ME JONESPORT JOHN DOE: WM, 60-65, found in Atlantic Ocean off Jonesport, ME - 24 July 2000


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On July 24, 2000 the partially skeletonized remains of an older man were found floating in the Atlantic Ocean between Maine and Canada 27 nautical miles off Jonesport, Maine. He was unrecognizable due to insect/animal activity. Forensic scientists determined he was White/Caucasian, possibly of mixed race, 6’2, estimated 170-190 lbs. with a thin build, and gray or partially gray hair. He had an unusual dental appliance: a removable Nesbit partial denture, and possibly was a pipe smoker. He wore typical men’s clothing, but with two pairs of white tube socks. The man died approximately 2 months prior to being discovered.

DNA Doe Project Status: Research in Progress

Washington County John Doe was a male found in the Atlantic Ocean in 2000.

The male's remains were found floating in the Atlantic Ocean, near Jonesport, Maine. Insect activity was noted; his body was unrecognizable.

In 2019, the case was taken by the Parabon Nanolabs, which provided estimations of previously unknown characteristics.
  • He had the following medical conditions:
    • Cardiac hypertrophy
    • Coronary Atherosclerosis.
    • Moderate Emphysema
    • Nephrosclerosis.
  • He was possibly a pipe smoker.
  • DNA phenotyping suggested the following features:
    • Hazel or green eyes
    • Light brown or brown hair
    • A light complexion
    • Possible presence of freckles.

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Date of Discovery: July 24, 2000
Location of Discovery: Jonesport, Washington County, Maine
Estimated Date of Death: 2 months prior
State of Remains: Decomposed
Cause of Death: Unknown

Estimated Age: 60-65 years old
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9" to 6'2"
Weight: 170 to 200 lbs.
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Unknown. Possibly hazel, based on DNA phenotyping.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Cardiac hypertrophy, coronary atherosclerosis, moderate emphysema, nephrosclerosis. Possible pipe smoker. Possibly of Jewish descent. He may have had some freckles, based on DNA phenotyping.

Dentals: Available. Unusual dental appliance: a nesbit partial on 2-3-4, with # 3 missing.
Fingerprints: Available.

Clothing: Blue, long-sleeved, collared knit shirt. Weargaurd pullover with three button in the front, size XL and made in USA. White Chereskin V-neck t-shirt, size XL, made in Mexico. 2 pairs of white tube socks.
Jewelry: Gray metal Casio digital watch on left wrist.
Additional Personal Items: None.

The decedent was discovered 27 nautical miles off Jonesport, in the Atlantic Ocean.


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Sex: Male
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian, Other
Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 70
Estimated Age Range (Years): 60-65
Estimated Year of Death: 2000
Estimated PMI: 2 Months
Height: 6' 2"(74 inches) , Measured
Weight: 170-190 lbs, Estimated

Type: Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found: July 24, 2000
Location Found Map
Location: Jonesport, Maine
County: Washington County
Circumstances of Recovery: Discovered 27 nautical miles off Jonesport, in the Atlantic Ocean.
Details of Recovery
Condition of Remains: Not recognizable - Insect/animal activity

Physical Description
Hair Color: Gray or Partially Gray

Clothing and Accessories
Clothing: Blue, long-sleeved, collared knit shirt Pullover - three button front, Weargaurd brand, size XL, Made in USA White, V-neck t-shirt, Chereskin brand, size XL, Made in Mexico - On the Body

Footwear: 2 pair of white tube socks - On the Body

Jewelry: Gray metal Casio digital watch on left wrist - On the Body

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