NV LAUGHLIN JANE DOE: WF, 25-65, found in desert area in Laughlin, NV - 25 May 1989


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Unidentified Body/Remains (White Female)
Found May 25, 1989 in Clark County, NV
Body Condition: Not recognizable- partial skeletal parts only
Probable year of death: 1984 to 1986
Estimated postmortem interval: years

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 25-65
Approximate Height: 65 estimate
Approximate Weight: cannot estimate
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Scars and marks: The possibility of childbirth or late term pregnancy cannot be ruled out; There is a well healed fracture of the right cheek with an orthopedic stabilization of the fracture with wire bridging the fracture

Clothing & Accessories
Clothing: Very faded, torn, fragmented pair of blue jeans labeled "Branded Lion", waist 22"-23"
Jewerly: Yellow metal crucifix (cross)
Footwear: Nothing
Accessories: Female style glasses

Case History: Geologists surveying a desert wash area discovered numerous skeletal remains scattered over an area of 50 yards. Due to the condition of the remains, it was estimated that they had been out there for several years (suggested 1986 or earlier). A pair of female style glasses and a small, yellow metal crucifix was found in the area of the remains (photos available in the Images section).

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