TN JOE CLYDE DANIELS: Missing from Dickson, TN - 4 April 2018 - Age 5


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Dad beat autistic son Joe Clyde Daniels to death, hid his body in remote area: affidavit

Violent details have been released in the murder of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels.

According to an affidavit, Joe's father, Joseph Ray Daniels, confessed to police that he beat his non-verbal, autistic son to death at their Dickson home on April 4.

Daniels told police that he "struck his son...repeatedly in the body, upper torso, head, and face with closed-fist until his son was deceased," the affidavit says.

Young Joe Clyde died at his residence along Garners Creek Road. Daniels told authorities he put the kindergartner's body in the truck of his car and "disposed" of his son's body in a remote, rural area. As of Monday morning, Joe Clyde's body still hasn't been found after authorities searched through the weekend.

Daniels called 911 to report his son missing.

Joseph Daniels pens letter claiming Joe Clyde was killed by his mother

The father of Joe Clyde Daniels, Joseph Daniels, confessed to killing the 5-year-old autistic boy, but he's now pointing the finger at someone else - his wife, Krystal Daniels.

It's one of a couple of new developments in the case. Joseph Daniels is currently charged with homicide in the death of his son -- mostly based on a confession that Joseph has since recanted.

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Krystal Daniels recants statement about what happened to son, Joe Clyde

In a surprising development in the high-profile Joe Clyde Daniels criminal case, Krystal Daniels is taking back key details she shared with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, according to a report from WTVF.

Details that implicated her husband, Joseph Daniels. That could have big implications in the trial given that there's very little physical evidence.

Their son Joe Clyde disappeared from the family's Dickson County home nearly two years ago. He is assumed to be dead but no remains have ever been found. His father is charged with homicide and his mother is charged with aggravated child neglect.

The TBI says Krystal told them she found her husband standing with fists clenched over a motionless Joe Clyde. "She said Joseph Daniels did take a swing at her. He didn't hit her and told her that if she told anybody that he would kill her," testified TBI agent Joe Boyd in court hearing in 2018.

That incriminating statement is key to the prosecution.

But now Krystal says she's taking that story back .

"Yes, I am very frustrated. And just, you know. And I do understand that if I wouldn't have ... if I wouldn't have felt pressured, um, at the time of the interview that was done with TBI I was not on my mental health meds and, um, I do feel like I was pressured," she told Newschannel 5's Nick Beres. "There's, you know, there's such a thing as false confession and, I mean... I, you know, I regret every bit of what I said."

Legal analyst Nick Leonardo said that complicates the case.

"It's a real mess when you start changing your story like that."

Leonardo said after initially cooperating with the TBI, Krystal seems to now be siding with her husband. And, that could be a problem come trial because it's not the first time that this has happened. Joseph Daniels initially confessed to killing Joe Clyde, but his since recanted.

Krystal and Joseph Daniels are scheduled to stand trial in August. Both remain locked up on one-million-dollars bond each.



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New video shows outside baby Joe Clyde's house the night he disappeared, trial delayed

New video evidence from the day/night baby Joe Clyde Daniels disappeared has been released in the case and the trial has been delayed.

It's part of the discovery in the case against Joseph Daniels, who is accused of beating his son to death. He allegedly confessed to the beating after Joe Clyde had peed on the floor.

FOX 17 News confirmed the trial date has been delayed due to the volume of discovery. Joseph's lawyer said the newly released video was taken near the Daniels' home. It has a timestamp of April 4, the same day baby Joe's dad reported him missing. Although the video is from a distance, it appears to show lights near the Daniels' home.

Since the video is dark, lawyers are working to enhance it.

Nearly two years later, baby Joe's body still hasn't been found.




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TBI ends search where 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels disappeared

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has completed its search for remains on the property of family members of Joe Clyde Daniels.

TBI and other law enforcement officials have been searching the property of Joe Clyde's grandparents in Dickson County. The 5-year-old reportedly went missing from the family's home nearly two years ago.

He is assumed to be dead but no remains have ever been found. His father is charged with homicide and his mother is charged with aggravated child neglect.

The family told WTVF all the brush the search teams cutaway is gone and the holes investigators dug have all been re-filled. The sheriff's deputy that stood guard overnight during the search is also gone.

Joe Clyde Daniel's grandfather said TBI agents said they found animal bone fragments that were likely the remains of family pets buried in the yard, but did not disclose whether or not anything else was found.

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