to be some of the boy’s extended family contacted police, Rues said. Investigators with the department are working with them to verify that they are related and to track down the boy’s parents.

Williams said the boy was very pleasant and friendly. He looked thirsty, so she gave him a bottle of water she had in her car.

“He knew how to drink out of it pretty good, then he handed it back to me as if he’s used to that,” Williams said. “He didn’t look dirty to me, or malnourished or like nobody was taking care of him. He just kind of looked like maybe nobody was paying attention and he kind of snuck out the door.”

He didn’t have any visible physical injuries, Rues said.

Williams speculated that maybe someone who was caring for him was cleaning the house or went to the store and didn’t close the door all the way. He isn’t tall enough to reach a doorknob or a lock, she said.

The boy was cared for and transferred to foster care, Rues said. She said it’s too early to speculate about what may have happened, or whether the boy’s parents would face charges if they were found.


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Let's hope the mother/father/grandparent, etc. was not killed nor died of natural causes and the toddler wandered off or was dumped. Or no one cares. Or parents are on a major drug "trip" in an apartment or wherever. Or someone is trying to get a story together before claiming him... What is the worst case scenario?

Yeah, this is strange. He didn't appear dirty or malnourished. But I'd think any decent parents would notice their kid gone within 24 hours. I hope they're okay.


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This little guys name is Kamdyn,his mother is Leila Cavett and she is missing,they are from Georgia and her family have no idea where she is or why she would be in Florida, this isnt looking good so far....
That doesn't sound good, I hope they find the mother safe. Thank goodness the child is.


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No judgment here as we don't know anything. An article said she is from Walker County Georgia. Not the best mapper but this is about as far northwest corner of Georgia as you can get. Not exactly next door to Florida in general much less Broward County/Miramar. This is on the far side of Florida from the upper other side of Georgia. Not just a trip for an hour, let's put it that way, a fair drive for sure with a child. Young mother, sister said 21 I believe. Again no judgment, we have all been young, it actually makes me worry more about her... Driving a 90s mid to late 3500 Chevy. Older vehicle, big vehicle for a young mother for a trip, gas hog vehicle probably... Gas station video probably may play in then... Was she hauling anything? Meaning a trailer, etc., a horse, a cycle, perosnal property, something she may have sold...
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Okay I'm moving this thread to missing and changing the title for the mom.

Miramar Police are looking for information on 21-year-old Leila Cavett.

Police said they are concerned for her safety and well-being.

Investigators said Cavett was last seen driving a white, mid to late ’90s Chevy 3500 with a maroon or red tailgate and a “Baby on Board” sign on the passenger window.

As police continue to search for his mother, Alabama resident Gina Lewis told 7News she is the sister of Cavett, and the boy is Cavett’s 2-year-old son Kamdyn.

“That is my nephew, 100%,” Lewis said during a FaceTime interview.

Lewis said she is relieved the boy is safe, but now she is worried about her sister, who had been living in Georgia and doesn’t have any ties to Florida.

“She never mentioned to us about going anywhere. Like I was saying, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, so I don’t understand why she would just take an impromptu vacation to Florida,” Lewis said.

Miramar Police confirmed on Monday evening that they believe Cavett may be the boy’s mother.

The search has expanded to Alabama, where a sheriff’s office asked Facebook users for any information about her.

“Only the worst things possible are going through my mind because I know my sister, and she might do some crazy things sometimes,” Lewis said. “I definitely worry that she’s in danger, sure.”

Lewis said she learned about the incident through social media. She said she is in contact with police and is hoping someone can help her find her sister.

“It would mean everything to find her and know that she’s safe because this is just out of character,” Lewis said. “She would not leave Kamdyn in those conditions.”

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I thought her sister said they lived in Georgia but everything I'm seeing now says Jasper, Alabama. Also, she mentions "they". Is there a boyfriend?

“Someone sent it to my sister and they sent it to me and I said 100 percent that’s Kamden, but the question is why are they in Florida,” said Gina Lewis, Leila Cavett’s sister.

That’s because they apparently live in Jasper, Alabama, about a 12 hours drive from South Florida, where the family says it has no connections.

“Were in the middle of a pandemic,” Lewis said. “So it’s not like they were taking a vacation out of the blue with the baby. There’s no way.”


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I thought I would awake to this one resolved.

A few things stick out to me here and one is the truck. Pretty distinct vehicle with a different color tail gate, they have not found it yet? Is there a BOLO out on it?

Early "facts" often change so much... Big old truck for a young mom. Not that it does not happen, but could it belong to someone else? Boyfriend, farm girl, took a friend or relative's truck, etc.? No one imo takes a truck that size on a trip by choice unless it is the only vehicle they have, or are hauling things... Or picking things up? Did she or was she going to buy something, say off Craig's List, and online marketplace, etc. and went to get it and pick it up? Of course it does say baby on board, so perhaps it is her usual vehicle.

Too much info missing here... Is there a bf or spouse or the child's father in the picture? Is he accounted for? Was her family not in regular touch/contact with her? Are they sure of where she was living?


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Not much new in this one except the sister is fund raising to go travel to see the child. And now the mother it says is from Atlanta which I believe is the third different place I have heard.

Since this child was dressed casually and barefoot, my first assumption would be he came out of an apartment, etc at the complex... However, they do not seem to have her vehicle located?

Does she have a phone?

Is the sister even sure she traveled there and was not living there? That is not a knock, it is just that there seems to be some confusion here in initial info of where she lived and more...

I don't see this child getting himself out of a truck that size and car seat... So he came from somewhere... Do we just have a mother that turned around or fell asleep s and he was gone who is scared to say so and come forward...? Or something worse...? And then if so, where is she and where is the truck...

They don't appear to be handing the child over to any grandparent, other parent or family but maybe that is routine until all is figured out... Tough situation for a little one...


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‘I Just Want To Know My Sister Is Okay’: Family, Police Concerned About Missing Mother Of Wandering Toddler

Detectives are now investigating and searching for Leila Cavett, who could be the mother of a toddler who was found wandering all alone, wearing only a T-shirt and diaper, outside of a Miramar apartment complex on Sunday.

Cavett’s sisters traveled overnight from Jasper, Alabama to Miramar to speak with detectives on Tuesday morning.

“I just want to know my sister is okay,” said Gina Lewis. Lewis told CBS4 the little boy found on Sunday in Miramar is Cavett’s 2-year-old son, Kamdyn.

Lewis also said Cavett lives in Dawsonville, Georgia and her family is unsure why Cavett would be in South Florida.

“We don’t know of her having any friends or any family out here to be out here in the first place,” Lewis said. “We’re not really sure what’s going on.”

Cavett’s family said they are remaining positive as the search for her continues. Police have not confirmed if they believe foul play is involved.

The family told CBS4 that Cavett is single and does not have a relationship with her son’s father.


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A woman identified as Cavett's sister in a Miami Herald story also has ties to Walker County. Gina Lewis, whose Facebook page lists her as living in Jasper, said the child is her 2-year-old nephew, Kamdyn.
On Tuesday, Lewis and two other women identified as Cavett's sisters spoke to several Florida TV stations after speaking to detectives at Miramar PD.
CBS4 reported that Cavett lives in Dawsonville, Georgia, and has no obvious ties to south Florida. “We don’t know of her having any friends or any family out here to be out here in the first place. There's just been a lot of stories floating around, so we're not really sure what's going on,” Lewis said.

A woman believed to be the mother of a toddler found wandering outside an apartment complex in Miramar, Florida, on Sunday has ties to Walker County Alabama. The last time Cavett was confirmed to be in Walker County was in October 2019.
According to court documents, Cavett was arrested in Cordova on drug charges in September and received two traffic tickets in October. Cavett failed to appear on the traffic violations at a court date in February, which resulted in her driver's license being suspended in March.



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Police have video in case of missing woman believed to be mother of boy found in Miramar

Police are reviewing surveillance video linked to the disappearance of a woman believed to be the mother of a boy found wandering alone in Miramar over the weekend.

Detectives have confirmed they have surveillance video but are not releasing the footage at this point because they are still working the case.

Kamdyn will remain in child protective custody while Miramar Police search for the missing woman.

Detectives said they have received tips on this case, but they need more.

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