IN LA PORTE COUNTY JANE DOE: F, found by a hunter in dense thicket in La Porte County, IN - 13 Nov 1945


NAMUS The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

Sex - Female
Race / Ethnicity - Uncertain
Estimated Age Group - Adult - Pre 60
Height - 5' 6"(66 inches) , Measured

Type - Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found - November 13, 1945
NamUs Case Created - December 17, 2020
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Location Found Map
Location - Indiana
County - Porter County
GPS Coordinates (Not Mapped)--
Found On Tribal Land - No
Circumstances of Recovery - Skeletal remains found by a hunter in a dense thicket. 1/2 mile south of US 6, 5 miles east of SR 49, and 1 1/2 miles west of the La Porte County line. Coroner, Sheriff, and State Police involved in recovery. Wearing a bluish-gray coat, additional rotted and discolored garments, nylon hosiery. Size 8 shoe and gold-filled teeth.

Details of Recovery
Condition of Remains - Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only

Physical Description
Hair Color - Brown
Left Eye Color - Missing Eye
Right Eye Color - Missing Eye
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This Doe could be from IL, IN, MI, WI, or OH as starting points. I wonder if her file has more description of " additional garments." Was the style of the coat from the 1940s? Or was it an earlier era? When NYC heiress and socialite Dorothy Arnold vanished in December 1910, she was wearing a blue coat. But Dorothy was a few inches shorter.
I know about the Arnold case. But that's really far away and 35 yrs earlier. To do away with Dorothy from NY to IN. And now it was 121 yrs ago. I doubt Dorothy will ever be found. Unfortunately I see little in this case to go on to Identify this woman from over 75 years ago. It does make me wonder if she was reported missing. I can never comprehend someone disappears and no notices their gone. But I have seen many cases where that happens.
Basically it would be dna and forensic genealogy to solve it. I think Dorothy walked away because she had met someone that her parents and social circle would have disapproved of. She spoke fluent French-taking an ocean liner was one possibility to start a new life in Europe. I really think she purchased that book and box of chocolate to have something to do and something to snack on while she took a train to a new destination and a new life .
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I know what you're saying. Dorothy that would make sense. But in this case do they even have anything to test?.
Yeah I doubt Dorothy bought that book and candy to occupy her time waiting for her turn for that botched abortion that is such a popular theory. I don't think so.
I honestly believe that unfortunately in alot of cases like this the body is lost or destroyed and it become a so old people that were working on it retire and die and then no one cares. 76 yrs I doubt they still have the evidence. I think for the most part the high profile cases are more properly managed. Like the scarf from one of the "Jack the Ripper" victims. Because everyone wants to know who he was over a hundred and thirty years later. I wish they could all be solved. And none should ever be closed unless solved.
I know what you're saying. Dorothy that would make sense. But in this case do they even have anything to test?.
I would be shocked if they did. The best case scenario would most likely be grainy black and white photos of the coat and other items, plus a record of where in LaPorte County Jane Doe is buried. I doubt even an evidence room would keep stuff on a shelf in a box for 70 years.
Yeah I doubt Dorothy bought that book and candy to occupy her time waiting for her turn for that botched abortion that is such a popular theory. I don't think so.
If you buy into the "Dorothy committed suicide" that was floated ( I don't) the only way I can think of that the book and chocolate comes into play is this: Dorothy buys the chocolates, goes somewhere, and stuffs some sort of poison into the candy. She then eats all or most of the. box of candy and reads the book while waiting for the poisoned candy to kick in. Yeah, right. I just cant see that happening.
I don't buy the abortion theory either.
I think she took a train to new destination where she knew family and friends would never dream of going, ( perhaps the South, as French was still spoken in Louisiana and Mobile AL was a rapidly growing city) , met up with Mr. Unsuitable According To Her Family, and started a new life. She didn't bother taking any of her clothes from NY because the climate was different. She may have hidden a nightgown in her fur muff that she was cardying when she disappeared.
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Yeah her poisoning the candy. Please. I'll just read until the poison kicks in. Come on. The married man she was involved in went to Italy right before she disappeared with his wife and children. In her room was a pamphlet for "Cunnard Lines" cruise ships. Burned in her fireplace was her rejected manuscript. I don't think that led to suicide.
I am inclined to believe considering that now the county she was found is only 146,000 people and nothing seems to connect there and being it is only an hour from Chicago this woman was from Chicago.
Gold filled teeth means she could afford dental care . I doubt there is anything left to test. I didn't see Jane Doe listed on findagrave, but it was a really quick search and for some reason findagrave couldn't even list LaPorte County Indiana. I will try again to look.
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